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    Georgia, Iowa State, Middle Tennessee, and Syracuse were scouting him in 2006 when he was a Senior. They have him listed at 5' 11", 185. Love went on to play for FAMU in 2007 as a Redshirt Freshman. Had some academic problems so do not know if he progressed any further.
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    Possibly Robert Love the Pahokee QB who I think broke the record for pass completions in a playoff game against the Celtics.
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    STA lost two of their qb's that year...one to Dillard and one to Cardinal Gibbons. I'm sure that made them wanna practice harder in the future to improve their game.
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    They stepped their game up ighh lol
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    Just A Coach

    St Thomas Aquinas Trivia #4

    C'mon people, Oldschool just threw a juicy steak into the lions den. No ones gonna take it? LOL
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    That's it. The Raiders were 4-6 in 1989, losing games to Miramar, S Broward(believe it or not), Hollywood Hills, Dillard, Boyd Anderson and Cardinal Gibbons. They were in the same district as Nova, Dillard and Boyd Anderson then. Dillard almost gave that game away, winning by only one point. That Dillard team featured Isaac Bruce and Otis Mounds, and went on to win the state title. On another positive note for you Mr Dillard, STA beat Ely that year.
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    And if all else fails I’m gonna say when they went 4-6 in 1989
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    But u did say the last 50 years that was over 50 years so I would have to say hmmmmm 1964 when they went 2-8????
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    Hallandale chargers sep 29th 1995
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    Paul Maechtle Southeast Peter Warrick
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    no school no sports. I don't see us finishing the year of school again. We might start but not finish. At this point I'm taking playing whenever I can get it
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    He's not even from Madison County. His team was trash (his words) so he adopted Madison County.
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