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  1. Lol dang slick both of your teams caught Ls this week
  2. Sportsnut stop doin Palm Beach Top 10 LOL you were right you dont know anything about Palm Beach schools Jk keep doing them bro
  3. All joke aside I think BTW is a same ole BTW they got speed and speed kills but the problem I see is the QB. They have to fix that problem big time playin catching up and blowouts IDK but its early in the season though.
  4. Man BTW messed up my so far perfect pick em this week I thought of an upset by the whirlpools but I was wrong Football Gods didnt help lol
  5. Blowout!!!!!!!! I told yall BTW is super weak I guess the Football Gods aint saved them what up Zoe boy and Mr Slick
  6. I got BTW winning even though I think they got weaker but the football gods will help BTW win 28-21 over STA.
  7. My Palm Beach Top 10 1. American Heritage 2. Atlantic 3. Glades Central 4. Dwyer 5. Wellington 6. Palm Beach Gardens 7. Glades Day 8. Pahokee 9. Seminole Ridge 10. Oxbridge Academy
  8. LOL you totally messed Palm Beach ranking by a long shot
  9. BTW looks super weak its goin to be a long season for whirlpool 5 LOL
  10. Clewiston lost to Port Charlotte 21-18
  11. Football Gods saved BTW lol JK
  12. Lake Worth 6 Glades Central 25
  13. Wrong Miami Central is the last team to beat Booker T Washington
  14. My bad zoe boy I miss read what you type lol
  15. No Zoe Boy I think you got it wrong if GC wins district we play probably miami prep then BTW play Clewiston in the first round GC play the winner of the two. Cocoa has the easy route to semifinals with teams like Avon Park, Lake Placid, Mulberry, and Labelle in the playoffs
  16. Glades Central is going to Orlando!!!!
  17. I was there at that game so disappointed that why we want our revenge
  18. Raiders will bring it this season on winning the title they have the offense and defense this season like muckowl said next opponent Lake Worth. Raiders gonna take over one team at a time.
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