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  1. Was watching a stream through other means, and yea that NFHS stream was bad. Someone find another camera operator.
  2. Any teams going to flip coins?
  3. Yea. Fair assessment. I like the list. Escambia is the best Panhandle team, Niceville is barely slugging it out and scrapping by on wins to maintain their record. After that it gets debatable.
  4. What if Gainesville takes it to overtime? Would you retire still?
  5. That bad huh? I actually don't know anything about Gainesville's team.
  6. Niceville and Navarre going to be interesting. Niceville Defense maybe tough for the Raiders to stop. Raiders have given up more points than Niceville too. A marquee match up in the Panhandle.
  7. Currently #1 in the Panhandle. But this week's match will determine what happens.
  8. Idk. Niceville and Escambia are in different classes with the recent reclassification. Niceville (7A) and Escambia (6A). It could be a coin flip of a match if they ever played.
  9. Marrone had the right idea. But awful play calling.
  10. In the Panhandle. Niceville made a statement as best team. (Navarre got ousted by Lincoln). Booker T (Pensacola) is also proving their worth rolling over teams. (They have been historically bad)
  11. If FSU lose against Louisville, Taggart is done. Although, I'd give him 2020 to keep coaching. then again, I don't have super high expectations. Any fan thinking we'd be back at the top rolling over teams is delusional. But they are out there on social media.
  12. Northwestern defense looked great out there. Just penalties and play calling killed them in the end. That said, IMG struggled in the first half.
  13. Anyone watch the game Packers vs Bears? Man Trubisky is bad, but his team also didn't do any favors.
  14. 2018 Noles are back in the second half!
  15. They're still going to be competitive. Definitely enough to clinch a playoff spot (or not depending on how the system shakes out and it resorts to a coin flip) Escambia is ready to go again. Not much to say about them. Both sides have areas that are questionable, but we will have to wait and see how the season plays out. Gulf Breeze lost their star running back. Their offense is hoping to reload. Likely they struggle if their offense can't come alive. Defense is ready to go though.
  16. Crestview and Navarre in top 10 for 7A. Not surprising. They are pinned as the top squads. Crestview lost a lot of seniors, I'm definitely wondering how they will fare this year.
  17. @SportsNut25 bumping the old topic. School board voted unanimously to approve the charter school. So now the community is fundraising to get Destin High construction going. They said August 2020 is when the school should be ready to open.
  18. So proud of them boys. Nice to see the seniors cap off their final year with a W in the state championship.
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