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  1. Destin Charter high school update.

    @SportsNut25 bumping the old topic. School board voted unanimously to approve the charter school. So now the community is fundraising to get Destin High construction going. They said August 2020 is when the school should be ready to open.
  2. Destin Charter high school update.

    The community board had a meeting and a proposal was set forth for a Destin charter high school. The proposal has been sent to the school district. And in the next months, we will see if Destin charter high school gets approved. If approved, the board will look to fundraising to get the ball rolling. @SportsNut25 I'm not sure if it'll have a football team, but will be interesting to see.
  3. final Crestview 50 Dillard 40 panthers come up just short.

    So proud of them boys. Nice to see the seniors cap off their final year with a W in the state championship.
  4. Man, proud to see the boys make it past regionals.
  5. 2018-2019 basketball

    Basketball is back! Well it already started, but football is officially over. Still way too early as some teams haven't even started their season yet. What will happen in 7A? Will Gainesville make a deep run? Will Doral Academy go back to back?
  6. Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    Pulled for Lakeland to beat STA. Some amazing plays, and that 99 yard run touchdown. What a game!
  7. Most famous sports athlete you ever met in person?

    Haven't met anyone, but my dad was a janitor and one of the contracts his company picked up was for the Jaguars stadium. This was back in the late 90s and into the early 2000s. He met Tom Coughlin, Fred Taylor, Mark Brunell etc. I got a chance to go into the old Jag's stadium back in the early 2000s as a kid. My dad being a Tampa fan had Tom Coughlin saying they would have to find another janitor soon lol.
  8. Baker takes down PSJ

    The beat writer said the field was pretty beat up, but that's all he said.
  9. Lakeland vs STA Title game part VI

    As DJ Khaled said, "Anutha 1" Hope Lakeland wins it all.
  10. Upset alert Armwood

    Crazy that Crestview forced Armwood to run the ball for a while. Despite Armwood's WR corp being 6' 2" or above. Crestview's smallest corner is about 5' 8". Ah well, some big plays. And a nice goal stop by Crestview. Not really disappointed in this loss.
  11. Columbiahighfan

    You could always run for office.
  12. 2018 playoff bold predictions

    St Augustine lost! So at least 1 team from the Panhandle is gonna make it to state semis!!!!
  13. The Physics of a Coin Toss

    I still think a BCS bowl system based on rankings, polls, etc would have been better than this garbage point system.
  14. 2018 playoff bold predictions

    Somehow Gadsden puts on a miracle run and beats Raines by a field goal.
  15. 2018 playoff bold predictions

    A panhandle team will make it past the regional finals. Bold I know.
  16. FSU's Loss Breaks Records

    After FSU thrashed Clemson so many years. The worse being 1993, 57-0.
  17. Columbia and their road to redemption

    Columbia about to win state.
  18. Fsu

    UCF still the undefeated champs!
  19. Crestview blew a lead.

    That may have been it. Defense in the second half wasn't covering like they usually do, they let up too many holes and not blocking as good as first half. Then again, Navarre is the only other panhandle team I have making it into the playoffs, they're a really good team even if they aren't as powerful as they were a few years ago. Crestview ultimately came out undisciplined in the second half.
  20. Crestview blew a lead.

    So 28-0. Crestview leads into the half. Then Navarre puts on a come back drive to get to 35-28. Crestview manages to run a drive in, for 35-35. Crestview center botches a high snap so they are forced to punt on what could've been the winning drive. OT clocks in. Navarre intercepts it on the second play, but they have to restart at the 10 yard line. Navarre gets four tries to get it in the end zone. They get it in, Navarre wins 41-35. What a comeback, it's like the superbowl 28-3 comeback.
  21. WANTED: Story ideas and thoughts from the members

    A memoir of high school championships? It'd be cool to find former coaches, athletes and such. Recount memories of those games, moments of making it all the way to state.
  22. Why Does IMG Exist?

    We'll get to a point in time where IMG will own everything, and then Disney and IMG will have to compete for Florida real estate.
  23. Final 4 picks

    Yea. I like to dream and live in lala land until playoffs when Crestview ends up facing adversity.
  24. Final 4 picks

    Change St. Augustine to Crestview.
  25. 2017 Columbia Basketball Season

    Doral Academy. The Gainesville game was a defensive battle more so than a shootout ha.