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  1. My advice is to start volunteering now. Go to workouts and be around the kids. All the way up to spring. Then do the same all summer up to fall. Take your passion with you to the weightroom, and be there everyday they workout if possible. The one thing you have to do is convince the kids and staff you are 100% into what you are doing for them to 100% buy into you. Hey every team needs a "do the little things" coach. If you do this and your trying to be a paid coach then sometimes its just a matter of another coach leaving and a spot opening up and you having that relationship from being around the program. If your a good guy with a positive background most coaches would let you be around just to be a positive influence to the kids. At my school thats all you need anyway to volunteer.
  2. Seems like newberry is still doing less with more. They are probably the biggest team ive seen in a few years. Its like they have only a 6 play playbook.
  3. Yea Union is not the Union people are use to... dont think they will make playoffs this year. Think they will lose to Baldwin and Fort White. They pulled out one against Hawthorne that could have easily went they other way.
  4. Seen union last night in Hawthorne... Hawthorne let them get away 27-26 two big drops in endzone on Hawthornes final drive... Union will not make playoffs this year... Fort White and Baldwin are in.. Think both will beat Union pretty easy.
  5. Eastside was a playoff team. Lol. But is it right that if points was in this year that Trenton may get the same or less points lossing to Wakulla as a team would get for beating Bronson.
  6. Thats what I didnt understand. Why remove the bonus points??? For example a "powerhouse" team should get rewarded for playing up especially if they cant get games in their class.
  7. If they limit 1a with a number of total schools, I am all for it. Not like I have a choice anyway. I dont think 600 students should determine 1a, especially since they let schools over 600 in. Should pick a number like 36 and let the bottom 36 in enrollment in and everyone else up. Think we have 39 schools in right now.
  8. Is there going to be a limit on the number of 1a teams allowed in?? Guess the better question is, are the 600+ schools going to be forced out of 1a?
  9. Every team has a few transfers every year. Just like Trenton did. But 25+ is a bit much. Someone should look into them. Its some stories floating around about some shady stuff...
  10. Wonder will people attack them how they attacked trenton....
  11. Hear 26 transferred in. Probably a good coach. But anyone can turn a team around with that many new kids!!
  12. Should be a good one against Madison County.... good luck
  13. Have you guys tried getting the state series pass???? $50 for the year. Gets you in all fhsaa regular season and playoff games for all sports....
  14. Ok...lol.... its like trenton tries to force feed hamp. Why jackson didn't get more touches ???
  15. I watched trenton last night... what i seen didn't live up to what ive heard... i didnt see a state champion last night... maybe it was a slow night...
  16. Wish we could dress that many kids every game in hawthorne . . Think we might have the smallest enrollment in 1a or close to it. . To have close to 50, we would probably need every boy in our school to play....
  17. Yep....we playing for a 3 way tie in 2 weeks... huge game for our program. ..
  18. We got by Chiefland 28-27.... horrible officials...
  19. Kids have bought into coach Cornelius Ingram.... its always been hard to get our kids to believe in football cause we are such a basketball town.... we gave union that game. Had a lot of missed opportunities. Had a chance to get up 3-4 touchdowns in the first half. We dress 20 9th and 10th grades. So be on the look out over the next couple of years.
  20. I just think trenton are on a different level than Newberry right now.. but i understand how rivalry games go... im a hawthorne guy so it hurts me to say this about trenton.... lol
  21. trenton will blow newberry out.... 35 points.... think they will try to run score up for some personal reasons
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