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  1. Wakulla just announced that season tickets are on sale so it sounds like they will have no crowd restrictions. I'm about to go online and reorder mine.
  2. They lost some key players but are returning some very good players. The JV was undefeated last year until the last game against Lincoln. In that game they had brought up quite a few guys to varsity and still only lost by a touchdown I think...so they are bringing up some good players off JV as well. Replacing QB Jaylon Worsham will be tough but they have an outstanding replacement in Desmond Green. I'm expecting them to be very good again this year. They are supposed to open up with Thomas County Central out of Georgia on August 21st. They have two middle schools that feed the high school. Both of them went undefeated until they played each other at the end of the year. The winner of that game played Suwannee for their "championship" and they blasted Suwannee...so the talent moving up to JV is very good as well. I'm just hoping we all get to have a normal football season!
  3. Wakulla started working out yesterday. They're working JV in the morning and varsity in the afternoon is what I heard....
  4. Coach Jones had some great teams during the Suwannee era of 4 state championships in a row. The only problem was they were in the district with Suwannee and only the district champion made the playoffs. In one of the games Suwannee was ahead 13 - 7. Wakulla drove down late in the game and ran play action. The TE was absolutely wide open in the end zone...he dropped the td pass that would have probably won them the game. Suwannee took over late inside their 10 and on 3rd and long ran a hitch to Matt Friar. He broke a tackle at the line of scrimmage and was off to the races.....just like that the game was over and Suwannee cruised to a state champtionship. The following year Wakulla led 7 - 6 deep into the 4th quarter when once again Matt Friar made some key plays to get Suwannee into the end zone to go up 13 - 7. Wakulla was trying to drive late and had a pick 6 which gave Suwannee the 20 - 7 win. Once again, Suwannee cruised to another state championship. Matt Friar was a great player. This is why I love more than just the district champions making the playoffs. Coach Jones had some very good teams that narrowly missed the playoffs. These teams could have made strong runs in the playoffs. When he won back to back state championships the games were played on teams home fields. Two years in a row Wakulla had to travel. They went to Clermont the first year and to Clewiston the following year to win state championships on their home fields. That was two very long bus rides...and impressive wins!
  5. It was Godby in 2012....what a depressing loss that was. Wakulla beat them late in the season and was 11- 0 and ranked number 1 in 5A. They lost the rematch in the second round 14-7 and Godby went on the win the state championship. That was one Wakulla let get away...after finishing as runner-up to Norland in 2011 I thought they would get that championship in 2012. That one still stings...
  6. What do you guys think about Raines and Wakulla? I don't know much about Raines this year....
  7. Wakulla is playing at Eufaula, AL...I don't know much about them except their coach said they have received a lot of transfers in the offseason. They are paying Wakulla to come play them so I'm assuming they must be pretty confident they're going to win.
  8. Jambun82 they are pretty impressive...they definitely pass the eyeball test. They are huge across the OL. Their RB(#24 i think) is a very strong runner. We are were able to run and throw on them...we hit a 60 yard post pattern and missed on another when the WR was running wide open behind the secondary. I look for them to be contending for the state championship again in 1A.
  9. The Wakulla - Madison game ended with Madison leading 27 - 26. Wakulla had just drove 99 yards for the score and was lining up to kick the extra point to tie when the game was stopped due to lightning. Both teams looked good. Wakulla needs to work on their special teams. They gave up a td on a kickoff return and gave up another long return to around their 15 to set up a short score for Madison. They also gave up a td on a fumble return. I think that was the only time Wakulla didn't score on offense. Teams in 1A are going to have a tough time matching up with Madison. They look pretty good. I think Wakulla will have a good team as well but will face some pretty tough competition in 5A.
  10. Wakulla and Madison ended with Madison leading 27 - 26. Wakulla had just scored and was lining up to kick the extra point to tie when the game was stopped due to lightning. Both teams look real good.
  11. I'm hearing Wakulla will be traveling to Eufaula, AL week 1. This is year 2 for the new Eufaula coach and they're supposedly getting a lot of transfers...and they're paying Wakulla to come there...so I'm guessing they're expecting to have a pretty good team this year.
  12. JD Jones took over at Wakulla in 1976 or 1977(not sure which). Lost to Dunnellon in the State Championship in 1978, beat Clermont for the State Championship in 1980 and Clewiston in 1981.
  13. Scott Klees is the coach at Wakulla. He has done a great job.
  14. Wakulla will play Lincoln in Tallahassee on Thursday, August 16th.
  15. Wakulla played Madison at Boot Hill last night. Wakulla was leading 20 - 8 at the half when the varsity starters were playing. The second half was jv players and backups. I think the final was 20 - 14.
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