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  1. Fitzgerald posted their schedule and it was on there....I have a friend that lives in Fitzgerald and he was talking about it as well. I told him they will get destroyed by Madison. lol
  2. Hey @Jesse I saw where Madison is playing Fitzgerald, GA on September 10th in Brunswick, GA. It appears to be a game set up by Under Armour....matching state champions. Fitzgerald beat Thomasville last year in Georgia 2A.
  3. It can get pretty cold up here in Tallahassee in November and December. According to the weather forecast it's going to be wet and chilly this Friday night...and it's only early November. I'll be dressing accordingly!
  4. North Marion just cancelled their game this Friday with Wakulla....
  5. Wakulla lost to Ed White 20 - 13. Wakulla was missing 9 players this week...I guess with covid contact tracing in play it's going to be like this every week. From week to week you don't know who's going to be missing and what team you're going to be fielding. Add 6 turnovers to missing players and you can usually count on a loss. lol
  6. They are pretty good. Wakulla played them for a half in the spring and tied 14 - 14. Wakulla gave up a long td pass late in the game on a busted coverage. I would not be surprised to see TCA win this one. I guess it depends on how serious your coaching staff takes these kickoff classics.
  7. @muckboy561 I had planned on going to the Wakulla - Leon game but then found out that Wakulla was holding out some starters (pretty much their whole starting OL) so I decided not go to...plus it was a kickoff classic that they don't take very seriously and it was hot! lol
  8. I know...it has left them scrambling for a game. I'm assuming it was covid related...they probably didn't want to come to Florida. I wonder if we'll see that happen with more of these out of state teams that have games scheduled in Florida? I heard about the possibility of playing Bartram Trail last night. I hope they are able to get that game worked out. I would like to see that...my niece graduated from Bartram Trail a couple of years ago.
  9. @muckboy561 get your tickets through gofan.com...Leon County is not selling tickets at the gate for any of their games.
  10. The Wakulla - Leon game has been move to Thursday night at Cox Stadium in Tallahassee. Wakulla is having synthetic turf installed and it will not be completed in time to host the game.
  11. Yes that is very true. I can remember when Wakulla won in 1980 and 1981 their toughest game was always against a north Florida team that they would meet in the first round of the playoffs. Back in those days only the district champion advanced to the playoffs and state championships were played on campus. Two years in a row Wakulla had to travel. One year they played at Clermont and the next year at Clewiston. They won both games pretty easily. One of the best games I remember from that era was in 1981. Wakulla played Bolles in the semifinals. Bolles had talked a lot of trash the week leading up to that game. They did not expect to get beat and Wakulla blasted them 38-0. Wakulla had a great team that year. They had 8 shutouts heading into that game with Bolles. They shut them out and then shut out Clewiston 24-0 in the state championship to finish the season with 10 shutouts. Thinking back on it...that was pretty impressive. I don't know what the answer is but I do wish something could be done about all of the transferring. It's going to ruin high school football. It's definitely not just private schools. In a lot of cases you end up playing against an all star team from a metro area where probably over half of the kids on that team would be attending a different high school if they based it on where the kids actually live.
  12. Hey @Jesse I miss the old rivalry between Wakulla and Blountstown. You're too young to remember but those were some great games back in the mid 70's and early 80's. Blountstown was a powerhouse. Both teams won state championships during those era's. Jefferson County had some great teams in the early 80's when the Massey brothers were carrying the ball.
  13. That is absolutely mind boggling...the one thing that keeps me hopeful for us is that there just isn't that much available land space to develop in Wakulla. When you look at a map the vast majority of the county is national forest. US 319 is the main corridor coming from Tallahassee. That is pretty much the main area that can be developed....and boy oh boy that will become a huge mess if it isn't developed properly.
  14. That is amazing...and it does make me scared for what is coming to us. There are a lot of people from the Central Florida area moving north in search of a more quiet, slow paced environment. I hear many of them express a lot of concerns over what is taking place right now in Wakulla. Since it's so close it has now pretty much become a bedroom community for Tallahassee. Most of the people commute to Tallahassee(including myself). It's been an A rated school system for years so that is a huge attraction to young families wanting to relocate. I drove through Pasco County about 3 years ago while visiting friends in St. Pete. I was amazed at the growth back then...
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