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  1. Yes that is very true. I can remember when Wakulla won in 1980 and 1981 their toughest game was always against a north Florida team that they would meet in the first round of the playoffs. Back in those days only the district champion advanced to the playoffs and state championships were played on campus. Two years in a row Wakulla had to travel. One year they played at Clermont and the next year at Clewiston. They won both games pretty easily. One of the best games I remember from that era was in 1981. Wakulla played Bolles in the semifinals. Bolles had talked a lot of trash the w
  2. Hey @Jesse I miss the old rivalry between Wakulla and Blountstown. You're too young to remember but those were some great games back in the mid 70's and early 80's. Blountstown was a powerhouse. Both teams won state championships during those era's. Jefferson County had some great teams in the early 80's when the Massey brothers were carrying the ball.
  3. That is absolutely mind boggling...the one thing that keeps me hopeful for us is that there just isn't that much available land space to develop in Wakulla. When you look at a map the vast majority of the county is national forest. US 319 is the main corridor coming from Tallahassee. That is pretty much the main area that can be developed....and boy oh boy that will become a huge mess if it isn't developed properly.
  4. That is amazing...and it does make me scared for what is coming to us. There are a lot of people from the Central Florida area moving north in search of a more quiet, slow paced environment. I hear many of them express a lot of concerns over what is taking place right now in Wakulla. Since it's so close it has now pretty much become a bedroom community for Tallahassee. Most of the people commute to Tallahassee(including myself). It's been an A rated school system for years so that is a huge attraction to young families wanting to relocate. I drove through Pasco County about 3 years a
  5. Yes US 319 north of Crawfordville. They are in the process of expanding that road from Tallahassee all the way down to Coastal Highway(Hwy 98) right in front of Wakulla High. The intersection of 319 and 98 in front of Wakulla High has already been expanded. They are currently working from the Leon County line south to Crawfordville. There are developments popping up all the way down US 319...it's non-stop. I heard someone from Central Florida that has relocated to Wakulla mention that they witnessed this same type of uncontrolled growth happen in Pasco County and it's frightening. C
  6. It will be in the northern part of the county close to the Leon County line. There is a lot of growth in that area. They have two elementary schools and a middle school in that area. I'm pretty sure they already have the property set aside for the new high school as well. I'm just hoping it takes a long time to get to that 2,000 student threshold. Yes the two titles they won were back when they were in 2A. In today's world that would equate to 1A. All of those teams they played are still about the same size today and are playing in the 1A class.
  7. It's amazing that Lee or Pinellas has never had a state champion. I can remember when Wakulla High was the same size as Blountstown, Port St. Joe etc...they were in the same district for years. The population growth is exploding in Wakulla right now...i guess that is good and bad. Wakulla High has close to 1500 students. They will be 6A within the next few years. It's a matter of time before another high school is built and that is the part I hate the most. It's so good when everyone goes to the same high school and the entire county is supporting the one team. I've heard they won't con
  8. Yes...Duke Johnson was unstoppable. Didn't they also have an OL that played or maybe still playing in the NFL? I think his last name was Flowers?? It's funny...that Wakulla team was very average at the beginning of the season but just continued to get better as the year went on. No doubt Norland was the better team though. The Wakulla team the following year was a much better team. They went undefeated in the regular season and lost to Godby 14-7 in the second round. They had beaten Godby pretty handily about 3 weeks earlier. Godby went on to win the 5A state championship. That wa
  9. Thank you @nolebull813that is some great research! They've also lost 3 state championship games. In 1978 they lost to Dunnellon, in 2011 they lost to Miami Norland and in 2015 they lost to Orlando Bishop Moore. They had a real good team in 2019. They were undefeated heading into the 5A state semifinals on the road again Orlando Jones. It was a great game...lost 21-20 on a missed extra point to tie the game in the 4th quarter.
  10. Yeah the Wakulla - Delaware Valley game is week 1....August 27th @8 p.m.
  11. I can't imagine watching 6 man football...but I guess they did what they had to do in those days. It's really great you've done all of this research. Have you researched other local teams? Do you live in the Tallahassee area?
  12. Wow that is great stuff...I didn't realize they started playing back in 1939 and 1941. You've done a lot of research. I'm impressed!
  13. Actually it's ESPN3...supposedly down to the Wakulla game and one other game...not sure of the other teams. Todd Williams is probably the best prospect coming up at Wakulla. He's a 6'3" 240ish DE...will be a junior next year. His dad Todd played at FSU and in the NFL. The big schools are talking to him...he has a chance to be a good one.
  14. Nolebull813 I'm hearing the Wakulla game may get picked up by ESPN. I'm so ready for a normal football season. Wakulla is having synthetic turf installed...fingers crossed it will be ready for the kickoff classic against Madison in August.
  15. Wakulla makes the playoffs just about every year in 5A. They played for the 5A state championship in 2011 and 2015. In 2012 they were undefeated and ranked #1 in 5A and were upset by Godby 14 - 7 in the second round of the playoffs. Godby went on to win the 5A state championship. Wakulla had defeated Godby quite easily a couple of weeks earlier to win the district championship. That turned out to be Godby's only loss of the year. In 2019 they were undefeated and lost to Orlando Jones 21 - 20 on a missed extra point late in the game...they could have easily won that game. In a crazy seas
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