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    • Wow that's absolutely discouraging.  I am also puzzled by the great disparities from county to county too.  Why isn't there a standard for the entire state?  Pinellas County is one of the lowest in the state so no wonder we lose all our best kids to the private schools.  
    • Great info.   Thanks for compiling and sharing.  I'd be interested to see how average teacher and administrator salaries rank for each county.   In other words, is a county above/at/below average with respect to coaching stipends but they're above/at/below average for teachers in general.  Not that I'm surprised (because I was generally familiar with some of the coaching stipends), but I remain disappointed that Hillsborough County places such a small value on coaches. 
    • Sorry thought I answered earlier today. Yes, these are annual numbers that coaches receive. The local teachers' union and local school district negotiate for supplements for after school activities. So FFA, Chorus, Band, Student Council, Yearbook, all might receive supplements depending on previous negotiations. Most coaches are also receiving their teachers' salary as well. So if a brand new teacher with zero experience in the classroom comes into Manatee County and starts earning $48,586 and becomes the head football coach, they then will receive $5,049 on top of the salary, which is the entire fiscal year. The supplement is only for their after contract hour work. Many coaches work with their districts/principals to have an easier teaching load and additional pay as well. Many head football coaches only teach 2-4 classes, instead of a full load of classes of 5-7. Usually these classes are weightlifting/football classes with only football players or predominantly football players. Many head football coaches will also get a stipend for being the weightlifting coach (if the school district sponsors the sport). Many head football coaches will get paid for summer workouts for having the weight room open for a specific number of hours. These are additional perks/benefits that are not available to the average teacher.  
    • I wish more teams that have no shot at a state title would join this league. That way they can consolidate classes. There are about 100 teams that would fare better in a league like this 
    • The supplements are annual, usually paid out over the course of the season. So coaches don’t typically get paid anything from like December - September (at least near where I live). Assistant coaches get roughly $2000 for all their work, which is even more pathetic   
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