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    • So, I need someone to help me out:  as I understand it (from a bird's eye view), the government (state or county??) is going to provide vouchers for families who choose for their kids to attend a private school instead of a public school, right?  But there is a limited amount of money that can/will be spent on education.   County school boards try as hard as they can to stay ahead of the development and growth.  Developers are required to set aside land (or at least give the school board the opportunity to negotiate for the purchase of land) before single-family houses can be permitted.  OK.  That makes sense.   But don't the schools have to be built with the assumption that every kid in the new neighborhood will be going to the public school (because that could happen)?  And the cost of the land and the cost of building a school (and all the facilities that go along with it, such as gyms, football fields, baseball and softball fields, etc.) are, for the most part, fixed costs.  If a school board buys the land and then builds a new high school with the expectation that 2,000 kids will attend (using the taxpayer money that is needed to build that facility), but then only 1,200 show up, will that same taxpayer-supported school board then have to provide vouchers so the other 800 can attend private school?   The government (i.e., the taxpayers) will then be paying for both the public school system and the private school system.   How is that economically feasible?  I'm not looking for an argument; just an explanation. 
    • Sorry to disagree that even public schools are NOT FREE and more problematic is they aren't created equal either.  As an old retiree with no kids or grandkids (youngest just graduated) from HS, my ad valorem taxes haven't gone away rather keep creeping up and a big chunk is for schools.   My daughter and son-in-law moved out of Kissimmee to the east side of St. Cloud over a decade ago so their two daughters would attend the highest rated (academic) public HS in Osceola County, Harmony HS.  Both graduated at the top of their class, but if the programs in place today for school choice were available back then, they may have taken their voucher $$$ and put them in a private school requiring no move.  That is the difference between then and now.  More parents are taking advantage of this benefit mostly for academic and other reasons outside of sports, but if that choice involves a school with no sports program, they have an alternative .  Yes, lots do it for sports also, but I completely agree with you that EDUCATION should be at the forefront of this conversation and I believe it is the impetus for these changes. 
    • Now wait wait wait!  You mean to tell me that School Choice isn't about academics!  If Billy Ball, Sally Slugger, Fiona Flautist, Harry Holy or Tyler Talker wants to attend a different program for extra-curricular activities which could further their chances for advancement after graduation, that is certainly within their rights to do so.  However, education is (or should be) at the forefront of that conversation each and every time.  I'm envious of some of the educational opportunities this generation has access to, FOR FREE!  Even in little 'ole Polk County, but I digress.   It's time for me to get my popcorn because the show is about tot start.
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