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    • Lakeland wins 23-22. Sorry, but it is reasonable to conclude that, had the practice/games opportunities for the two teams been somewhat, a tiny bit, in the same stratosphere, Lakeland wins by 2-3 TDs. LG was gifted a couple of first downs on roughing the passer on 3rd and 4th down. Miscues in the punting game also gave LG the ball at the Lakeland 16 and 21 yard lines, leading to 10 points. Will be great if Lakeland is fortunate enough to get to play a game with a full week of practices for the first time!
    • Is STA even playing football?
    • It was a close, scrappy game. Not sure about Dp in  rematch, though. Apopka has a number of new guys on offense. They will likely get better as the season progresses. I agree Dp. had a bunch of bad breaks in the game. I feel for you. 
    • DP has now had 4 TDs called back in two years against Apopka. Last year DP WR had his foot in and ref called him out of bounds. He was in bounds. Could’ve tied it. Same this year. Then they call some bogus penalty on DP’s 80 yard reception. Let the dudes play, these refs are out here trying to take over the fking game Thought DP was the better team and didn’t play well. Doesn’t matter anyway this season will probably be a wash anyway... would take DP in a rematch easily but again it’s not a real season.
    • Apopka takes two knees to run the clock out. Final score: Apopka 14 Dr. Phillips 7. Tough luck for Dp. Scored on a fumble recovery only to have it called back because Apopka had committed a penalty before fumbling the ball. That was the difference right there. 
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