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    • Over the past 25 years, these teams each appeared in a state final one year, but in all other years, never made it past the second round of the playoffs.  Who are the teams?  
    • I'll take a stab at it   I believe Bartram Trail is the only one on the list who has had only one head coach and the fact of that stability is what makes them a great program as well as the fact their coach is very good at developing QBs which overall is not a strongly developed position in Florida historically compared to other power states 
    • Of those 100+ schools that opened since 1992, only 13 have managed to win a region title. Here they are with the year(s) they won a region title.  In parentheses after each is the county where the school sits.  Those with an asterisk won a state title.  An interesting stat...only one larger school that has opened over the past 25 years has won a state title...Flanagan.  And as everyone knows, Flanagan was a bit of a one hit wonder. Although they have never won a state title, the real outlier in the bunch is Bartram Trail.  Arguably no school that has opened over the past 25 years has been so consistent.  BT opened in 2000 and has only missed the playoff a few times.  They have won 23 playoff games during that span.  It begs the question...what is it about Bartram Trail that enabled this school to be so successful so quickly?  Bartram Trail 2007, 2011, 2013, 2017 Belleview 2000 (Marion) Braden River 2015 (Manatee) Cypress Bay 2010, 2012 (Broward) Durant 2003 (Hillsborough) *Flanagan 2014, 2015 (Broward) *Northview 2010, 2011, 2012 Ponte Vedra 2016 (St Johns) Steinbrenner 2019 (Hillsborough) Viera 2015 (Brevard) Wekiva 2017 (Orange) West Florida 2017 (Escambia) Wharton 2002 (Hillsborough)      
    • Of the 61 "newer" schools listed above in 3 of Florida's major metro areas,  6 have won a region title(listed below)  and 12 have won 5 or more playoff games since opening.  21 of the teams have never won a playoff game.  It would likely be safe to say that the majority of these 61 teams have struggled to be consistently competitive.   Wharton 2002 Durant 2003 Cypress Bay 2010, 2012 Flanagan 2014, 2015 Wekiva 2017 Steinbrenner 2019
    • Let's see how 17 "newer" teams in the Orlando metro area have fared.  After the name of each school is the year the school opened, the number of playoff wins since then, and their record from 2019.     Lake County East Ridge(8A) 2002     6 p/o wins (4-4 this season) Lake Minneola(6A) 2011     5 p/o wins (9-1 this season with 3 playoff wins) South Lake(7A) 1993     1 p/o win (4-4 this season)   Orange County Cypress Creek(8A) 1992     0 p/o wins   (0-9 this season) East River(7A) 2009     1 p/o win (5-3 this season with 1 p/o win via forfeit)  Freedom(8A) 2003     0 p/o wins (2-4 this season) Lake Nona(8A) 2009     0 p/o wins (4-4 this season) Ocoee(8A) 2005     0 p/o wins (3-5 this season) Olympia(8A) 2001     2 p/o wins (5-5 this season with 1 p/o win) Timber Creek(8A) 2001     5 p/o wins (7-2 this season with 1 p/o win) Wekiva(8A) 2007     7 p/o wins (6-4 this season with 2 p/o wins) Windermere(8A) 2017     1 p/o wins (2-7 this season with 1 p/o win)   Osceola County Celebration(Ind) 2003     0 p/o wins (4-6 last season when they were in 8A) Harmony(Ind) 2004     2 p/o wins (2-8 last season when they were in 7A) Liberty(Ind) 2007     0 p/o wins (1-9 last season when they were in 7A)   Seminole County Hagerty(8A) 2005     1 p/o win (5-5 this season with 1 p/o win) Winter Springs(7A) 1997     1 p/o win (0-8 this season)
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