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    • Several counties have already stated it would be online only for classes and  many more will be a blend of online and on campus by parent choice   Also in this Current stage having postseason/fans in stands Should be the least of concerns, just playing any form of a season Should be the priority, you aren't gonna see a normal season and it's laughable to even try pushing for a state series when as of the moment 4-8a currently has no Championship site      And while it would seem social distancing and masks would help in a school the problem is many counties won't enforce it   That's been the problem this whole pandemic, nobody wanted to make any sacrifices or inconveniences to get rid of the virus but then wonder why other countries are on the back end of the virus and America is still dead center in the hotspot of it   The selfishness of many people out there and their refusal to even make any changes to their lives is why football is in jeopardy right now like the spring sports were but then again many people didn't care about the spring athletes because I didn't forget the comments of "well they will move on and get over it, time to prepare for football" but boy has the attitude changed with football   Let me ask you this, if this was any sport but football would the state be willing to potentially screw over winter and spring sports just to have a season? Because I don't think so. Football is gonna get special treatment just because it makes more money, it ain't about the athletes it's all about the $$$$$    I've also seen people asking for extended eligibility for football athletes if the season don't happen, LMAO funny how they were same people bashing the idea when it came to the spring athletes 
    • The schools will definitely be opening full time August 24th. That means hundreds if not thousands of students and teachers together for 8 hours daily 5 days a week inside buildings. Football teams are together about 2 hours a day for practice and about 4 hours on Friday all outside. Have no idea how it was decided that there should be restrictions put on the teams like how many games they play, etc considering that football players are probably the most fit students in the school. And, why is it that a few hundred fans cannot attend the games for a max of 4 hours outside yet students can be together for many hours during the week inside? Are there medical professionals making these rules or is it just some bureaucrats trying to protect their backsides. Aren't masks, social distancing, and washing your hands ever 3 minutes enough for these people? How about we all wear HazMat suits to the games with OBA's. Would that be enough? Can anyone imagine a football game with no fans or nobody in the stands? Pure nonsense IMO.
    • The reason they don't want overlap is because small schools complained that it would leave their spring sports lacking a roster because many small schools rely on multi sport athletes but honestly I think considering how spring athletes this past spring got screwed out of their senior years I'm not gonna feel sorry because someone doesn't get to play BOTH sports   At least they would likely still get a senior season in something, considering some spring athletes weren't so lucky last spring when the virus infections weren't close to as bad as they are right now and spring sports could have done social distancing much easier than football could
    • Me being a admin here is the most logical decision   I'm one of the most active members and have a direct line to the website owner       As for the line that politics is synonymous with real life, that don't mean that every single place discussing sports has to turn into red vs blue    Ik that many political leaders on both sides are insecure and need all the attention talking about them every minute but that's not how things are run here, this is a football board   This ain't rivals where political posts have overrun the board to the point it no longer feels like a football board and this ain't prep gridiron where rules are never enforced 
    • wait, you're an admin here? lol The comment was directly related to the topic at hand and its implications. Sometimes, "politics" is synonymous with real life. 
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