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    • The reason they don't want overlap is because small schools complained that it would leave their spring sports lacking a roster because many small schools rely on multi sport athletes but honestly I think considering how spring athletes this past spring got screwed out of their senior years I'm not gonna feel sorry because someone doesn't get to play BOTH sports   At least they would likely still get a senior season in something, considering some spring athletes weren't so lucky last spring when the virus infections weren't close to as bad as they are right now and spring sports could have done social distancing much easier than football could
    • Me being a admin here is the most logical decision   I'm one of the most active members and have a direct line to the website owner       As for the line that politics is synonymous with real life, that don't mean that every single place discussing sports has to turn into red vs blue    Ik that many political leaders on both sides are insecure and need all the attention talking about them every minute but that's not how things are run here, this is a football board   This ain't rivals where political posts have overrun the board to the point it no longer feels like a football board and this ain't prep gridiron where rules are never enforced 
    • wait, you're an admin here? lol The comment was directly related to the topic at hand and its implications. Sometimes, "politics" is synonymous with real life. 
    • Why can't sports be about more than winning? Why is it so important than there are county/district/regional/state championships? Aren't sports supposed to be a continuation of the classroom where character and leadership are being learned and developed? Yes, play to win, but if the season is delayed they can still develop those other qualities that we hope coaches instill in our young athletes. Those coaches can do that in 8 games or 15 games.  The best coaches/teachers take events of the past 5 months and use to develop better human beings and citizens. How many more of our players are more keenly aware of how a virus is spread than they were 5 months ago. How many coaches have talked to their players about responsibility of government actors (Federal, State, and Local) as well as responsibility that as a player they have to their community at large? Honestly, whatever option is chosen, the FHSAA should simply just cancel the state series If they choose option 3 (spring football season), I don't understand why there can't be sport season overlap. I will admit as I was more optimistic about what would be happening by August/September despite what some on this board thought. The entire process could have been handled better, not just by our leaders, but as a society. I was reading a quote from a college football coach who took all-star teams to Japan for exhibitions and the coach asked someone why so many people were wearing masks. They responded with they do it for civility, if someone has a cold, they wear a mask to protect their neighbors. The reality is that we as Americans focus on the individual more than society. It is why we play our bass and speakers at god awful loud amounts when driving through quiet neighborhoods. It is why we the hell that is Black Friday (now Black Thanksgiving). It is why we see people willing to transfer to 4 schools in 4 years for more stardom (forget the teammates you leave behind).  Honestly, I don't care what the FHSAA chooses. The reality is that I won't be going to football this year, I don't trust the local yokels to do right. If anything, this event has shown a lot about people and the sacrifices they are and are not willing to make. 
    • I've said it before and will say again any reference to either political side will be removed or moved to OT    I left the primary post up because it is very relevant discussion for the football season but the preceding comments were removed for political references which aren't allowed on the huddle side of the board   Sorry @VeniceIndiansFootball your post didn't break any rules however I had to remove it because it quoted a post that did and leaving the post up would have made no sense after removing the quoted portion     Also as for the topic at hand I'm not gonna pretend I know the right decision but I do know this, option 3 would do more damage than good to the entire athletic calendar and even though people say that football pays for every sport, I challenge any atheltic director in the state of Florida to show me proof of how much football income really gets shared with the other sports because I doubt it's as much as people are led to believe   
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