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    • Facts them people dnt want that smoke we just gone sit back and enjoy it lol
    • I don’t know why you are acting like this, but it’s really frustrating to see you fail at using basic logic here, HornetFan. Brown almost certainly transferred to Venice because they have much better coaching and tradition at Venice than they do at Riverview. Venice returns their most veteran team since the 2017 run and has found themselves in a position where they do not have to face Saint Thomas Aquinas in the playoffs. The stars have aligned almost perfectly for Venice to win another state championship.  These factors would incentivize any player to transfer, regardless of whether or not they were succeeding with another team.  Furthermore, I would love to see Osceola or Seminole play Aquinas year-in, year-out, and win more than two games over a five year period. You act as if Venice has little chance at beating these Central Florida teams, yet they consistently play a tougher schedule than them and have a squad that returns nearly every skill player from the prior season. They will certainly make some noise in 8A, I can promise you that. 
    • That Riverview team was very well coached last year and as I stated earlier we were fortunate to get a win as our team was very young.  Sure evidence of coaching is these kids never quit and fought like hell to the very end.  Whatever their reasons, Venice has picked up 2 very good players from that team.
    • It was a nice season for them, no doubt. Part of my claim is based on the fact that high school football has changed a good bit since then. Back then, that was basically Venice's kids playing. Now, we've got kids from all over coming to Venice, as happens at schools all over the state. All of the state championship caliber teams (Venice has been that, though not within the class it played in. 8A and one or two other classes was winnable most every year for them if they were in it) of today are better than those from 20+ years ago. This hurts to say since I was in high school over 25 years ago, lol. It's not that players or coaching is markedly better-though I do think offensive coordination and the passing game is improved- but just that we see much denser concentrations of talent at a smaller number of schools. That's why I stand by my claim that 2018 Lakeland was better than their national championship teams. The STA team they beat was better, too. The average teams are probably worse now for the same reason. Who would have thought Venice would ever be able to poach Sarasota Riverview's QB after a playoff season for Riverview? Riverview has been a national powerhouse in my time of following H.S. football closely!
    • I'll leave it to others that actually deal with the FHSAA to evaluate their competence. As for schedules, the individual schools should be responsible for posting their updated schedules on their Twitter and Facebook pages if they want to keep their fans informed. 
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