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    • Yes, but to me the good guys won in 2012. In 2015, that result was reversed. Oh well, you can't win em all.  
    • In the 13 years of coaching the best D-line I ever had was about... DE - 6'0" 200lbs NT - 6'1" 262lbs DE - 6'1" 210lbs   We ran a 3-4 and slanted the DL. So we didn't necessarily have to be as big.  And we played 8A football. Three of the teams in our district made it to the state finals at some point. (Miramar, Flanagan, Cypress Bay) Both DE's had back-to-back double-digit seasons for sacks. The NT signed with Western Illinois (1AA). One year we had the #1 defense in the entire county. The 2 DE's were absolutely relentless and very polished technicians.  I've coached Corners who signed with P5 teams. But one of the best HIGH SCHOOL CB's I ever coached was a (maybe) 5'7" 150lb kid who was gonna quit football and focus on lacrosse until he met me. Ultra competitive kid. Straight dawg. One of the toughest kids I've ever coached. I was told by the HC that he was "too small" and "got bombed all the time last season". I got there, installed a different scheme, the kid went from being an afterthought to finishing his Senior season with 8 interceptions. (and he dropped at least 3) In the arguably the toughest 8A district in the state at that time. I was told NOT to put this kid out there. He turned out to be our best cover guy. I actually used his LOOKS to bait OC's into throwing his way cause I knew he'd likely pick it off.  https://www.hudl.com/video/3/3116944/5721c0b590eead5d90c4cdc7   Point I'm trying to make is, you can always find a spot for a kid if he's high motor, high effort. I don't give a damn if he's only 6'0" 230lbs. The mistake some HS coaches make is that they act like they're fielding a team to win COLLEGE games. Your job is to win HIGH SCHOOL games. And quite frankly, some of the best HIGH SCHOOL players aren't the most physically gifted.  Now, you may not win a state title with a roster full of kids like that, cause at some point you'll run into a team like STA and their overall team talent will overwhelm you. But, having a team with a couple guys like that is always valuable IMO. You can win a lot of games with kids like that. 
    • I'd like to add that it's hard to find quality O-line coaching down here. 
    • I don't mind that at all. 1980, for reasons that I am not allowed to disclose on the message board, was one of my favorite years. The 1980's were a great decade if you ask me.
    • Yes, and the Mayor of Apopka tossed the coin that night. Not sure if the "good guys" won, but the team that executed better and scored the most points sure did. Just like the West Orange-Apopka playoff game in 2015.
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