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    • The question is not whether we should have hs recruiting or not.  We already do.  The question is to what extent we should try to regulate.   If it is unhealthy for grade school kids to be solicited by hs coaches, what are we doing as a society from a regulatory standpoint to protect the kids from college coaches and scouts?
    • Johnny Jones, a 7th grader at Eisenhower Middle School, recently picked up his fifth offer to play high school football.  The offer came from Westside High School, the only remaining school in the city that had not previously offered the 12-year old athlete.   Westside Coach, Herman Boone IV, told reporters:  "Jones is a stud.  He's a foot taller than everyone else in his class.  We were worried that perhaps he had topped out; that's why we hadn't offered him yet.  But we had our doctors examine Johnny last week and they tell us that he has plenty of room to grow.  That was good enough for us.  Johnny's second cousin's great aunt on his mother's side was an Eagle way back when, so we're hoping that family tie will give us an edge over the other schools in town."    Boone was overheard talking to Johnny's mother on the phone last night and promising that Johnny's family wouldn't have to pay another dime for his public high school education. Jones has had a strong season playing for his middle school flag team, playing on both sides of the ball. Coach Boone indicated that he was hoping to get Jones to make the 3.5 mile trip over to Westside to visit the campus and "see what high school life is all about."  Boone got into trouble a few years back when he was accused of arranging recruits to shadow with Senior cheerleaders who 'knew their way around more than just the campus.'   Boone has assured Westside administrators that he will assign Jones to "a certified 10th grade nerd . . . probably a band member, but we haven't ruled out a member of the drama club quite yet."  Westside's rival, Central High School, first made an offer to Jones when he was in the 3rd grade at Roosevelt Elementary.  Central Coach Bull Spellacheck told reporters at the time that he "could just tell Jones was going to be a beast" and that he wanted to be like one of the coaches on the Voice and be the first one to turn his chair around for Jones . . . something he has reminded Jones of once a week for the last four years.  "Hey, it's worked for Kelly Clarkson, so it should work for me.  I even got Johnny a  cool 'Team Bull'  jacket to wear once he picks us."  Jones is expected to announce his decision next month at a signing ceremony that ESPN88 will cover live. The exact time will be determined once the Jones family can actually find baseball hats for each of the five high schools in town to use for the ceremony.    HIgh school recruiting???  Um, no thanks. 
    • I'll go with Fernandina Beach (beating West Nassau 34-22).  Bolles then stopped the Pirate playoff win streak at one. 
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