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    • It stuck around just long enough to screw over thousands of high school seniors across the country but hey football never suffers from anything    Just what it is I suppose, if sports like baseball and softball made the money football does for their school they probably would have gotten the special treatment that football is getting since they will potentially risk a second major outbreak that could end winter and spring sports just to make sure all the football programs get their chance to operate since most cases it's the only sport that these schools really care about anyway 
    • " A coach will impact more people in a year than the average person will in a lifetime" Billy Graham   Dear Coaches,   Please join us to show our community their coaches are in a united front. Sports have often been a medicine for healing in our country. Coaches are some of the most influential and respected people in the lives of their athletes and communities. Come join us for a walk around Lake Eola Park and show everyone what it means to be, "One Family, One Heartbeat."   This is not an event to share political agendas. The objective is to demonstrate the power of  a unified front of love and respect. Without those two elements, it is impossible to start having difficult conversations. Let's allow this event to be the stepping stone for further progress and support.   Please respect our objectives. We encourage you to bring signs, but request you keep it to only two phrases: "Coaches for Community" and " One Family, One Heartbeat." Furthermore, we will be practicing social distancing protocol. Wearing a mask will be your individual decision.   Be the inspiration you were meant to be.  4th and 1....you can punt or go for it. Let's go for it.     Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Also, I would appreciate it if you send me a reply if you are going to attend. Lastly, feel free to share this with other coaches, clergy and school administrators. 
    • Guys Covid went away.  It no longer exists.  We have moved on to Police brutality.  Unfortunately we didn't focus our attentions on that and have moved on to rioting and looting.  Next week it will be something else to divide us.
    • not sure how #29 got in the picture.  He must have been a WR in a 3 point stance
    • Then maybe it's still not safe enough for them to be trying to play    Playing the spring sports wouldn't have 25% of the risks that playing football will have, this goes to show they are giving football special treatment because it makes more money which is probably why our government has made it clear they prioritize the economy more than human lives 
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