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    • What happened to their HC Kepa Sarduy? And I'm wondering why Coach Thomas would go from a 3A private school that was just about to possibly go deep in the playoffs or maybe all the way to a 1A public school that hasn't been really that good for 5 years. Couldn't be the pay as I think Trinity pays their teachers pretty well. Can't imagine Union County paying any better. Would sure like to know. 
    • Somehow I don't get it. What entity is responsible for paying football coaches? Is it the Federal government, State government, or County government? If it is in fact a government entity how in the world does Georgia pay so high and Florida pays so low? What about the proceeds from the games themselves? What about the proceeds from the Boosters? I am very curious to know how the salaries are for Florida football coaches in the private and parochial schools. Is the inequity the same between Florida and Georgia the same for the privates as it is for the publics? In the last analysis what would have to be done to change the status quo for Florida? Outside of football we have a real problem in Florida with how little teachers are paid. I can't believe that a teacher with a Masters Degree makes equal to or less than a common laborer with little education. Bill Bennett, Secretary of Education from 1985 to 1989, famously stated that if the starting salary for teachers was $100,000 per year ( and we are talking about in1985 dollars) then the US would have the best teachers in the world. We would have top people in their professions, from all over the world, lining up for teaching jobs. Sadly No one took Mr. Bennett seriously.
    • Ha.   More like "Counselor, please do your own research before you walk in here and ask the Court to answer all of your legal questions -- especially when the answer to all your questions can be found in the transcript."
    • Okaloosa County pays the best.  They are Athletic Directors and get admin pay.  Matt Brunson Baker is probably one of the highest paid in Florida.   They do not have to be teacher but most are.  I'm not sure if anyone in public school is off campus but they could be.   Most assistant football coaches are paid but quite a few do not get paid.   Most public schools are allowed between 7-10 paid spots. We had 2-3 not paid at our school last year.  
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