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    • Too bad we don't have anyone on the forum from north FL.
    • It is not Estero.  Please reread the background information above.  Joe Hampton took over the Estero program in 1988 and won his first playoff game 10 years later, not 3 years. 
    • NJ pushes back first game to October    https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/new-jersey-moves-back-the-start-of-the-2020-high-school-football-regular-season-to-october-2/
    • Interestingly, if you listened in on the FHSAA Fall Sports Task Force zoom call the other day, the FHSAA seems to be inclined to punt on any and all health issues.  While that may be a smart legal position to take, and while there may be some merit in leaving Covid-related decisions in the hands of the local health officials, the end result is going to be an inconsistent set of rules and policies.   Personally, I think the FHSAA needs to take a more vocal role in setting up some basic standards on big-ticket issues, such as:  (1) will fans be allowed at games (if so, under what circumstances)?; (2) what should/must a school do if one of their kids tests positive?    I threw out a bunch of questions in a prior post; I'm not saying that all of these questions have to be answered the same for every school in the state, but there needs to be some guidance and consensus on the major ones. 
    • Hornet you are correct that Seminole County has started back however there are at least two schools of the 8 in the county that had to shut down work outs due to a Covid case.    Kids and coaches will contract Covid during the season, the question is how do we handle it at the high school level?  Do we shut down the program for a week, two weeks, etc...or do we sit the kid or coach who is sick?  We need a statewide policy as to how this will work.  ALL schools should treat a positive case in each sport the same.  We all know public schools can not afford to test each kid each week or even twice a season.  What if we do it the old Pop Warner days like weight check, each team must have a book and a medical professional (Dr and/or ATC) must check each athlete daily or at a minimum before each contest for temperature, and signs of sickness.  
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