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    • I personally do not expect Palm Beach to play this season.  But I will be out there Monday working to get better in case we do.
    • Your correct vote is the 15th.  The school board are recommending though it stay virtual as well after working with health experts. Not just the teachers union.
    • No they didn't.  The teachers union emailed CTA members and let them know their recommendations.  Palm Beach County will make their announcement after a vote on the 15th.
    • I'm not saying it will, but I wouldn't be surprised if that gets pushed back or shut down.  Broward was supposed to start Monday and just decided to push it back again.  Been going week to week. 6th to 13th now the 20th. Also, Palm Beach school board just announced a few hours ago that they will be starting school fully virtual next month.
    • Seminole County allowed teams to start practicing a couple of weeks ago; I haven't heard of any Covid-19 infections reported by high school football teams in Seminole to date. Teams in Orange County returned this week to official practice, but most kids in Central Florida have been practicing without coaches for the last couple of months. We didn't get a spike in cases until irresponsible young adults hit the bars and clubs in force when  the bars re-opened. The big spike has been in the 21-35 year old age groups. They are currently testing about 80,000 people a day in the state of Florida; that's over four times as many a day as they were testing two months ago. Doctors and scientists have reported that infections in young adults have been less severe with a small percentage requiring clinical or hospital care Most young adults have been asymptomatic or mildly effected. If cities can allow thousands of protesters to fill the streets, standing in close proximity to each other, with little concern of the virus spreading, the FHSAA should be able to figure out how to put 22 kids on a 40 by 100 yard football field. The schools opening and sports being played has become a political football leading up to the November elections,, as well as a showdown between teachers who want to remain home and parents who want to send their kids to school so the parents can return to work. Teachers, coaches, officials, and others who may be at greater risk of infection may just have to sit it out this school year until a vaccine is found or they feel confident about returning. Special consideration regarding their pay during their time away may have to be put in place as the Federal government has done in the recent past. Kids need to be in school and they deserve to play sports.
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