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    • HornetFan, if a football is uncatchable or not has no bearing on DPI, OPI, or any other foul in NFHS rules.  
    • Atlantic Coast beat Lincoln this year in regional quarterfinal...
    • Perspective, that was definitely a dead-ball personal foul in my view. The DB clearly led with his shoulder a few seconds after he was able to see that the the receiver had not caught the ball, the pass was incomplete, and the play was over. There is no need for that kind of behavior, and we need to get to late hits like that out of the game now or the game will be legislated away, and there will be Friday Night High School Flag Football games. That was the correct foul by the line judge.  
    • This is /was a very good Boone team who fought to the very end.  Take nothing away from them...they are a tough gutsy bunch.  That being said, the referees assigned to this game were from out-of-area. We have never seen them before this night.  Tough calls went for and against each team all night long.  The game could have easily gone either way, but VB made one final play to end the overtime.  The YouTube announcer stands on top of the PressBox and is not seen or heard by the public announcer (inside the PressBox) for the games.  In fact, I have never even heard the YouTube guys myself until just now.  There is no way any fan could hear those guys begging for any calls...not the way they seem to whisper into their microphones.  lol.  Now, we prepare for Miami Palmetto next week in the Citrus Bowl.   I just want to line up correctly.  
    • Are Matanzas and Deltona's wins against New Smyrna Beach and Tampa Freedom respectively in the first round of the "playoffs" this year not being considered? Also, Matanzas started playing football in 2006, not 2005. 
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