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    • Maybe it's just me, but it seems like when a coach lets the backups in a basketball game at the end of a game and the kids try to score, no matter how far up their team is, the announcers and fans don't make a deal about them running the score.  Yet in football, there seems to be this ethical issue.   And us football folks are supposed to be tough.
    • I don’t think you can be accused of running up the score if you have backups and 3rd stringers in. No matter if they are passing it or running a no huddle.  Now they could be questioned about clock management if they are passing it late in the fourth up big, but if they want to get the backups real game reps, I’m not against it.   
    • So, notwithstanding my initial attempt to focus this question on the issue of whether you need to have a certain personnel in a game in order to run the "take a knee" play, nolebull and hornet are addressing the unasked question of whether a team should ever call off the dogs and stop trying to score.  While I think I've heard all the arguments on both side of this issue, I'll go ahead and ask the question:   is there ever such thing as "running up the score?"  Does it matter who's in the game for the team that's way ahead?   Does it matter what plays the team ahead is running?  If so, why?  If 2nd and 3rd string WR's are finally getting into the game, is it bad form for the offense to continue throwing the ball to these kids?   If you contend that the offense can continue to pour it on, no matter what the score and no matter how much time is left in the game, would it be OK for the offense to call unused timeouts to stop the clock and allow them to run one or two more plays in an effort to win the game by 49 points instead of 42?  
    • Pure nonsense. When the 2nd or 3rd string gets into the game with a minute or two left, they shouldn't try to score???????  In the words of the great Head Ball Coach: "it's not my job to stop us from scoring, it's their job".
    • I’m curious to know how many times Nebraska threw the ball in the fourth quarter after the game was out of reach  If the team winning by a large margin has to run the ball to not be accused of running up the score then shouldnt that apply to the losing team as well?   Because what kind of backwards shit would you be playing if you said one team is allowed to conduct their offense however they see fit but the other team has to run it the way we choose to not be accused of bad sportsmanship?  I miss seeing 110-0 scores like in the past. 
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