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  2. I forgot the name but the coach who coached Emmitt Smith in high school won titles with 2 different schools I believe
  3. Why haven't Valdosta and Columbia signed a contract yet?
  4. Name the Panhandle coaches who won FHSAA state football titles at two different Panhandle high schools and name the schools where they won their titles.
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  6. That’s literally the only reason lol ( so he can feel good about him self) they should do a Jax tca vs TX trinity
  7. Robby Pruitt coached University Christian School (Jacksonville) to four state championships in 1987, 1989, 1991 and 1992 before moving to Union County High School (Lake Butler), where he led the Tigers to three consecutive state titles in 1994, 1995 and 1996 and a state record 52 consecutive victories.
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  9. Al Werneke was the first coach to win multiple state football titles at different schools, repeating at Glades Central High School in Belle Glade in 1971-72 and then again at Titusville High School in 1982-83. He also had one runner-up team at Titusville in 1980, and made six final four appearances. At the time of his death, he was ranked No. 4 on the all-time wins list.
  10. The guy is at a school named American Collegiate Academy. One would think preparing kids to get to college and get a degree is a focal point. And the director himself has yet to get a college degree. How, exactly, can they actually sell themselves as superior to most any school? How do we determine if they have, in fact, done things "properly"? They appear to be operating (like most all charter or private schools) free of much of any oversight.
  11. Paul Quinn at Lake City Columbia and Bartow.
  12. Clearly Jesuit has the better track record over the last several years. The ONLY explanation for a kid leaving Jesuit for Gaither for football is that Gaither has a coach(es) that are hip and popular with the kids. They look like the flavor of the month. Which, I suppose in these days, is equated with "accomplishment". Barf.
  13. OK. The only way Ransom makes Lakeland better is if he brings several other quality players with him. IMO, Mason Martin was their best QB last season. This season, he figures to certainly be better than Ransom. Perhaps equally important in the transfer thread is the fact that Will Bahler took a job on USF's staff. He's been Lakeland's recruiting coordinator for several years, and is thought by many to be a big factor in getting so many transfers to Lakeland the last few years. The vague Twitter rumblings are that Lakeland hasn't fared well in the transfer sweepstakes. Probably a good thing, but one that suggests they won't be loaded like the last couple of seasons.
  14. They were a very good, underrated team which did not get much respect outside the Orlando area. They had a decent shot at taking down St. Thomas and in the end came up just short. I understand why the QB threw the ball to Tommi Hill on the final play of the game as he had a hot hand the last two Edgewater drives. But he was double covered so the throw had to be perfect and it was not. If he had looked left instead of right, Edgewater had another decent receiver, who, while not wide open, only had one defender covering him. That would have been a better, more interesting option.
  15. Silas is at Steinbrenner. Hope all are having a safe and healthy off season
  16. What is the proof that Jesuit was better than Gaither last year, they both played Clearwater and Plant City. One team seem to beat both teams while the other lost.
  17. Lol, Gaither is not a ghetto school @nolebull813 is just jealous Gaither is doing well. He needs to read and re-read the definition of ghetto.
  18. What makes it even more strange is that, allegedly, supposedly, the QB (Kelly) transferred because Jesuit didn't throw the ball enough, so he wasn't able to showcase his skills. But if that's the case, the converse is true, meaning that they ran the ball too much. This means that the RB's (like Parks) were the focus of the offense, so they wouldn't have any football reason for wanting to move (unless they were sharing touches too much for their own selfish reasons). Here's the question I ask myself: were it not for football, what are the chances that Kelly, Parks and Young (the DB) would have chosen to go to school at Jesuit? Ostensibly, whatever financial aid package, if any, that was available to them when they were enrolled and playing football would have been available to them if they had chosen to attend Jesuit without playing football. An all-boys private school experience just isn't for everybody. It wouldn't surprise me if those guys just tired of the whole morning chapel/Jesuit experience and wanted a little more 'balance' or excitement their senior season. Short-sighted at best.
  19. Gainesville hires Santa Fe Coach Dock Pollard
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    2020 Transfer Season

    Which to me is weird, at least for Parks. Both Gaither and Jesuit made it to the state semis last year. Parks leaves before his senior year to join a new squad that is arguably not as good as his former team.
  21. It is that garbage human Deion sanders that does this. A few years ago they played FAMU high for Christ sake. The worst part about it was he got it on national TV, and he specifically turned down playing Godby or Florida high. Godby was coached by a former Seminoles player that he was friends with so it would have been perfect. And Florida high had Willie Taggart junior as the QB when Taggart was the Seminoles Coach Those two teams would have been light years better then FAMU But garbage human Deion chose to embarrass that JV team on national TV so he could feel better about himself
  22. Certainly came much closer than I would have liked this year!
  23. No you are not dumb; I understand the error. But based on the title, it was teams that have not reached a title game. Edgewater, is probably the best team in past 20 years to not win a title having reached the title game four times (all losing efforts) and the semis two additional times.
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  25. Lol why does Trinity christian TX always pick the worst FL teams to play ??????
  26. Appears to basically be a more fancier name for Director of FB Operations.
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