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  2. Disney event 2019

    The Indianapolis Colts have been sponsoring the Indiana high school football playoffs for the past 10 years and the finals are played at Lucas Oil Stadium. Their 6 state final games typically average about 7000 attendees per game. Attendance at our 8 finals in Florida typically average less than 4000 per game. http://www.maxpreps.com/news/7i8wgZirhkOi1psIZp8qkA/ihsaa-football-brackets,-stat-leaderboards-and-rankings.htm As you'll see from their website, the Colts are very involved with youth and high school football in the community. I've looked on the websites for the Dolphins, Jaguars and Bucs and don't see anything like this. It's disappointing we have 3 pro teams in the hs football hotbed of Florida yet the game doesn't seem to get as much support as a state with 1 pro team and a lot less hs players/teams. https://www.colts.com/community/highschoolfootball/
  3. Venice completed 2019 Schedule, big news!

    Hopefully we beat Vero this year, I’ll be at that game without a doubt. Is Columbia playing you guys next year?
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  5. Disney event 2019

    Is there a really that much of a difference once you are in the 1000s range? I mean these teams are playing completely different in completely states with probably very little overlap. Promoters of high school football here in Florida have tried some of the marquee match-ups with 2-3 games on a Saturday. Stadiums don't get filled. The biggest shame is that with 3 professional football teams in the state (4 if you want to count the Orlando Apollos), that more isn't done in the community to promote football as a whole. The NFL should be requiring empty stadiums to be used early in the season for big Saturday promotion of games. Make the games free. Imagine 2 games on a Friday Night and 3 games on a Saturday at TIAA Field (Jax), Raymond James (Tampa), and Hard Rock Hotel (Miami) with 10 of the biggest teams in the areas or criss cross areas. Imagine a Trinity Christian facing off against Mandarin in the night time game, or Miami Northwestern vs Miami Central, or Plant vs Lakeland. Needless to say, professional sports sometimes stink at being ambassadors of the game on a community level.
  6. Unsigned kids...I don’t know why

    Ouch! Not sure I'd want to be sitting at that dinner table right now.
  7. Unsigned kids...I don’t know why

    Would that be Jesse Hester (FSU) ? If so, I remember him well.....great ball player
  8. Disney event 2019

    I think the problem with this becomes teams not wanting to lose the gate money. Disney will take a cut. So, if I am an Osceola, Dr. Phillips, Mainland, etc, why would I want to go to a smaller venue and get less money when I can play a home and home with a team and make more for the program? I'd have to imagine that's got to be at least part of the reason Florida v Florida isn't likely unless it's like a school from Miami vs. Jacksonville or something like that.
  9. Disney event 2019

    Honestly they could do it more like Central FL vs world So 6 games take 3 Orlando teams, then get someone like Osceola, Mainland and Venice/Braden River/Manatee Then have it 3 North FL and 3 south FL teams You could make a huge event out of that Another thing I wish they would do is a FL vs GA border war series I mentioned this on national board but we could do a 3 or 4 game event (2 games on 2 days for 4 games or maybe triple header for 3 or 2 games and 1 the next day) Think of these potential matchups Columbia vs Colquitt County (Columbia potential host being they would be about even on travel across the board for these games) Godby vs Tift County Lowndes vs Trinity Christian Valdosta vs Raines
  10. Disney event 2019

    Wasn't the freedom bowl last year including all FL teams?
  11. Unsigned kids...I don’t know why

    Hester is actually the son of the Head Coach. So......
  12. Disney event 2019

    Yeah Milton Georgia is having six games in 2 days at their stadium. So it is definitely doable. It could be called Metro Orlando against Everyone Classic” Have 3-6 Orlando metro teams play against a quality team from Tampa, Miami North Florida etc Damn shame there is no multi game events involving all Florida teams
  13. Disney event 2019

    Dr Phillips stadium holds I think between 6-8k
  14. Disney event 2019

    Couldn't they just use a larger stadium Maybe let someone like Dr Phillips host it as their stadium is just a few minutes from one of the theme parks (I know this because last time I was in Orlando I passed by the stadium on my way to universal) Heck Dr Phillips could use it as a home game and just let a few other teams play a game at the stadium either before or after their game Could make it a multi day event (likely needed)
  15. Unsigned kids...I don’t know why

    I want to be careful here, because I don''t know anything about "Hester and Jackson" other than what I've read on this board and the linked film that I've watched. I don't know who their coaches are or what their coaches have or have not done. I do know there are some schools and coaches that place a premium on the academic side of the NCAA eligibility process. Other schools and coaches don't. Personally, I think one of the greatest services that a high school football program/coach can provide to an athletically-talented kid is to start working with him in the 9th or 10th grade to explain the eligibility process and then track the performance and status of the kids as they work their way through high school. It is an absolute waste for a kid to have P5 talent, but not be able to get offers because of bad grades and/or inability to satisfy the minimum standards necessary to become an NCAA student-athlete.
  16. Disney event 2019

    They actually did have FL vs FL games in the past at Disney. Problem is seating. There is less than 1,000 seats at each stadium on campus so you couldn’t have a huge matchup.
  17. Disney event 2019

    With close proximity you could get Orlando area teams, teams like mainland or Osceola, maybe even teams from Brevard, Sarasota, or manatee county With all those counties you could get some huge matchups
  18. Disney event 2019

    Moore Haven a solid small school, they have a shot Have to agree on the other 2 being only favorites Just wish they would allow some FL vs FL games at this event again, we would get much better matchups since the top FL teams aren't scared to play other top ones
  19. Disney event 2019

    Lol at 1,000 spots. The only teams from FL who have a shot is St Cloud, and Cooper City. Maybe Moore Haven as a dark horse assuming that Shiloh loses the house and MH brings back a lot
  20. Disney event 2019

    Only 2 games have teams ranked within 1000 spots of each other Not a good look This event honestly would benefit from letting some FL vs FL matchups like they used to, that way we can get better games and let the OOS games be undercard games
  21. Disney event 2019

    Well the Disney trip might end up being more exciting then some of these huge mismatches
  22. Disney event 2019

    The number next to each team is last years maxpreps national ranking #1,497 Shiloh Christian,AR vs #4,147 Moore Haven #4282 Ridley,PA vs #4736 Cooper City #5876 Golden,CO vs #6163 St Cloud #2,218 Chatfield,CO vs #3304 Jensen Beach #1,089 St Mary’s Ryken,MD vs #4,370 East Ridge #6455 Northern Valley Demarest,NJ vs #12,019 Tampa Bay Christian Academy
  23. Florida Gators vs Miami Hurricanes 19

    Florida should be strong defensively, and has a plethora of skilled talent on offense. Franks is going to have to continue to show progress at the QB position and the almost entirely all new OL will have to come together quickly.............Florida should be favored.
  24. Florida Gators vs Miami Hurricanes 19

    Meanwhile at the U and the early reports on off season workouts there. https://twitter.com/RicO_Suave03/status/1093335507168317440
  25. Venice completed 2019 Schedule, big news!

    So Venice was able to Riverview on the schedule, but Manatee wasn't......interesting.
  26. Venice completed 2019 Schedule, big news!

    Vero got a senior laden defense this year
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