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  3. Rpi question

    Or a team could be 7-3 and have a higher winning percentage because they played one more game. If both teams agree not to okay the game it doesn’t have to be made up
  4. Counties with Most Public School State Champions

    Brevard has 6 that I know of, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Cocoa, Titusville, Merritt Island. Not sure about Astronaut?
  5. Lake City Columbia vs Atlantic Delray Beach

    Sebring... was tied with minutes to play before LW scored the game winner. Sebring lost by 10 to Fort Myers, by 13 to Clearwater Central Catholic and by 38 to Lakewood. All of the teams I mentioned are plenty capable of duplicating those mediocre results. I get it; there's a little man's complex for those from the sticks.
  6. Rpi question

    Are canceled non district games required to be made up. How does a 9 game schedule factor? Example two schools both have 6 wins but one is 6-4 and the other 6-3; the 6-3 team has a higher winning percentage just because they played one less game.
  7. Lake Mary at Apopka

    I don't know. It won't have much impact on the game Friday, though.
  8. Counties with Most Public School State Champions

  9. Counties with Most Public School State Champions

    PB County has 5 public school champions-Carver, Glades Central, Dwyer, PB Gardens, and Pahokee
  10. Counties with Most Public School State Champions

    So is American Heritage and Carver became Atlantic not American Heritage
  11. How did I miss this? Hey Vero Beach meet Rosey.
  12. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Now a days, If you aren't cheating you aren't trying.
  13. Lake Mary at Apopka

    DarterBlue2, I understand that an Apopka starter suffered some sort of leg injury on the sideline rug at Evans Thursday night. Do you know anything about this player's status going forward?
  14. Counties with Most Public School State Champions

    He did say public schools, though. I believe Glades Day is a private school.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Some teams are way better at "cheating" than others.
  17. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Yeah the system isn't fair but it is the system we have. I wish I could change it. Plant benefited from transfers when they won their state titles. Weiner also is a great coach. Very similar to Castle.
  18. Dillard has won 16 regular season games in a row and counting.

    Soooooooooooo (shrugs shoulders" .....weellllll? Lol
  19. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Your public forum secret is safe with me. Trust me, the coaches and players at Plant are only concerned with Plant. It's been a humbling year for the Panthers. That said, it is somewhat frustrating for Plant fans to see other nearby schools like Armwood and Lakeland prospering under the new free-agency rules when Plant is not able to play by the same rules (because of capacity). It makes it an even tougher pill to swallow when stud athletes at neighboring schools talk about being reached out to by other area schools. And it's not all just on social media. Bottom line, to your point, Plant is trying to work on the things they can control in hopes that there might be a back door into the playoffs.
  20. Counties with Most Public School State Champions

    No Palm Beach has 6 as well American Heritage+Carver count as one, Glades Day, Glades Central, Dwyer, Gardens, and Pahokee
  21. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Bad situation. Rule needs to be changed. Coaches are here to help kids Believe it or not it happened to my family and we took the kid in no questions asked. It wasn’t about football it was about saving a kid. If you Turn us in we might have to forfeit the 1981 and 1982 season. Problem is if they change the rule too many people would take advantage of the rule. I wouldn’t have brought it up if a Plant person didn’t accuse Armwood of cheating. If I was Plant I would worry about Plant right now. Or keep casting stones at Armwood. heck it use to be a good rivalry. Hope one day it comes back
  22. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Considering your team has no head coach because he was suspended for cheating I know of one team that is. I’m pretty sure of another that is but I have no proof
  23. Lake Mary at Apopka

    The winner and automatic playoff qualifier from 8a, Region 1, District 4 will be decided this Friday when Lake Mary comes to Apopka. Currently Apopka is 4-0 in the district and Lake Mary is 3-1. To a degree, Lake Mary has more at stake as if they lose the game, there is a significant chance they may not make the playoffs. For Apopka a loss, especially if they beat Wekiva in their final game of the season, still leaves them in a good position to make the playoffs. It just means they would have to travel from game one. Looking at the records of both teams, Apopka has been more impressive than Lake Mary. However, given what is at stake, records probably go out the window. Also, Lake Mary has an impressive sophomore QB who has a quick release and a good deep ball. So, I don't see this game as a sure win for Apopka. With that said, I am going to go with the Darters winning a close game by 7. The lower scoring the game is, the better Apopka's chances in my opinion. I think the final score will be Apopka 17, Lake Mary 10. If the winner scores more than 30, then I think LM may pull the upset.
  24. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    As much as I want to avoid dragging this into the weeds, it's also important to set the record straight on exactly what the Plant coach did wrong. In short, the allegations involved a young man that already was enrolled at Plant who found himself in a untenable position (I'm not going to go into the details, but suffice to say, a difficult 'home' situation went from bad to worse). Coach Weiner asked another volunteer of the football program to make a few after-hour phone calls to see if someone would be willing to provide temporary shelter for the kid. As an aside, after several phone calls, a temporary arrangement was found. The temporary situation ended up lasting longer than initially anticipated and, in fact, eventually led to a guardianship arrangement. But during this entire process, the kid was not eligible to play and never suited up for a single game. For asking the volunteer to make a phone call, Coach Weiner was suspended six games (later reduced to three) and fined $5,000 (or more than a thousand dollars more than his annual stipend for being a head coach). So, if you want to say that the coach violated an FHSAA policy (by indirectly assisting in the providing of impermissible benefits), go right ahead. That's what the FHSAA determined - at least for the time being. But, before you call the man a cheater, ask yourself one question: if you were a coach (or a representative of any school's athletic interests) and a kid walked up to you one evening after work-outs and said "Hey, Coach, I don't have anywhere to eat or sleep tonight; can you help me?" what would you do? If you can honestly say that you would look the kid in the eyes and say "Sorry, kid, I can't help you," then feel free to cast the first stone. Otherwise, be thankful you've never been put in this no-win situation.
  25. Dillard has won 16 regular season games in a row and counting.

    Their feild was redone like 3 years ago so conditions wise we will b fine as far as crowd goes we bring if not the amount ..then more fans as the vistor then they do as the home team ....dillard travels very very very well.
  26. Dillard has won 16 regular season games in a row and counting.

    How difficult is it to play in the Blanch Ely stadium? It's an away game and in front of a lot of opposing fans. That's difficult enough. But, if the field is just a difficult one to play on for teams that are not familiar with it, then that can be a nightmare. I know that Dillard plays on it every year but sometimes with not all of the same players or even the same coaches.
  27. Lincoln Coach Suspended

    Guess 80% of the coaches in Florida about to get a one game suspension lol
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