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  1. Today

    MY OFFICIAL PICKS St. Frances (I want to take Central so badly.... but... Pinkos has them as a huge underdog) St. Thomas Aquinas Deerfield Beach Venice Trinity Christian Armwood Raines American Heritage MIami Northwestern Lakeland

    Thanks to @nolebull813 for stepping up to help run this. I am going to go with most of the games NoleBull suggested except two. While I like the Rockledge/Ware County game, I feel like I can go better there. I don't want to overpopulate the pick' ems with the out-of-state teams and I think two is enough with the Miami Central and Aquinas games already. Also, I don't think Godby/Lincoln is going to be as good as looks on paper. Looks can be deceiving sometimes... maybe I am wrong. St. Frances, Md. vs. Miami Central at Traz Powell (Saturday) St. Thomas Aquinas at De La Salle, Calif. Deerfield Beach vs. Miami Carol City at Traz Powell (Saturday) IMG Academy at Venice Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) at Columbia Plant at Armwood Jones at Raines American Heritage (Delray) at Vero Beach Cardinal Gibbons vs. Miami Northwestern at Traz Powell Lakeland at Manatee Thread locks down at 5 PM Friday afternoon, one hour before the first game on Friday which will be Jones at Raines (6 PM kickoffs in Duval County this year). EDIT: Joe Pinkos Week 1 Forecast here: https://floridahsfootball.com/2019/08/19/joe-pinkos-joe-pinkos-week-1-statewide-game-forecast/
  4. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    Well... that is why I have them ranked in the Top 5. 7A is stacked!
  5. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    FYI, Edgewater is better than they were last year.
  6. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    NSU... that is one team that had a lot of young talent last year. I wouldn't want to second guess them this year. But maybe I am wrong and I have to eat my words.
  7. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    I guess. If you are ranking them by most likely to win state I hear you. The truth is Trinity Christian, Chaminade, NSU, they just aren't that good (although I admit Trinity Christian at least somewhat belongs). Carol City on a down year would work them.
  8. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    They are back in their proper classification. Should have never moved up.
  9. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    They were loaded last year too when everyone on here was saying they were the favorite. What have they really done?
  10. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    No... North Marion came ready, Trinity just looked too far ahead. But Trinity is very loaded.
  11. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    I may have put Winter Park too low in my Region ranking... I am going to have to adjust it... DP has got a lot to prove after the way they struggled last season.
  12. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    Lol if Trinity Christian can be #4 in the state I have no problem with MC being 3. Trinity Christian is solid, but #4? They got bounced last year by North Marion in a low classification.
  13. Any KOC Games tonight??

    TRAJAN01, thank you for this information, but could you tell me what type of offense Madison County runs? Are they predominately a running team? Do they play with any sort of tempo? Do they run a no-huddle? What type of defense do they run? Thank you again.
  14. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    Damn 8A is deep. Winter Park and DP can't sniff the top 15.
  15. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    Can't base it off last year. Can't base it off a scrimmage from three days ago. Put the names in the hat and draw them out to see who goes where and then re-adjust as the season goes along.
  16. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Winter Park and Jones will be very good. You forgot the stud WR Winter Park has in Marcus Clarke. Can they break through is another question.
  17. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    Coach Pruitt stepping down at Union Co. was a bit unexpected.
  18. Venice vs Plant predictions

    Yes the game is being played at Venice.
  19. Manatee fans:

    I just want the lightning to stay away so they can get the game in!
  20. Venice vs Plant predictions

    Where is the game being played? If it's @Venice they have better than decent chance. IMG has a tendacy to start slow. The Indians would also need a high scoring wide open game and not a low scoring grind. https://twitter.com/countypolk?lang=en
  21. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Of late, Vanguard never seems to be short on high-end talent, and they have consistency at the HC position as well. Edwin Farmer begins his sixth year at Vanguard after serving 4 years as an AC. Vanguard features... 4-star Sr WR Leonard Manuel 4-star Jr WR Trevonte Rucker 4-star Jr DE Bryce Langston
  22. Yesterday
  23. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Jay Walls begins his eighth season at Navarre. Navarre may not be loaded with big name talent, but that has not stopped them in the past. Give a good coach 7 years at one school and he can work wonders with a reasonable amount of talent.
  24. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Tim Shifflet at Winter Park is one of the most tenured coaches in the Orlando area. I don't believe Winter Park has been overly loaded with big name talent the past few years, yet has managed to be very competitive. I think as long as they have a reasonable amount of talent this year, there is no reason to believe Coach Shifflet will not have them competitive again. Winter Park does have one of the top cornerbacks in the state...Ethan Pouncey...and a 6'6" pocket passer named Casey Case, who saw playing time last year as a junior.
  25. Board Pick'ems

    I'll wait for Josh to post them.
  26. 12 Teams with the Most Wins over the Past 3 Seasons

    madison county, columbia, Rockledge, Venice, University... of those not listed.
  27. Manatee fans:

    If he does with the same level of success he did last year as a freshman, when he marched Lakeland down the field for a TD on its 1st possession........Im sure all the supposed hand wringing Lakeland fans are doing now because their 2nd year in a row QB transfer is injured......will end up being much to do over nothing!
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