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    I have a feeling it’s going to look like Braden River vs Venice, very close, hard fought battle. It’ll come down to who wants it more.
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    Freedom Bowl games

    Now if Cocoa had that 2016 team? Then that would be one heck of a game
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    Freedom Bowl games

    I agree with Cocoa vs Hoover. I never want to sell Cocoa short, but Hoover... wooah boy
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    Captain Morgan

    STA Recruiting

    There is no punishment at all outside of the $2500 dollar fine. They were ordered to forfeit the two $5000 dollar salaries, not fine them. So the QB club writes those two coaches a check for 5k then the school donates the 5k back to the QB club, since they didn’t have to pay the coaches in the first place. All that happens in this deal is the coaches save 5k in taxes. FHSAA is a joke as usual.
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    They will take a few losses but will be prime for state. All I know I will get to watch most of these games since I just moved to Jacksonville.
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