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  1. Raiders will bring it this season on winning the title they have the offense and defense this season like muckowl said next opponent Lake Worth. Raiders gonna take over one team at a time.
  2. How did Oxbridge got put in this topic? Lol
  3. Oh yea!!!!!!!!! Glades Central Raiders!!!
  4. Of course that our rival just like Miami people have their in towns rivals.
  5. That's would of been our 4 peat championships
  6. I agree with muckowl with the south Florida Comment
  7. We are the best team in Palm Beach County
  8. Still to this day I don't like Rockledge lol
  9. The Raiders are gonna bring it this season!!!!
  10. My thoughts are if STA and Miami Central blowout BTW I can see the tornadoes being in trouble throughout the season now if they win both games then I can see them making some noise in the season.
  11. Ok Mr Slick don't surprised when Prep beat BTW
  12. Gulliver Prep has a good running back and couple of key players coming back. When Gulliver Prep played Glades Central last season playoffs we stop their running back but they put a good fight.
  13. Clewiston. I haven't seen Walton play.
  14. Come October Glades Central will beat Clewiston
  15. Cat Scratch you got Clewiston over Glades Central are you serious bro?? 😂😭😂😭😂
  16. Hey muckowl don't forget about University 😄😄😄
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