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  1. U mean 1-8 Blanche Ely vs 9-0 Dwyer but I see where you comin from but nobody played yet lol. Also Ely did win their district against Ft. Lauderdale and yea there should be more district teams playing to even things out.
  2. Glades Central will beat Pahokee.
  3. Cocoa gonna have a cake walk in its two playoffs game
  4. Probably more competitive Clewiston been dominating that district for a long time so they put Clewiston in our district I guess to even the playing field and to give another team a shot at winning Clewiston old district
  5. I been following Avon Park this season kinda like a story book season I bet they happy Clewiston is out of their district but will fall to Cocoa in the playoffs.
  6. I told y'all Pahokee winning big over Fort Meade lol
  7. Its shoulda been a blowout though we was killin them
  8. I was there man that game felt a rollercoaster
  9. If you dominating for a long time when no championships then what the point
  10. Winning championships make your team a dynasty
  11. Well BTW gotta prove me wrong big game against Gulliver tomorrow night
  12. Thanks for the support Zoe Boy Im makin a point that BTW fell out and can be beaten this season and all I seen beginning of the season BTW record gonna be 9-1 and 10-0 come on man BTW is terrible and yall know that but trying to make to build a case for them that all.
  13. Once Gulliver beat BTW I can't wait for yall response if yall make any but only if Gulliver wins though
  14. A team scores 3 pts in a loss and still #1 lol throw in some excuses I agree with Slick on this one lol
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