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  1. BINGO, couldnt have said it better.
  2. You do understand there last game was against a top 10 nationally ranked team, so if they lost by 6 tds, what would have happen to a team lets say like Plant? They went 3-1 in there district and actually challenged themselves, as stated TC is extreme example but yes they should be rewarded a playoff berth they are one of the best teams in that region. Your just looking specifically at Records, they are thrown out the window in the playoffs doesnt matter if you were 9-1 or 3-6, best teams should be in the playoffs competeting with this already watered down playoff format.
  3. I would like to see them get in, they went 3-1 in the district and one of the best teams in that region. I want the best teams in the playoffs, they did everything they could in there district (unfortunately fell short to VB) and I love that they challenged themselves. Tired of all these teams making excuses or sneaking there away into the playoffs by playing a medicore schedules. This year has been the best HSFB year to me in a while, the Top teams took the iniative to actually schedule competitive games! Sure TC didnt win those games, but watching film on the games they more than held there own with top teams throughout Florida. Much rather them play a team like Jesuit that came down to a 2 point conversion compared to staying in the area and playing a local team (Ex: Westwood 40+ blowout). It could also be to Columbias point, some local teams might have not wanted to schedule TC. (Speculation in TCs point but it does happen.)
  4. I believe it was 6 turnovers, they turned the ball over on the first 3 possessions of the game.
  5. I did not watch the full game, only highlights and saw the Seminole players and coaches tweeting about it. But I did also watch the Elite 100 recap/preview and he stated "He seen Seminole had 30+ Penalties to Venice's 2 Penalties, so anytime i see stuff like that. I know for a fact that Seminole is not that undisciplined of a team." I def need to see where i can find those penalty stats, because if those Penalty numbers are correct. It does not look good for Venice at all.
  6. Jones vs IMG Cancelled Osceola vs Riverview Sarasota Cancelled Osceola at Jones now set for 10/10/22!
  7. Venice use to stream most of there games on youtube, now they only stream pregame. They now stream on the website below, but you have to buy a virtual ticket to watch the games live or watch a rerun. https://www.veniceindianfootball.org/
  8. Definitely feel for those boys due to that fumble recovery being called a TD. I know Tyga got hurt early in the game, were the others out or did they get hurt as well?
  9. Great game from Northwestern with all those key pieces out. But next man up, good win for Columbus
  10. 1. Chaminade + 14 2. Edgewater + 10 3. Osceola + 3 4. Lincoln + 10 5. STA + 28 6. TC + 7 7. Buchholz + 17 8. Tampa Bay Tech + 14 9. Palm Beach Central + 24 10. Columbus + 14
  11. Just from watching Osceola's last couple games, i could only speculate he wanted to go somewhere to get more looks as a reciever, since Osceola's offense seems to be a little more run heavy this year. Given Winter Park has a stud QB it was not that much of a surprise. I watched him put a clinic on the Boone defense last night with 3 TDs! In my opinion he is easily a Top 5 receiver in Central florida probably the best Slot reciever in Central Florida in my eyes. Great speed, Great hands and superb route running.
  12. Dillard vs Chaminade Sanford Seminole vs Osceola Jesuit vs Treasure Coast Jones vs Duncanville TX Apopka vs West Orange Lake Gibson vs AHP Edgewater vs Don Bosco,NJ Vanguard vs Niceville Clearwater Academy vs Mia Palmetto Naples vs Venice
  13. Venice 21 vs The West 28 IMG 35 vs Central 21 Riverview 10 vs Sanford Seminole 38 Jones 21 vs Cocoa 35 Osceola 28 vs Treasure Coast 17 Benedictine 35 vs Columbus 38 Dillard 31 vs Rock Creek 17 STA 35 vs SJP 14 St Johns DC 21 vs Chaminade 28 Dematha 24 vs Cardinal Gibbons 21 Los Al 21 vs AHP 31
  14. I just seen that my mistake, i fixed my comment. However, the list just doesnt make sense to me. Having Lake Gibson so high still and I know Tampa bay Tech is good but I cant Justify them being that high
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