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  1. No week 3 talk ...sooo all of florida games are canceld ??

    I was also really looking forward to the Cocoa vs Osceola game. Unfortunately, the game has been cancelled. (Per Osceola football facebook page)
  2. Can anybody stop the Dreadnaughts?

    May not be as dominant but I still see them beating whoever they play from Miami Dade week in and week out.
  3. Plant is pretty bad......

    I seen some film from the Armwood vs Lee game and i must say i was impressed. There Defensive was good, there D-line was outstanding.
  4. Manatee fans:

    Osceola's Oline got destroyed, there was two injured starters on the O-line and a thrid that transferred to SFA over the off season. Once they get the two starters back and start to gel they will be much better. I expected Osceola to get hammered as Coach Nick really wanted to see how the younger guys would do and planned to mix them in alot. But I did not expect the 30-0 in the 1st, Lakeland really took it to them.

  6. Board Pick'ems

  7. East Central Florida Top 19 (UPDATED)

    I agree, those two games will let us know how good Osceola can be. I can't really tell how good they will be as they played Edgewater pretty good in the Kickoff classic it was 7-3 Osceola leading in 3 quarters of Varsity action. But, then played a very sloppy and undisciplined game against Lakeland. (Who is Very Very good!) If there is anything good that came out of the kickoff classic, it showed me there is a chance Osceola might start opening up the playbook a little more. They have a solid Sophmore Qb who immediately made a impact once he came in against lakeland and threw for 3 TDs....
  8. Game Predictions?

    Riverview over Mandarin by 7 *Boyce has been having his way with teams and I see him causing problems for Mandarin. Columbus over DFB by 3 *Toss up Columbus is on a mission, but my gut says DFB. STA over Venice by 14 Lakeland over Edgewater by 3 *Toss up can see edgewater pulling this off with Harvey, just dont know if that Defense can stop Bowman. Armwood over Crestview by 17 NW over Naples by 14 Gibbons over Jesuit by 3 *Could be a closer game then expected Backup QB looked great against Heritage but I think Jesuit could cause some problems. TCA over N. Marion by 21 Raines over Dunnellon by 28 University over Cocoa by 6 Chaminade over CCC by 4
  9. Vero Beach 7 Dr Phillips 19 Final

    Agreed, Mandarin is heating up at the right time. They absolutely destroyed a really good Winter Park team from the start from what i saw. If Mandarin starts the same next week I have them winning.
  10. Columbia vs Lee Regional Semifinals

    Wow man i feel for the kids, smh.
  11. Columbia vs Lee Regional Semifinals

    Reading the updates on twitter did this really happen???
  12. Online streaming links:

    Manatee vs Riverview https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily/ Facebook page has: Viera vs Plant Cocoa vs Astronaut
  13. Columbia vs Lee Regional Semifinals

    any streams for this game??
  14. Examining Dr Phillips loses

    Seeing how much you wrote and how mad you are I could say the same about you lol... Dont take anything on the internet to serious there big guy..
  15. Examining Dr Phillips loses

    Thank you for the correct stats.. I’m not big on stats, just giving my view of Osceola based on what I see... @FL_HS_football looks like you need to take more time to investigate and get correct stats about Osceola my good man.