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  1. I am not sure who the QB (Gunner?) for Osceola will be this year but if they are able to fill that void with solid QB play. With most of the pieces coming back, especially on Defense i see them going 9-1 with an early L to either Seminole or Lakeland.
  2. Jesse, its all about matchups. That year Vero beat Osceola in the regular season, Osceola was down one score to Vero until Osceola starting QB Mascoe ended up getting hurt. Vero beach cruised from that point on, not many teams are winning games against top teams with there starting qb out.) Vero beach beat/crushed Osceola (whatever you want to call it) in the regular season and then lost to Miami Palmetto. Miami Palmetto then lost to Osceola in the state semi's. Madison would not match up well with Osceola, especially if Madison is still a run heavy team.
  3. No Cocoa? And hoping that week 9 gets locked in! Does the week 9 team also wear similar colors, gold & blue?
  4. Thanks for that, i totally missed that. And you are correct Im rolling with Apopka
  5. 10. Seminole (Sanford) 9. Cardinal Gibbons (Ft. Lauderdale) 8. Miami Northwestern 7. Apopka 6. Trinity Christian Academy 5. Lakewood 4. Gulliver Prep (Miami) 3. Lake Gibson (Lakeland) 2. Miami Edison 1. Blountstown
  6. 10 Jesuit 9 Miami Central 8 Jones 7 Venice 6 St. Thomas Aquinas (St. Lauderdale) 5 Tampa Bay Tech 4 Chaminade-Madonna 3 Ponte Vedra 2 Fleming Island 1 Foundation Academy
  7. Jesuit scores first with a field goal 3-0 Jesuit has been successful running the ball and the defense already with a forced fumble and interception. Jesuit is looking good right now against St thomas!
  8. 5 Venice 14 3 Nease 4 1 Edgewater 10 4 Gaither (Tampa) 7 7 Valdosta (Valdosta, GA) 8 10 St. Thomas Aquinas (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 4 2 Deerfield Beach 14 9 Vero Beach 7 8 Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville) 3 6 Florida State University (Tallahassee) 4
  9. Venice 14 Nease 4 Edgewater 10 Gaither (Tampa) 7 Valdosta (Valdosta, GA) 8 St. Thomas Aquinas (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 4 Deerfield Beach 14 Vero Beach 7 Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville) 3 Florida State University (Tallahassee) 4
  10. Def Recommend getting a NFHS membership 10.99/month. Pretty much the same as going to a game but you can also catch the other games as well. Just going to throw my referral code if interested... https://refer.nfhsnetwork.com/Steven88
  11. Just seen this, sorry about that. Yes, Chad Mascoe transferred in from IMG. And has been playing great, I really want to see how they do against a tough team like Edgewater.
  12. Huge games! Hopefully they live up to the hype like Jones vs Apopka.
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