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  1. Just seen this, sorry about that. Yes, Chad Mascoe transferred in from IMG. And has been playing great, I really want to see how they do against a tough team like Edgewater.
  2. Huge games! Hopefully they live up to the hype like Jones vs Apopka.
  3. Updated Central Florida schedules. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/highschool/os-sp-hs-football-schedule-weekly-2020-20200828-xhkyezatard63jqfdyqzz2eeuq-story.html Osceola's updated schedule now has Edgewater and Vero beach.
  4. This is correct, Chad Mascoe from IMG has come back home to Kissimmee. I have not been able to follow Osceola this year as much as previous years due to Corona, but this years team with that QB addition will be a problem!
  5. CLASS 8A Region 1: Apopka Region 2: Osceola (Kissimmee) Region 3: Vero Beach CLASS 7A Region 1: Edgewater Region 2: Lakeland Region 3: Manatee CLASS 6A Region 2: Gaither CLASS 5A Region 2: Jones Region 3: Lake Wales Region 4: Miami Northwestern CLASS 4A Region 4: Booker T. Washington CLASS 3A Region 1: Pensacola Catholic Region 3: Clearwater Central Catholic CLASS 2A Region 2: Victory Christian CLASS 1A Region 1: Baker
  6. Interception by the explorers! That should wrap up this game...
  7. TD Henry Parish explorers!! To seal the deal, he has been a monster in this game! Columbus 36 Western 21 in the 4Q with 1:35 to go.
  8. TD Western!! Columbus 29 Western 21 in the 4Q with 2:02 to go.
  9. Western TD! Western not going away Columbus 26 Western 14 in the 4Q with 11:48 to go.
  10. Columbus 26 Western 7 at the end of the 3rd Western with the ball at Columbus 43
  11. Columbus Henry Parrish TD AGAIN 65 yards! Columbus 26 Western 7 3rd Q with 4:57 to go
  12. Columbus Henry Parrish TD! Columbus 19 Western 7 3rd Q with 8:30 to go
  13. Columbus Missed Field goal as time expired! Columbus 12 Western 7 at the half
  14. TD Western! Columbus 12 Western 7 2nd Q with 3 mins to go
  15. You got me there lol. Its only 10 bucks a month, definitely worth of it during the post season. (I only get the subscruption for the playoffs)
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