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  1. Out of the South in 8A it'll be Columbus, Deerfield, or Miami High in my opinion. South Dade is still undefeated with a loaded defense, but their offense will be their downfall.
  2. Is the Bishop Goreman - Central game still on in Vegas this Friday night?
  3. Everything you said is true. Killian will always have talent, but lately with so many coaching changes, they can't keep their players.
  4. South ridge was and still is loaded with a ton of athletes with D1 offers, but most of them are on defense. The skill positions on offense are great, but there's only one football and they didn't have a quarterback to get them the ball so the offense was inconsistent all year. Expect more of the same this year, but they'll be fine. They'll keep most of their opponents under 14 points.
  5. In Dade County I think South Dade will bounce back with a big season and I also think Miami High will surprise a lot of people this year.
  6. Does anyone know if he's any good? I'm assuming that's Gore's kid. Gables also added Andre Stringfield from Southwest. Looks like Gables is loaded at running back.
  7. Gables won 13-7 Both teams will be tough this year in 8A
  8. That being said, Vero better be ready or Oscar Smith will embarrass them.
  9. Technicaly that's true, but most schools here in Dade County are NOT at capacity. Even if a school is at capacity, they'll accept someone who will help their athletic teams. It's up to the principal to allow the student in the school. A star football player that wants to transfer in will not be turned away.
  10. Keys Gate put up a good fight, they also played BTW close when they played a few weeks ago. They also beat Belen this year. On the surface all of this might not be that impressive, but consider that Keys Gate has no history in football, other teams view them as a scrimmage and they are led by an 8th grader starting at quarterback named Torrey "Scooter" Morrison. Several of the top high school programs in Miami have reached out to Scooter and his family because they want him to come in to their schools and start next year as a freshman. http://williamsonjerry71.wixsite.com/mysite-2/sing
  11. Gorman is much closer to STA than to IMG. Sure they recruit, but nothing like IMG. Booker T went to Vegas three years ago and beat them over there, so they're not unbeatable. I think STA will beat them this week in a close game. As far as Mainland, sure they have a good chance of beating Central this year, just like they had a good chance the last four years. At this point I think it's a huge mental game with Mainland and their coaches when they play Central. I also think Central's schedule is much harder. Mainland just has to worry about Dr. Phillips (who they beat) and Cocoa, where
  12. Yes, I think they could. But if I had to bet money on it, I'd go with IMG.
  13. Southridge looked good in their preseason game and then surprised me by struggling with Edison. Maybe Edison is better than expected? Time will tell. Southridge is definitely loaded. Dade should come down between them and Columbus. Like you said, we'll have to keep an eye on NMB. Very impressive preseason game and week 1.
  14. Grayson is loaded with talent. Three years ago they beat Miami Central when they had both Cook and Yearby 35-3. Central couldn't move the ball on them. My point is, that IMG win over Grayson is a lot more impressive than people are giving them credit for. And for the record, I don't think any team will beat IMG by 10 or more points.
  15. STA is not winning the national title now. No way. No team with a loss has won the national title.
  16. I really hope they don't blowout BTW. They embarrassed BTW last year, I hope one year makes a big difference. I would love to see BTW take them down.
  17. Why doesn't Columbus play their home games at their own stadium? They have a beautiful field. Are the stands not if enough? No lights? Belen plays their home games on campus.
  18. That North Miami stadium is no joke. The Mosquito Bowl nickname is well deserved. If you don't take a can of mosquito repellent, then good luck lasting the whole game in the stands.
  19. Southridge has their own field. I think they're the only public school in miami to have their own field with lights.
  20. STA schedule might be just as tough, but I think they're better equipped to handle it. Even with that schedule, STA might go undefeated or lose one game. I think Northwestern will be lucky to just finish 7-3
  21. Click on the link to see their schedule
  22. I've been around the South Dade program recently, and they're defense is loaded. They're offense needs to rebuild and will be their achilles heel. They do have talented players on offense but they need linemen to step up on O. Their offensive line last year was really good and they lost 4 starters. They should still make the playoffs in their district along with Southridge. The fact that Carol City put up 36 on that defense was impressive. After that spring game I became I believer in Carol City.
  23. Any team can win on any given day, that being said, if it's early in the season STA has a better chance. IMG gets better as the season goes on because the team has time to gel. IMG is a completely different team from game 1 to game 10. If AHP had played IMG mid-season or later last year, I don't think they would have beat them. IMG is playing 12 regular seasons games this year against a killer schedule. IF they go undefeated I think they deserve to be national champs. I don't like the idea of them playing tradiotnal high schools, but if they survive that schedule undefeated, they sho
  24. The games were great two years ago, and then it disappeared last year. I hope it does come back. They just need more states to approve it. Two years ago only three states allowed their teams to participate. Pretty sad that the other 47 states athletic associations shot it down. http://usatodayhss.com/2014/burger-king-state-champions-bowl-series-looks-to-grow
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