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  1. Last night the Edgewater Eagles gave their all on the field and came up just short of beating nationally ranked, recruiting mill, St. Thomas Aquinas. Up in Georgia, Marietta upset that other Valdosta team to win their state title, too. As he has disparaged other teams on this board, including, among others Miami Northwestern, NB has spent late summer and fall doing the same to Edgewater, insisting they were, in his words: "Fool's Gold." What I would like to see him do, given the fact that Edgewater all but won last night's game, is justify his position on Edgewater.

    IF he were a real man, he would fess up and admit he was wrong. But I doubt he is, so he will once again move the goal post and somehow insist that their performance against a team supposedly in contention for a mythical National Championship,  does not qualify them as a good team.

    @nolebull813I await with bated breath your response to last night. I will add that crickets on your part will tell me as much as I need to know about you, as would you spinning some ridiculous justification for continuing to argue Edgewater is no good. 

    I could go on, but you are not worth the time.  

  2. Well, an improbable season ended in disappointment last night, as Apopka was done in by: 1. Friday 13 (not really); 2. An average kicking game; 3. A gutsy decision by Columbus to go for two instead of taking the PAT and overtime. 

    While it hurts to lose a game when your opponent's only lead comes with 8.2 seconds left on the clock, putting things into perspective, Apopka had a great season. After losing its best offensive weapon (Davis-Hamilton) early in the 2018 season, the Darter's looked forward to his return for his senior season. But it was not to be as he aggravated his injury in a non-football related accident in the spring (it is really a pity as this kid had a fine college career and perhaps pro, ahead of him). Going into the spring game, the offense was really bad without him, and in four quarters of football the team managed only 2 points on a safety. 

    With the above as the backdrop, I was not expecting much from Apopka this year. And, for the first seven games of the regular season, despite the defense playing stellar football, it seemed likely that Apopka was headed for a first or second round exit in the playoffs as more injuries to offensive players (both skill and linemen) plagued the team. Well, in the second to last game of the regular season against Lake Mary for the district title, a turnaround could be sensed as Apopka won what was expected to be a tight game easily. 

    The turnaround was due to two main factors: 1. Some of the injured players returning to health and the team; 2. Some shifts by the coaching staff moving guys from defense to offensive and finding some diamonds in the rough on the bench. 

    In the end it was not enough for a fourth state title. Still, in perspective, it was a good season for the Darters. 

    Congrats to Columbus on pulling out the win. The two teams were fairly evenly matched, but very different in their strengths and weakness. I feel there will be other Columbus/Apopka finals in the future and I look forward to the chance for redemption. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Zoe Boy said:


    Yup. But this the year i wish it was in Orlando. I wouldve been up there the whole weekend withe the Whole city like Dillard would say lol. That was the big topic in the stands last night. Orlando wouldve made some money!

    They would especially with three Orlando area teams in the finals, and especially if all the games were Friday and Saturday (2/3).

  4. Central has the best rushing attack I have seen all year and Escambia was not capable of slowing it down, let alone stopping it. All three of Central's backs would be feature backs on most teams. Perhaps, if Escambia could have borrowed Apopka's defensive front, they may have had a slim chance. As it was, they were over matched. 

    Other things of note: 1. Central is the most disciplined public high school I have seen out of south Florida in several years. They don't give up stupid penalties. 2. Central's defense can be scored on by good teams. But with the quality of their backs, they are very hard to beat. 3. Central has maintained a very solid kicking game. They don't put themselves in bad field position and that further hurt Escambia. 

  5. Just now, Dan in Daytona said:

    Hopefully with the three Orlando area teams and the Monsters from the 305 coming, the new stadium leaseholder doesn't take a bath like our friend Billy from Lakeland did over here several years ago. Fingers crossed.

    Jones/Miami Northwestern and Apopka/Columbus will draw well. Edgewater will bring a fair number of fans and may have some of the Jones faithful stay for their game.

    Not sure about ST Thomas. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Dan in Daytona said:

    Years ago when the football finals were held here, I attended every game. And never once did I see anybody that I knew (a fan) who wasn't working the game. 

    So, there are no casual fans of high school football in Daytona? Only a Volusia area team would draw well from the local crowd? 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Dan in Daytona said:

    New head coach took Ponte Vedra to finals 

    Yeah, that coach was obviously very good.

    Just now, Dan in Daytona said:

    BTW missing several starters (MNW Bulls) when ICE took college job.

    Sure, but BTW has had a very difficult path to the state game and were able to get there.

  8. 9 hours ago, topnotch305 said:

    True.. But Jones looks overmatched. Watched their game online against Wakulla and their clips on YouTube. Think Tampa Jesuit would beat Jones head to head. Everyone has been reminding players of upset loss to Seminole constantly. If players are ready and focus as they say they are this could get ugly. 

    Jones's biggest issue is over reliance on Sparrow and under reliance on its passing game. If they focus on just running the ball, Sparrow is going to be winded by half time. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Joshua Wilson said:


    4A: Booker T. Washington (11-2) vs. Bolles (11-1)

    6A: Miami Central (11-3) vs. Escambia (14-0)

    8A: Columbus (10-4) vs. Apopka (12-1)

    5A: Jones (13-1) vs. Miami Northwestern (12-2)

    7A: Edgewater (13-1) vs. St. Thomas Aquinas (13-0)

    Picks in bold. Yeah, Edgewater is my upset pick!

  10. 3 minutes ago, HornetFan said:

    You've been bad-mouthing Edgewater and Jones for months. Now, both teams are playing in state championship games. You called them over-rated, but Edgewater took out Tampa Bay's best team, Armwood, in an away game at Armwood. As for Edgewater travelling to Marietta, most knowledgeable people on this board agree that teams travelling long distances for games are at a disadvantage; you don't recognize that. FSU, USF, and Wharton HS, it's apparent that you don't know what a good team team looks like. Orlando area has three state finalists in the larger divisions and win or lose, we're very proud of these kids. You should probably keep your loser attitude in Tampa Bay.

    This guy is just an angry, poor sport. There is no basis to anything he says and he should just be left alone to spew his vitriol. 

    If Edgewater, Jones and Apopka lose this week it is because they got beat by better teams. I know that all three will give it their all representing the Greater Orlando area. I wonder what NB will say if all three win. Wait, I already know: STA, MNW and Columbus were all garbage. Florida football sucks!

    Once a loser, always a loser. I will leave it at that ...

  11. 7 minutes ago, topnotch305 said:

    Jones and NW will sell out. Nw will bring minimum 5k.

    I agree. Jones has been around over 100 years and is the only surviving, historically black high school in the Orlando area. The crowd will be almost as big as when Northwestern played Boone back in 2007. That game did not live up to the crowd size, though; but well over 20,000 were at the Citrus Bowl for it. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Wavebb said:

    Who's going?  I'm going to be in Daytona Thursday thru Saturday.  We usually have a group of 6 or 7 from the board who have become great friends and enjoy the games together.  Always fun meeting new posters.

    I will be there for the Thursday through Saturday games. If the Bolles/BTW game was on Thursday or Friday I would watch that as well, but four back and forths to Daytona over four days is a bit much for an old man. 

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