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  1. Off the top of my head I see Palm Beach Lakes, Lake Gibson, and Vero Beach losing this week. PBL is in trouble with Venice as their opponent. Lake Gibson will lose a close one to Charlotte, and Vero will lose in a dogfight.
  2. Very true. Many "inner-city schools" lack discipline due to the amount of athleticism they have as a team. Venice is the complete opposite. They are very disciplined and well coached. That is the difference maker.
  3. I think Brevard county may be a little overrated. Again, records can fool you. This is starting to be a theme this year. Inflated records and undeserved recognition.
  4. I find it hard to see a team with a losing record make the playoffs but I understand that it's a numbers thing. These teams haven't earned to be there and it's really unfair but I understand that is the way it works.
  5. There are VERY few teams if any, that would be undefeated if they played the schedule that Venice played. I think Venice is battle tested and wins by 2 touchdowns. I'm not taking anything away form Palm Beach but I am not sold on the 10-0 record at all. I think Venice will be the more physical and better coached team this Friday.
  6. Football has the best athletes on the face of the Earth, along with Texas and California. Edgewater is not the best team in Florida and not close to being it either. Florida has too many schools which spreads the talent thin. I can't say Florida has the best high school coaches, but players as a whole, yes.
  7. Records can be very misleading. Venice plays the hardest schedule period but if you're not beating the teams the schedule strength is null and void. Sarasota/Lakewood Ranch plays cupcakes schedules. 1A football is necessary and caters to the small towns and schools they represent.
  8. It was a good game to watch. I thought STA was smaller in size than usual and looked very sloppy in the passing game. STA QB was very off that night. Venice played sound defense, and grinding it out on offense. STA had the edge in special teams in my opinion. STA looks like a totally different team from last year when they aren't loaded with D-1 players in every single position. I think the game against IMG helped them a lot in preparation for STA.
  9. Riverview runningback Ali Boyce had 51 carries for 229 yards against Vero Beach last week. It got mixed responses. Some people said he is a real workhorse and can handle the load. Other said that is too many carries for a high school runningback in a single game.
  10. I think Riverview can take 8A this year. They are loaded with transfers. Very solid on both sides of the ball. In my opinion, 8A is a weak this year.
  11. Keep in mind, Last years DP vs Riverview was 21-0 but DP only put together one scoring drive. Riverview fumbled on their own 8 yd line on a kickoff that DP recovered and scored a couple plays later and DP scored on another turnover in Riverview territory again. The score is a bit misleading. Riverview had a one-dimensional QB last year also. Riverview should beat DP on Friday
  12. Riverview has a downhill tough RB and running is their strength. They weapons and a great dual threat QB that can throw too. Riverview has had 5 players that have transferred to their school and they are all starters including the QB that started for Booker last year. I think RHS can put 25+ points on DP and will win a close game. Last years game RHS lost their QB during that game and he wasn't a runner to begin with. Riverview's QB this year is a Georgia Southern commit and ran on their state qualifying 4x100 relay team. Big difference. My prediction RHS 27 DP 24
  13. The difference this year is that Riverview has more experienced players and a slew of transfers. They got 2 brothers from LWR that are both starters, the QB transferred to Riverview from Booker, they have a defensive transfer from Sarasota, and they also have the younger brother of the starting QB that starts at CB. That is the major difference this year. Same coaching staff for the most part. And for the record, Venice would win the state championship in 8A if they played in it.
  14. The records are misleading but I think this game will be close. Riverview has a solid, down-hill RB in Ali Boyce and decent defense. The difference-maker in this game will be Vero Beach's D-line vs Riverview's O-line. Riverview's o-line is there weak spot. At the end of the day, I think Riverview wins a close game 31-28.
  15. I don't think Vero gets past the second round this year. They will have to play Sarasota Riverview and that teams is looking pretty good down the stretch. I think they lose a close game.
  16. John Peacock from Venice is going for the Manatee job.
  17. Hopefully they don't get anyone injured. IMG is going to steamroll them. I applaud Venice for stepping up but they lack speed to compete deep in the playoffs.
  18. Manatee will lose to Armwood, Lakeland, BR, Venice, and Riverview. I see them finishing as runner-ups in the district behind Riverview. Manatee has a new Defensive Coordinator in Johnnie Jones. He did pretty good in his second year at Booker finishing 7-4 and going to the second round of playoffs.
  19. http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/high-school/article118678273.html This article is about a Venice parent interrupting Coach Harriot's interview after the game saying that he was exploiting black kids. It also states that STA has had players cross state lines to come to play at their school and also come from different parts of the country. Venice coach said that STA has 40 players with BCS offers. Good article.
  20. They are playing by the rules but, private schools can "openly recruit" and publics can't. Very simple.
  21. Again...Privates have an unfair advantage when it comes to public schools period. STA and IMG are in the same boat imho. We might as let IMG compete in the FHSAA playoffs being that STA has about the same amount as Division 1 players as them.
  22. I knew STA would have to play a bad game and Venice would have to play their best game in order to get the nod in this one being that they lost in 3OT to #1 team in the nation Bishop Gorman. I thought it would be a lot closer. I was totally wrong. It was a great season for both teams. STA will steamroll the winner of the other semifinal game being that Venice beat Plant earlier this year.
  23. It's a slap on the wrist. The players will be playing tonight and not having a spring game doesn't impact anything if you still can have the spring practices.
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