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  1. Fort Walton Beach was the last Okaloosa County school to win state in 1995.
  2. Man what a great game. Sucks someone had to lose. Edgewaters D Line dominated that first half but Niceville made some adjustments and found some success in the second half. Nicevilles defense also played much better in the second half. I think the game played out like it should have to be honest. That 4th and 11 conversion on the final drive was clutch for you guys! Edgewater has to clean up those penalties to have a shot next week though. Good luck next week! Pulling for your guys!
  3. I’m sure it’s gotta be in NFHS network for 10.99
  4. They put these highlight/hype videos out weekly after games. Really high quality and well done. Gives a good perspective into the team and program. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIi9ZnuBH6r/?igshid=1h5lx8eu99bo9
  5. I’m not saying that is why it’s blacked out but I have no other explanation for why they would do that lol.
  6. I just went back to NFHS to rewatch some of the Edgewater Mitchell game and they are saying the game is blacked out by Edgewater until 1/2/2021 lol. Did they seriously take the game down so Niceville can’t watch it?! Why else would this be the case? Lol
  7. Niceville vs Dwyer 2009... Matt Elam Shoot you can list Elam, Jacoby Brissett, Nick O'Leary, Gerald Christian, and Curt Maggit as all world Hs players too lol.
  8. I think your are putting too much stock in the Niceville Buchholz game. If Niceville runs the football in that game they win by 14. This team is much better than the 09 team. The 09 team was a 2 man show with Kody Williams and Roy Finch. This team is not that. 35 TDS to 3 INts for the QB too. They have 5-7 guys who share the load on offense consistently. Defensively they have 2 D1 guys on the line, solid LB play and one of the best CB in the country for the 22 class. I’m not saying Niceville is going to roll Edgewater or even win....but I fully expect a great game. Keep in mind last
  9. This is the year Niceville brings it home for the Panhandle lol
  10. Palm Bay use to be a good program...what happened?
  11. Niceville could have easily hung a 50 burger tonight...sorry man lol.
  12. Edgewater’s first trip to the central time zone and it's to Niceville....yikes...not many places in the state are as hard to play at for opponents than Eagle Stadium. Looking forward to a classic next Friday! The Eagles, the ones from Niceville, would love to return the favor from last year....
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