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  1. No reason to change up Region play. NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL all have divisions and or conferences. You don't always get the best two teams in the Super Bowl, Finals, or WS. Just the way it is.
  2. I'd take Roy Finch & Kody Williams over any other Eagles lol..including Eli...
  3. I think the people who picked Niceville by 21 or more were clueless. I thought Niceville would win but knew it would be a good game. As far as Thomas making a difference...he's the best WR and DB on the team. It was obvious Niceville missed him last week against PF and this week. Also considering Crestview is a throw first offense he could have made a significant difference. Again had he played Niceville wins...simple as that. Not taking anything away from Crestview though. They came out with a lot of energy and made the big plays that Niceville couldn't make. Their defense played well and their QB is a gamer! Really looking forward to a round 2 matchup with or without Juanyeh. It was a really close game and could have gone either way.....I'm sure the rematch will be similar.
  4. Yeah they are good. I still think if Juanyeh Thomas plays Niceville wins. He's the best player on both teams. I like Nicevilles chances in a rematch also. But credit to Crestview they played aggressive in the 1st half to get a big lead and held on. Hopefully we will see an epic rematch
  5. 27-21 Crestview wins.....I see a rematch in 3 weeks...
  6. Niceville turnover on downs with under a min left....Crestview is gonna win this one
  7. Crestview pulling out all the stops in this one. Double pass for a TD...onside kick...statue of liberty..3 play sequence in the 2nd half to help propel them to a 21-7 halftime lead. Niceville needs to wake up. They are definitely missing Juanyeh Thomas tonight.
  8. About 45 mins from the much anticipated district championship game. Should be a battle tonight!
  9. I think 6A definitely is more wide open then most classes. I'm just glad Region 1 is hosting the Semi Final this year. Let those Ocala/Tampa teams make the trip up North...
  10. I'm not saying it is the FHSAA's fault per say. But after a while when there is a trend of fans not showing up you probably should adjust to deal with that. Regardless I don't know the perfect solution either however I'm just not a fan of state championship games taking place during the morning or day time for that matter.
  11. Personally I'm more inclined to go to a State Semifinal game then a state championship game....much better atmosphere
  12. It's just disappointing that teams play all year long under the lights on Friday nights in front of us passionate crowds all over the state...they make it all the way to the state title game and are rewarded with a game at 10AM...with a 90% empty stadium....there has to be a better solution.
  13. Then why the hell are you asking which class is playing at 10AM???!!!
  14. Dude click th link and read the story before you start asking questions....
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