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    OldSchoolLion reacted to badbird in 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season   
    Winter Park and Jones will be very good.  You forgot the stud WR Winter Park has in Marcus Clarke.   Can they break through is another question.
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to Joshua Wilson in MAJOR NEWS: FloridaHSFootball.com partners with Fox Sports Florida for "UNDER THE LIGHTS: FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FINAL!"   
    To everyone on here... thank you for your support over the years!
    With that said... I have entered into an agreement with Fox Sports Florida this season for a brand new TV show called "UNDER THE LIGHTS: FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FINAL!"
    This is going to be a huge show, that airs every Monday night at 6:00 PM
    Top games, highlights, and the newest Top 25 rankings will all be a part of a show. Check out the tweets below to learn more!
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    OldSchoolLion got a reaction from Cat_Scratch in 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season   
    These 6 teams have all posted solid performances three seasons in a row and have established themselves as tough outs in the playoffs.  I am not predicting any of them will win a state title, but their programs clearly have some good momentum. 
    Winter Park(8A)-31-7 over the past three seasons.  Have made it to the second round or beyond each season, losing to Mandarin last year and Wekiva the year prior..
    Sarasota Riverview(8A)-30-8 over the past three seasons.  Playoff losses came against Dr Phillips(twice) and Mandarin last season. 
    Miami Palmetto(8A)-27-6 over the past three seasons.  Three playoff losses came against very tough Miami-Dade competition.
    Navarre(7A)-32-6 over the past three seasons. Have made it to the second round or beyond each season.
    Vanguard(5A)-Have made it to the third round of the playoffs each of the past 3 seasons and won 10 or more games each season. 
    Jones(5A)-Have won 10 games each of the past three seasons.  Its 3 playoff losses came against Cardinal Gibbons(twice) and Cocoa.  2 of those losses were by less than a TD.
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to Steinbrenner Warriors in 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season   
    Look for Steinbrenner to suprise in 8a this year
    Offense- 9 of 11 Starters (Graduated- Center, TE) 
    Defense- 10 of 11 Starters (Graduated- MLB -2nd in state in tackles)
    -Returning 3 all-state players: Matt Adcock OL, Cam Brown P, Deon Silas RB
    -Won final 4 games on 2018 season outscoring opponents 155-57 (Newsome, Palm Harbor, Alonso, East Lake)
    -Commits Entering Season:
    QB Haden Carlson Committed to FIU
    WR Aiden Bitter Committed to Iowa State
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to LakelandGator in 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season   
    Lake Wales(5A) 18-4 over the last 2 seasons and I see a 10+ win season this year. And they are now playing in a class that is closer to their actual enrollment.
    They have at least 7 D1 recruits and seem to be pretty hungry coming into 2019.
    Keep an eye on the Highlanders.
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to KeemD321 in 12 Teams with the Most Wins over the Past 3 Seasons   
    Carol City
    Vero Beach
    Trinity Christian
    University Christian
    Cardinal Gibbons
    Miami Central
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to TRAJAN01 in Any KOC Games tonight??   
    Wakulla and Madison ended with Madison leading 27 - 26.  Wakulla had just scored and was lining up to kick the extra point to tie when the game was stopped due to lightning.  Both teams look real good.
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    OldSchoolLion got a reaction from SFL SPY in Top 30 Games of Next Week   
    Appreciate the suggestions.  Funny, I was just reading up on Pace this morning after seeing how they blasted Jackson.
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    OldSchoolLion got a reaction from ColumbiaHighFan2017class in Top 30 Games of Next Week   
    7A Atlantic begins its season as it has the past 2 seasons...versus 8A PB Central.  Each of those games were relatively low-scoring affairs and each team won once.  Atlantic won last year 14-0.  Except for their 1-point loss in 2017, Atlantic has dominated the series.  In its kickoff classic, Atlantic surprised Deerfield Beach.  PBC got blown out by Northwestern. 
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    OldSchoolLion got a reaction from Small school in Who is this future/former SEC/NFLer?   
    No, the real shame is that you cannot take a ribbing about your school, laugh with all of us and let it pass.  Instead, you feel compelled to debate to the death in this obsession to defend your old high school.  Just as I am certain you will be compelled to comment on my words here and defend yourself.  You always have to get the last word in.  The shame is that this comes at the cost of taking the limelight away from Chiefland High and a great athlete of theirs...read the original post, in case you forgot.    
    Please spare us the "fan of the 90's" stuff.  You talk as if you are an old-timer pinin' for the good 'ol days.  You have no clue what it was like then other than hearsay and hint, hint, us old-timers have a bad habit of embellishing things from the good 'ol days, so you may not want to believe everything you hear.  And if you want to be a real fan of the game, take some advice...you'll learn a lot more asking questions than talking and banging out defensive statements on your keyboard. 
    Not trying to be mean or hurtful with my words.  If you are so passionate about defending a cause(which is wonderful), join the Armed Forces.  You'll quickly forget about Lake City and realize how unimportant what high school we cheer for really is.     
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to Pipe Dreams in East Central Florida Top 19 (UPDATED)   
    Rank, team, class-region, hypothetical spread
    Edgewater — (7A-R1)  Cocoa — (4A-R2) +3 Jones — (5A-R2) +3 Seminole — (8A R1) +6 Winter Park — (8A-R1) +8 Rockledge — (5A-R3) +16 Osceola — (8A-R2) +16 Bishop Moore — (5A-R2) +16 Dr. Phillips — (8A-R2) +17 Mainland — (6A-R1) +17 Lake Mary — (8A-R1) +17 West Orange — (8A-R1) +20 Apopka — (8A-R1) +20 Viera — (7A-R2) +21 Wekiva — (7A-R1) +21 Oviedo — (8A-R1) +24 Spruce Creek — (8A-R1) +27 Ocoee — (8A-R1) +27 Olympia — (8A-R2) +28  
    Ranking includes Orange (9 teams), Seminole (3), Brevard (3), Volusia (2), Osceola (1), Sumter (0) & Lake (0) counties.
    The following games between the ranked teams (29 total) represent an average of 1.61 ranked regular season opponents per ranked team. There are also national opponents that have not been incoporated into this stat.
    Weeks 1, 5, 7 and 11 are the best weeks of the season prior to the playoffs.
    Week 1
    DP @ Seminole - Pick: Seminole wins 35-20
    Edgewater @ #Bishop Moore - Pick: Edgewater wins 35-17
    #Olympia @ West Orange - Pick: West Orange wins 39-24
    #Viera @ Cocoa - Pick: Cocoa wins 36-14
    Winter Park @ Wekiva - Pick: Winter Park wins 24-13
    Week 2
    Seminole @ Lake Mary
    West Orange @ Wekiva
    Week 3
    Jones @ Edgewater
    Osceola @ Cocoa
    West Orange @ DP
    Olympia @ Wekiva
    Week 4
    Bishop Moore @ Jones
    Week 5
    #3 Seminole @ Mainland
    #6 Rockledge @ Viera
    Winter Park @ Edgewater
    Apopka @ DP
    Week 6
    Lake Mary @ West Orange 
    Week 7
     Mainland @ Cocoa
    Apopka @ Jones
    DP @ #Wekiva
    Lake Mary @ Oviedo
    Week 8
    Winter Park @ Oviedo
    Olympia @ DP
    West Orange @ Apopka
    Week 10
    Lake Mary @ Apopka
    Week 11
    Cocoa @ Rockledge
    West Orange @ Jones
    Wekiva @ Apopka
    Oviedo @ Spruce Creek
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to FL_HS_football in Manatee fans:   
    The game will be streamed, and yes weather could possibly once again cause the game to be delayed or cancelled. Manatee has a new OC,  University of Florida grad Jaquez Green so that will be interesting to see what if any positive changes come from that? The Manatee Offense will be young once again, with only 1 senior among the starting group. The QB is a left handed Soph, that has some talent.....probably the most talented QB they've had since Cord Sandberg, but starting out against a team like Lakeland will be a tall order for him. There are 3 Juniors that have started on Varsity since their freshman year on the offense.......2 of them on the OL. Sophmore running back that broke off several long runs on Lakeland as a freshman last year, he's about 5'9" 225, obviously not a blazer but has very nimble feet.  3 other backs that should see time as well at the RB position...... There's some talent and size on the OL,  and above average talent at all of the skilled positions, but the Soph QB will be the Key as to how successful Manatee will be. I like the kid and see a real competitive edge in him to go with some natural talent....but again he's just a Soph.
    On defense I believe they return 8 starters. They have a NG that I'm really excited about, that appears to be a real disrupter along the line of scrimmage he's 6'1" about 280 lbs, the have Ryan Ives 6'5" 265 lbs  coming back at DE, who's gotten some D-1 offers. Justin Porter 6'1" 220 lbs at LB who will be a 3rd year starter, Sequil Martinez 6'1" 210 lbs at LB who started as a Soph last year, as well as rising Junior at LB Sam Vave  6' 2" 221 lbs. Several others that started last year as well. From a size standpoint Manatee should be able to line up with anyone. Its Lakeland's over-all speed that I worry about. Manatee moved a starting WR to DB, have a member from the 4x100 relay team that barely lost to Lakeland at Regionals last years also in the defensive backfield, along with 3 other returning starters.
    If they play I could see a game like Lakeland saw this past week with Osceola.....but I could also see them keeping it competitive like they did last year into the 4th QT......game was 28-14 before Bowman broke a run to seal the deal.
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to ColumbiaHighFan2017class in My thoughts on Columbia vs Colquitt   
    First of all Colquitt County brought exactly what i expected, a tough team who will bang with anyone they go up against
    Despite the close loss I was very impressed with a lot of what I saw with Columbia
    Columbia showed flashes of a balanced attack and did get some running yards at times against Colquitt but also have work to do as they were stopped quite a bit behind line as well, the QB for Columbia Jordan Smith looked very good for the most part and seemed to make smart decisions with passing and not taking unnecessary risks 
    Columbia did have 7 starters sitting out with injuries to keep them healthy for the game next week against TCA, so considering that i was impressed that Columbia was able to hold up against Colquitt blow for blow for most of the game and from what I've read, several Colquitt fans earned a measure of respect for Columbia which is touching because they are one of toughest and best teams in all of GA so that don't come easy 
    Columbia still has to improve as season moves along on OL and we need to get better at stopping the run but overall they showed flashes of a team capable of competing and winning their region 
    As for Colquitt I was very impressed with the RB they had, he must have had at least 150 yards in the game and was tough to bring down
    Overall a very good game to watch even with the light rain and I hope that this becomes a regular season game in near future
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in FINAL DILLARD 44 FT LAUDERDALE 0   
    Dillard has outscored their last 2 opponents 102-7 they have won their last 9 out of 10 games and they are on a 7 game regular season win streak and they are on a 6 game regular season win streak at home.
    Our defense held ft lauderdale who also went 8-2 last year without a 1st down until mid 2nd qt. Recorded 9 sacks & atleast 12 playes stopped Behind the LOS. Our starters were pulled mid second wen it became 30-0.
    Our second and third string came in and played as if it was 0-0 stoll throwing dpwn field and being very aggressive. Dillards offense have sped up x10 and really have developed a temp ive never seen from them their deep in the trenches and on the outside.
    All in all the game was very very packed for a KOC @OldSchoolLion @ColumbiaHighFan2017class @DB4 @561_Fan @muckboy561 @Zoe Boy if yall boys watch Pratt production highlights on youtube look for me givin that 35-0 prediction lol 
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    OldSchoolLion got a reaction from Cat_Scratch in Who Is This FL HS Coaching Legend? Traz Powell   
    All-American at FL A&M
    Legendary south FL hs coach who won numerous state titles prior to integration
    Hint: If you are a SF hs football fan, there is a good chance you have heard this man's name before

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    OldSchoolLion reacted to FL_HS_football in Who Is This FL HS Coaching Legend? Traz Powell   
    Legendary high school football coach Nathaniel "Traz" Powell was one of the great African American sports pioneers in Miami's history. Born and raised in Miami's Overtown section, Powell was a standout athlete at Booker T. Washington High School in the early 1940s. He went on to attend Florida A&M and was a 2-time Black College All American end. On December 6, 1947, Powell along with his Florida A&M teammates made history when they became the first black athletes to play in the Orange Bowl Stadium as part of the 1947 Orange Blossom Classic against Hampton Institute of Virginia. Powell scored the game's only touchdown making him the first African American to score at the Orange Bowl.
    Following a brilliant college career, he returned home to Miami in 1948 and became the head coach at George Washington Carver High School in Coconut Grove. From 1948 to 1965, Powell led the Carver Hornets to 5 undefeated state championships. In 1966, Carver was downsized into a middle school as part the integration of the Miami-Dade County public school system. He then moved on to Mays High School in Goulds, where he won another state title in 1966. In 1968, Powell once again made history in the Orange Bowl when he led tiny Mays High to a 14-7 upset over traditional power Miami High. It was the first time the Stingarees had played an all-black high school.
    By 1969, Mays was also downsized into a middle school and Powell's coaching career was over. In 21 years as a high school football coach, he compiled a 167-37-3 record and never had a losing season He later went on to coach track at Miami-Dade Community College North Campus and taught physical education. In 1980 Powell died from a heart attack. But he left a huge legacy. The football stadium at Miami-Dade College is named after him and is the home field to several of Miami's best high school football teams.
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    OldSchoolLion got a reaction from 954gator in The Most Consistent Programs of the Past 15 Seasons   
    Armwood 193-23 (89%)
    Central 158-33 (83%)
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to skyway in Who Is This FL HS Legend? Elvis Dumervil/Miami Jackson   
    Elvis Dumervil
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in St Thomas Aquinas Trivia   
    3. I say Miramar last year
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to ColumbiaHighFan2017class in St Thomas Aquinas Trivia   
    1 Miramar Deerfield Beach and Lakeland
    2 Miramar?
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to 954gator in Western vs Monarch scrimmage   
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    OldSchoolLion got a reaction from ColumbiaHighFan2017class in The Most Consistent Programs of the Past 15 Seasons   
    Plant has gotten kudos and "made the list" in a number of my threads, ie below, and the fact that it didn't make the cut for one set of criteria does not take away from its accomplishments.  I thought it was nice to find a way to recognize a program like Wakulla, that does not typically get mentioned much on this forum.   
    FYI-Manatee and Trinity Christian also just missed the list, along with Plant.
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    OldSchoolLion got a reaction from 954gator in Hallandale vs Cedar Grove (GA) Video - 2015   
    I've seen it described as a "scrimmage."
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    OldSchoolLion got a reaction from Perspective in Lakeland Trivia   
    The 19 losses below...Osceola has won 5 times and Plant 4 times. 
    2017     13-10 Plant
    2016     38-7 Carol City
    2016     14-7 Kathleen
    2016     25-21 Plant
    2015     44-34 Carol City
    2015      26-25 Bartow
    2015     24-14 Viera
    2014     35-28 (OT) Osceola
    2013     24-3 Kathleen
    2013     33-21 Osceola
    2012     7-0 Ridge
    2012     16-2 Osceola 
    2011     First Coast 24-14
    2010     Venice-forfeit
    2010     Plant 48-6
    2009     Plant 20-0
    2008     St Thomas Aquinas 56-7
    2007    Osceola 25-21
    2007    Osceola 22-7 
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    OldSchoolLion reacted to SportsNut25 in Seeking out a board moderator and a couple of changes...   
    Late to this thread (that's starting to become my brand on here ...) but welcome back Columbia, welcome to the moderation team OSL and good luck to all who apply for the open position. May the power not get to your head and the force be with you.