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  1. Initially I thought it was due to the fact that the 3 marquee games in central Fl were APK vs Lake Gibson, Lakeland vs Venice and Osceola vs Edgewater all scheduled for Friday (05/20) would make it difficult for recruiters to attend them all. Thus the move to Thursday which as I currently understand, all 3 have been moved for Thursday (05/19). Looking at the bright side it is one day less WAIT.
  2. Just read in the local newspaper that several Spring Games scheduled for Friday evening here in central FL have been moved up to Thursday evening due to a potential weather event on Friday. It includes are upcoming game with Edgewater Eagles at our place now listed at 7:30 PM.
  3. Thus far, seven states have approved NIL deals for HS athletes with neither FL or GA among them. Couple of big time basketball players (Ian Jackson & Johnuel Fland) out of the NY city area seem to be the recipients of lucrative contracts with this undoubtedly spreading to more states. No way to justify it for a college kid that would not apply to a HS kid and that was my BIG BEEF with this Supreme Court ruling when I first commented on this topic months at the beginning of the 21-22 season.
  4. Bit of light-hearted humor is always a good thing.
  5. I guess OU is a big "EQUITY" believer as if they pay every player the same, how will the 4* and 5* feel when they could get $250,000 plus while some of their teammates are worth under $10K? All sorts of dynamics that were not contemplated when they launched this disaster.
  6. I am in agreement that the coaching staff or boosters at a school is not usually making "DIRECT" contact with a desired player from another school, but rather their players or outside family/friends. Reality is it doesn't always produce the results they are led to believe regarding better recruitment than at the school they left unless it is a really lousy program. Case in point since Venice is in the thread, Ryan Browne QB class of 2022; left an excellent program to go to another excellent program but the net results if my info is correct: ONE total offer, Western Michigan. His team did win a state championship and he obviously was a factor in that but he hasn't been showered with offers. A consideration that is being overlooked is unless you are already an upper 3*, but better yet a 4* or 5* the transfer portal especially for QB's is going to negate opportunities for these types of players.
  7. Most of the NIL money is coming from groups of well healed boosters at the Power Five schools and not a local car dealer getting a local kid to promote their product for payment. What you describe is clearly against the rules, but like in 2011 here in Florida when there is no enforcement/penalty the flood gates opened up. With no enforcement at the college level, it will be the same with HS kids. What good are rules without any enforcement?
  8. Top college coaches are already having second thoughts about this development and will probably adjust with some loyalty requirements going forward as it is spinning out of control.
  9. Multiple college recruiters have been at spring practices every day I've been there thus far, not checking up on just the 2 DL guys, but on a couple of our DB's and some offensive players also. It really is unbelievable, but I think social media drives alot of it.
  10. I commented on this very issue last year when the top QB recruit (Quinn Ewers) skipped his HS senior year and went to Ohio State to collect the NIL cash. Then turned around this year and transferred back to Texas, what a sick state of affairs.
  11. Went to FL Gators with group know as the GatorNaughts, but had personal issues and never made it onto the field.
  12. That same year, on 10/27 we held a narrow 3 point lead late in the 4th quarter when Chris Rainey ripped off a 70+ yard run for a TD and the winning margin of 7-3 in our house. Athletes all over the field as well, but in my opinion their D-lineman John Brown was the best player and the difference maker as a major distruptive force against our O-line. What a game, but I did travel to Lakeland to witness the game you described and it was also epic. Trying to remember who the littlest guy that played for Mainland as a running back was that year as he put on one of the gutsiest performances I have ever witnessed.
  13. Clearly have expressed my stance on NIL (not a fan), but the rich get richer and clearly A&M is not alone.
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