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    • I had my umbrella in the car but once u was in they was talkin bout no reentry.    & even when one of the fans let me use her spare umbrella I still got soaked. That rain came down & with the heavy win that rain was flaming into everybody. 
    • dillard fans just like dillard team. unprepared lol. mannn You never go nowhere without yo umbrella in south florida main man. either for the sun or the rain you gone need it
    • As for tonight, No lost big or small will EVER run me into hiding ; that’s not even my type of motion.    as for MIAMI central , they’re EXACTLY who the world knew they were DOMINANT. They’re ranked #4 in the nation & by the end of this year probably #1 in the nation. As for my panthers, they’re are very good public school wise in the state of Florida. But anything nationally they’re absolutely not there yet.    THE GAME: It was a very tight & competitive first half , defensively Dillard held its own against one of if NOT THE best teams in the nation, & was only down 14-7 going into halftime.    MISTAKES: while Dillard didn’t throw any interceptions tonight, they made countless of other mistakes the completely shots themselves in the foot.    1st & Goal: down 14-7 with about 3 min left to go in the half Dillard made it all the way to the rockets 5 yard line, only to get hit with a torrential down pour as they tried to punch it in.    watching my panthers for so many years, for some reason they always struggle with ball security especially in wet weather, so as they were going to punch it in I said loudly “HOLD ON TO THE BALL, DONT TURN IT OVER” & what did they do as soon as I said that, fumbled the ball, turned it over while missing a golden opportunity on the road.    2nd HALF: In the second half that’s where the rockets are their best & tonight Dillard was at their worst. With the rain pouring down & the offense unable to sustain any types of drives. The defense looked completely worn out mentally & physically vs the monster front of the rockets. & from then on the game was blowed open.    3rd Downs: on about 5 diff occasions Dillard as a defense had the rockets right where they wanted them 3rd and long & not only Did dillards defense allow the rockets to convert each time, they allowed the rockets to get the yards to gain plus 20+ extra yards on top of it each time. Which was a momentum kill EACH TIME & something you cannot do against a team like MIAMI central who will make you pay!!    OFFENSIVELY: outside of that one touchdown and the fumble at the goal line, Dillards offense was completely non existent credit to the rockets defense first off & secondly our offense just appears to be TO DAM VANILLA no structure, no life! OVERALL - dillard can either get better from this ass whoopin & be ready for STA in 2 weeks @ Home or suffer another “L” , but when it’s all said and done YES we battled for a half, but a game is NEVER won in a half & when you talk about getting RESPECT you can or will never get it if you fail to show up on the winning side in EVERY “BIG GAME” you have.    CONGRATS ROCKETS once again you guys showed the world why you’re who you’re. We hung with you for a half , but like always when it was time to blast off y’all did just that.    with that said I got completely and utterly soaked tonight, staying until the end with no umbrella & not bailing on my team no matter the way we lost. So I’m gonna go shower and lay my ass down. #StillDillardNationOverHere. 
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