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    • American posted on Twitter they will be announcing a hire on Thursday.  American Heritage Delray decided to move in a different direction from Keith Hindsley, who went 31-25 in five seasons. The school has promoted DC Brian Sheridan. Sheridan has coached NJ HSFB and collegiate ball. Locally, he spent time as DC at Chaminade Madonna and University School ahead of his AHD stint.  Naples is also open. 
    • From my understanding of education finances and ethics (i.e. redbook and certain allotments given by the state), Boosters that are governed, audited, or organized by a school official or within the school's county system cannot and will not give money to coach's because of misuse of funds that are (most often in booster language) allotted for and donated on behalf of the students it should benefit. If the booster has, within their bylaws, that their are to be no members that are part of the "local county" school board employee or "any other county" school board employee- then and only then should it be possible and allowed by the state.   A large piece of this fancy pants language has to do with the FHSAA, and most of it's member schools, is still governed by state legislation and/or the same part of the government that directs state mandated testing and education laws and adjustments. If this booster money (the same booster that is associated with members of the local county school system) were to be allocated towards coaches it would then be considered "for profit" which is pretty much the complete opposite of public education. Kind of hard to read, kind of hard to digest, maybe someone can simplify what I'm trying to put out there.
    • This year was first year Lincoln wasn't district champ since I believe 98 or 99 (when they shared a district with Columbia)
    • Central , Escambia. Um there. 
    • It was Godby in 2012....what a depressing loss that was.  Wakulla beat them late in the season and was 11- 0 and ranked number 1 in 5A.  They lost the rematch in the second round 14-7 and Godby went on the win the state championship.  That was one Wakulla let get away...after finishing as runner-up to Norland in 2011 I thought they would get that championship in 2012.  That one still stings... 
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