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    • 42-7 IMG   Glad I didn't go (or really wasn't allowed too) IMG's games are dull to start with, no real fans, cheerleaders from another school, a pep band with no allegiance to the school, no pizzazz...(and that was pre China Flu days) Add in that most of their games are like this...blowouts... No doubt you see some quality players who all will be playing on Saturday's but... Imagine I would have been bored by halftime.
    • Only time will tell
    • They will trust me 
    • Hypothetically speaking, I highly doubt Madison would go unscathed playing the teams Bayside out of all schools had to play from the past 15 years. 
    • So why is it when Madison was in the same class as Cocoa they didn't make it to the finals? All because a team gets transfers doesn't mean they recruited. You make it seem as though if any team gets any type of transfer that they had to recruit. Alot of times teams get transfers that are returning back to their original school they would have been zoned for to begin with. Also, I highly doubt Madison could beat IMG any time soon. I see that match up turning out the same way IMG vs U Lab was. Also, I doubt Madison would hang with Edgewater. So for your so called Mad Dynasty, here's to hoping this season they get classified with teams they should normally play in the playoffs. If they run the table easily then touché, but I love your confidence. Idk about your bravado though lol. Yes, Madison is a great small school but you talk them up as if they are and will be a regular national power. 
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