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    • While I would have agreed with you 100% a couple years ago...longest road trip ever for Vero to start the season against a state ranked team as well as back to back scheduled games against a very good Venice team and American Heritage, Viera as well...while I agree that the streak has been helped by scheduling I believe Vero has come out of its shell the last few years due to changes in playoffs
    •  You are 100% right ... I don't need to be over explaining my the schedule speaks for its self !!! And ur right most teams in fl would have a hard time playing this schedule... Thank u for saying that!!! TCAPRIDE 
    • Don't worry about what others say about JaxTC. All they have to do is look at the schedule and the teams that the Conquerors play. Must be the most difficult or one of the most difficult in the state. I wonder how many teams could do as well against that schedule? Probably most of them could not. So, take it all in with a grain of salt and just smile knowing that JaxTC is one of the top teams in Florida, period.
    • Private don't mean anything.. their still kids playing against kids.. I'm soo tired of y'all making that excuse... if u teach kids how to play football and get them in the weight room they will be good ... the thing is most coaches don't teach nothing!!! Any team can be good if some1 wants to take the time out to make them good ... anyways trinity is a team with 35-40 kids on it and they compete with most schools ... soo y'all can say what y'all want to be trinity is a good team 
    • Lakes was the better team, but not 48-0 better. Lakes Left DE lined up offsides all game. Every big play (wasn’t many) for PK got called back. Holding is in the eye of the official, so... Like i said Lakes was better. This is the 3rd consecutive year we’ve played Lakes (won both).  PKs issues are internal and hopefully, the staff will take this extra time to self-scout
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