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    • Its not dude. Madison will win
    • I hope this is not the end of a true, state championship series in Florida.  That's all I have to say on this topic. 
    • Covid is an isolated event (hopefully) and 2020 is an outlier year (hopefully).   With the amendment allowing teams/schools/counties to "opt out" this year and basically do whatever they want in terms of a season and a post-season (and, oh by the way, the FHSAA staff will even assist in the process), why would South Florida schools need to leave the FHSAA?  Just opt out this year.  If South Florida schools opt out, they won't be able to win a State Championship.  If South Florida schools leave the FHSAA, they still won't be able to win a State Championship -- only a South Florida Championship.  Either way, and through no fault of their own, they don't get want in 2020.   Probably the case for most of us this year.  Classic "I'm not getting my way, so I'm taking my ball and going home" attitude.   Not exactly the ideal life lesson to be teaching kids. 
    • North Florida got Dawgs, no panhandle teams winning state. The Jacksonville sweep/ the madison County dynasty.  
    • If you watched the FHSAA meeting this morning, it was quite apparent that the representatives from South Florida did not want the football season starting in September. An amendment was offered and approved that allowed schools to start later, but they would not be eligible for the state championships. The South Florida reps stated it wasn't an equitable solution if they would not be eligible for state championships. They played heavily on the medical data and asked pointed questions of the medical doctor who was on the phone, but they never once mentioned that they are in the position that they can't start football next month because too many people in South Florida were irresponsible when it came to containing the virus. The rest of the state should not be penalized because South Florida finds itself in the position they are in. I believe the final vote was 11-4 to proceed with Option 1 and the approved amendment. South Florida can hold their own championships later this year or early next year under the approved format. They were told they could do a regional playoff; it just wouldn't count toward the state championship. They may call themselves the SFHSAA this year, but I'm pretty sure they'll be back in the fold next year. 
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