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    • Thank you HornetFan, do you know what dates this league finished out their season?  Pop Warner Football had eased up on weight restrictions recently as an incentive to get more kids out to play for that league.
    • Lol, I was thinking about you when I typed that out! Your welcome.
    • It's beginning to look like there may not be state finals in football this year. Dade, Broward, and Palm counties have been hit harder by the virus than other counties throughout the state. They may delay the start of their season and restrict travel out of their immediate area. The players do't need state playoffs. The schools can play local schedules and have county or regional championships if necessary. The important thing is that if at all possible, these kids get to play. Seniors lost their Spring practice, their Spring games, college Summer camps and visits, all very important events in the college recruiting process. For many of these kids, football was their only way to afford a college education. We shouldn't allow politics or labor unions to decide if these kids get a college education.
    • The CFYFL is just like Pop Warner except they don't have weight restrictions. As they state, "they let the big boys play". They play 11 on 11. Both my grandsons played for the Oviedo Knights for several years, both in the Spring and in the Fall. They have teams throughout Central Florida and just like Pop Warner, they have always played on high school fields or city stadiums. They may have had to use other fields this past Spring season if local high schools closed their fields, but they played.. 
    • Namesakes for their county's in SW FL are always competitive. After that, in Lee County it varies from year to year based on transfers. What the athletes feel (or are presented) to be the team with the best shot at a deep run. Dunbar is always loaded and has been competitive, North has made a few runs. In Charlotte County, The Tarpons are in a tough district- last year the district produced four playoff teams and the Tarpons just made it in the 4th spot. They got on a hot streak to get a rematch with District Champ, Palmetto in the Regional Final, but got thumped. The other two teams that made it, Port Charlotte and Bradon River will be competitive.   Charlotte has a new HC, new DC, new OC, new QB Coach. Think they will likely update their offense, so this will be a  year for the team to gain experience as players and coaches. I have confidence in the system, and the coaches who stayed and took over the key vacancies, all home grown Tarps, my sons played with two of them. We have a very good QB returning and some skills, need some O-line help. But my expectations are realistic.
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