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    • I can remember one. On a cool night in Orlando, I saw it beat a very good Lakeland team in a facile, unrelenting manner. This was about 9 or 10 years ago. That St. Thomas team looked unbeatable to me. At least by a high school team. They put up around 50 points. I don't believe Lakeland had given up more than 20 in any of its previous 14 games on its way to the title game.  I remember turning to my friend at the game and saying: "I think we have just seen the very best high school team of at least the last 20 years." To which he replied, that St. Thomas team would likely have beaten several D2 college teams. I did not doubt him. 
    • As a Lakeland Fan I've never viewed any STA team as unbeatable  
    • I have just heard chatter to this effect, as a Lakeland fan I'm have never been in awe of STA.  
    • Yes, unfortunately I have only seen Venice getting destroyed (IMG) and Destroying (Lakeland) so my base of knowledge is limited this season on Venic but I don't think you can count on STA to make mistakes to lose the game. 
    • I think @ColumbiaHighFan2017classhits it on the head. I will add one more thing as well. Money matters: you are talking about upper middle class families, a school with a free and reduced lunch rate of 7% with high academic scores. Parents are going to put the money into training/camps/clinics, kids don't have to focus on school or sports or job. They can do sports, get decent grades and have parents provide everything else. Better academics gives principals better flexibility in who they hirer. They can hire another on-campus football coach. A growing area allows football coaches to get staff positions at local elementary and middle schools as PE teachers (instead of a more rigorous math, English, science, or social studies).   
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