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    • Bringing facts to a conversation is not politics, my friend. Most high school football players will never even attend a college, either one that they play football at or a college they achieve academically at. The few that do attend colleges, primarily to play football, will never make it to the NFL. The very few that do make it to the NFL may play very little or not at all. There is extreme competition for positions and also injuries to consider. Only a small fraction of the college players that make it to the NFL ever have successful careers. The average length of an NFL career is 3.3 years. Add up all of the high school football players in the state of Florida. How many play football at the college level and especially at the D1 level. Then how many of those college players ever see an NFL stadium except from the bleacher seats. As for minorites that rely exclusively on football in high school as their path forward in life are deluding themselves. Without strong academics there will be no solid path forward. I think life itself has taught this. 
    • So when I bring up politics people ask "why is this allowed on a football board" but I guess it's only when it's something "certain people don't agree with"   I hope the mods on here eventually remove these posts like the board full of people who were complaining when I did and wanted it removed    And that was just me commenting on the standing of the trainwreck that is my pathetic town which was meant to show if the people in charge in Lake City had higher than a 10 IQ this city wouldn't have rising crime and have to rely on tourism to break even every year 
    • the "equity" monsters would fight it vigorously. They would definitely fight it, if only for political purposes. What too many people are unwilling to acknowledge is that football will only get "a very talented, and lucky few" security for the rest of their lives. The "life span" in the NFL is somewhere less than 3 years. The kids that don't get lifetime security from an NFL career need an education to fall back on after football. 
    • And what exactly are you implying there with that statement?
    • I can get behind some version of this idea. Want to transfer to a school you're not zoned for? Show a minimum G.P.A., or state an interest in a program available at the desired school that's not available at the current school. If both schools offer football, then football can't be the reason for transfer.  Of course, the "equity" monsters would fight it vigorously.
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