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    • Darter, normally I would defer to your pick, but I'm going to have to go with Andra Davis.  Suwanne High School.  UF.  Drafted by (and played most of his time with) the Cleveland Browns.   Also had short stints with the Broncos and the Bills.  But I could be wrong.
    • I'll save you the time Nolebull: 1.  Lakeland fielded a team.  First-year coach Bill Castle was able to get every kid in Polk County to play for the Dreadnaughts.  But, back then, that was OK , since they were the only school in Polk County.   The downside, however, was that the school was not yet integrated, so Lakeland went 0-5. 2.  Plant also fielded a team in 1918.  The prospects of a state championship were thwarted, however, as the County A.D. would not permit the team to cross over the County line to play games (with the exception of the one away game against a historically-strong team from Hawaii, but because Hawaii was not yet a state, the win for the Panthers wasn't factored into their RPI).  Instead of playing teams from nearby counties, Plant had to play Hillsborough High School -- the only other school in the county at the time -- eight times.  While the Panthers managed to win seven of the eight games decisively, they did lose one game -- the one that had to be rescheduled because of weather for the Saturday morning after the Homecoming Dance, when several Plant starters were forced to sit the bench because an administrator could not discern the differences between Spanish Flu symptoms and a hangover.  3.  A small private school from South Florida knew they had to do something to overcome their Spanish-sounding name during the Spanish Flu epidemic, so St. Thomas Aquinas offered 'academic' aid packages to every kid in the state who was at least 6'2" and weighed at least 240 pounds and who could outrace the train leaving the station for the first 200 yards.  The scheme proved successful and allowed STA to go undefeated (3 - 0) and claim the state title in 2A, then the state's largest classification.  4.  STA's success, however, did not prevent a slew of teams from Central Florida from all finishing 0-0-5 and all claiming the mythical national championship.   If you look closely, you can still see those national championship banners adorning the Orlando-area high school stadiums to this day. 5.  A number of schools from Jacksonville and Miami named after Confederate War heroes reportedly had very successful seasons, but recorded history was wiped clean of these achievements just prior to Al Gore's invention of the Internet, so their success cannot be verified.  6.  Finally, in the 1A Championship game, a bunch of farm boys from Madison County squeaked out a narrow win over a bunch of farm boys from nearby Columbia County amidst accusations that the Madison team really should have been in 2A.  Madison officials refuted claims that they really had 1,800 eligible farm boys in their school by pointing to their one-room school house that could accommodate no more than 50 kids at a time.  Well, that's all that I can recall off the top of my head. 
    • Alonzo Johnson, Rutherford Rams and UF. Career at Philly Eagles?
    • Hint: This guy played for the Gators.
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