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    • With me you know that you will always get a solid, straight answer that you can take to the bank and exchange for cash! In fact, it is same to assume that most message board posters would agree with the quote "That Jambun82 knows what he is talking about" You're welcome for that Perspective.  
    • Thanks Jambun (and thanks for the correction on PF vs UNS).  But, I guess it's like my Momma always told me:  "Officials are like a box of chocolates . . . you never know what you're going to get."  
    • Perspective, the foul would be an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty, not a Personal Foul penalty. Obviously, every official has a different level of tolerance for an objection to a call by a coach or player. The NFHS rules states that a UNS Conduct foul by a non-player includes, but is not limited to, disrespectfully addressing or trying to influence a decision by an official. That is very broad, as you would already know in legalize terms. Certain Coaches reputation procedes them, and the language used by the coach has an effect obviously. Good Head Coaches will instruct their assistant coaches not to voice any objections or complaints to the officials, and a good sideline official will mention to the Head Coach in the pregame that he/she only wants to communicate with the Head Coach. I suppose that the situation comes down to the individual officials tolerance level, with good officials realizing and respecting that Coaches spend all week preparing for a emotional game where circumstances will come up where leeway should be given, and not everything is black and white. It is a fine balancing act.  
    • Jambun, I had to laugh when I read the phrase that the team who got penalized for the PF "must have voiced some sort of objection."   So, with that in mind, and recognizing that all officials have different tolerance levels, what's the general rule of thumb for when words and/or actions rise to the level of a personal foul?   Clearly, coaches voice their displeasure with calls (and non-calls) all the time without triggering a PF.  What's the trigger?   Curse words?  Volume level?  Continuing beyond a certain point (i.e., after the official looks over and says "that's enough, Coach")?  Do you/officials tend to give a coach a little more leeway if you/they start having reservations about the call in dispute? Last, and looking at it from the other side of the issue, what's the most effective way a coach can communicate to an official that he 'respectfully disagrees' with the call that just got made/missed?   
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