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  2. Florida vs OOS

    Bold rep's my picks.That's streching my 50/50... It's all about having fun and going out on a limb... Don't be shy guys, show us your picks.
  3. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Nice list
  4. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Jones is only a sleeper outside of Orlando.

    MC (Homer Pick) STA MCC IMG Columbia Armwood Raines Vero Da West Lakeland
  6. Yesterday
  7. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Winter Park is loaded at the skill positions. Ethan Pouncey has committed to Texas where his brother is playng WR. Starting QB Casey Case has a big arm and has committed to play for Buffalo. One of their WR's is committed to Miami. Another top prospect, Dakota Mitchell, had a pair of 70 yard TD's against Lyman last weekend. Winter Park has a half dozen D1 prospects with tons of speed at all the skill positions. They play Wekiva this Friday in their opener,. After seeing Wekiva in Spring game against Bishop Moore and watching several WP practices and scrimmages, I expect WP to win by at least 20 points over Wekiva. Maybe then, they'll get some recognition in the 8A polls.
  8. Week 1: Florida High School Football Streams

    This is the link for Cooper City vs Ridley,PA http://papreplive.com/football/event/32957/
  9. Florida vs OOS

    I say 4-8. Florida teams have this obsession with playing teams they know they have no shot of beating. Not all these listed, but some on this list are auto losses
  10. Florida vs OOS

  11. 12 Teams with the Most Wins over the Past 3 Seasons

    Here is #7-12. Anyone wanna try guessing the top 6? #7 Armwood #8 Plant #9 (Tie) Raines #9 (Tie) Lakeland #9 (Tie) Chaminade-Madonna #9 (Tie)Vanguard
  12. Jax Trinity Christian @ Lake City Columbia

    I believe that was the Gainesville game. They had a downpour on a Thursday night game and then moved the game to Friday night, but in Lake City so that the game could be played in the same week and not to disrupt the schedules. Additionally, I believe they allowed this year's game to go back to Gainesville.
  13. Florida vs OOS

    Lucky if Florida comes out 50% on the wins...
  14. Jax Trinity Christian @ Lake City Columbia

    I thought it was originally schedule in jax but for the sake of not being cancled they came to yall

    Miami Central at Traz Powell (Saturday) De La Salle, Calif. Deerfield Beach IMG Academy Columbia Armwood Jones Vero Beach Miami Northwestern at Traz Powell Lakeland
  16. Board Pick'ems

    Just in case... \NM
  17. Jax Trinity Christian @ Lake City Columbia

    No we played in Jacksonville last year In fact we had to make that drive 2 days in a row
  18. Jax Trinity Christian @ Lake City Columbia

    Shouldnt it b in jax this year
  19. Jax Trinity Christian @ Lake City Columbia

    I thought yall played in lake city last year
  20. Jax Trinity Christian @ Lake City Columbia

  21. Jax Trinity Christian @ Lake City Columbia

    Pretty big game for Northeast FL this Friday in Lake City

    St. Frances Northwestern IMG Trinity Christian Armwood Raines Vero Beach Aquinas Carol City Lakeland
  23. Taylor County

    According to the story this is not his 1st HC Gig and he left the last one under similar circumstances.

    SFA STA Carol City IMG TCA Armwood Raines Vero Cardinal Gibbons Lakeland
  25. Taylor County

    I agree And considering how stupid this state is at running education it makes sense that players and other high schoolers would do duel enrollment instead of forcing themselves into debt, it's called building for a future Considering how this state would rather ass kiss a sports academy than actually support the public schools
  26. Taylor County

  27. Taylor County

    Not Trenton, Taylor County. There’s a difference between discipline and dictatorship, often times there’s a very fine line you can’t cross. If kids don’t want to come to school, then shouldn’t be playing sports. If kids aren’t at school all day because they are taking college classes but will be there for practice, then that should be encouraged. When you’ve been accused of this at every stop of the way, it’s not the kids or parents...it’s you.
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