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    I don’t want to be overly critical of your rankings, I know this is your opinion, and I get it, but to have Venice (7-1) at 20 and Vero Beach (8-0) at 28 doesnt compute to me, Vero beat Venice by 22 points in their house.
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    Vero did beat Venice but I can see yo point
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    Appreciate your honest comments Peezy. In the posts below, I speak of some issues with recruiting. The Noles' and Canes' recruiting strategies have changed over the years, and I question some of the kids they are bringing in. Bowden was a master at getting the "right" kids to come there. It's interesting that gaps on their teams are also gaps in FL hs football in general, ie OL and QB play.
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    Yes absolutely we were garbage. How Garbage we were was masked by having a player of Dalvin stature that could literally take games over at the drop of a hat. Most knowledgeable FSU fans would never admit it out loud but we all knew that those teams had MAJOR deficiencies that were hidden by Dalvin... Hell Jimbo was able to put together Multiple 10 or 9 win seasons on the Legs of Cook and you see what happened when he left and he did not solve 2 major problems (Ol Play and coaching and the DC and LB coach). As you said we could be 1-5 right now.. .Absolutely which means y'all beating us by 1 point is really bad... and to further prove my point y'all go and lose to UVA... Hey we are bad this year I accept that but this is supposed to be the Canes year.
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    No worries, I appreciate you having the cojones to put it out there knowing you’d get heat for it, I couldn’t do it that’s for sure.
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    Totally understand- if the teams had identical or similar records (First Coast is 3-4 while Baker County is 5-2 so it’s not quite apples to apples.) Vero is 8-0 and yes they’ve had close calls this year, but still unbeaten against some decent competition most weeks. But I think head to head match ups should count more than anything, because it’s the only true barometer of “what if”- you know it because it was decided on the field already. In this case I’d keep Vero above Venice until they lost a game then you could drop them like a rock. But this is all speculative and it’s the Columbiahighfan top 50, not the Dontez top 50 so you can use whatever criteria you see fit. You now know what the CFP committee goes through each week...lol
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    Nice list but I have a tad issue with it its not where Dillard is ranked it's certain teams that's ahead of us I have issues with now my opinion teams like blooming Dale and Jesuit who u have way ahead of us would get beat by Dillard especially at Dillard by 10 in my opinion.but since we won't or haven't played them I'm gonna focus on the fact u got Western and plantation ahead of us with Western in the top 2 tier of teams while we are behind them when we (DILLARD). Beat them matter fact were the only team to beat them then they beat undefeated plantation so shouldn't that put Dillard head of both of them ??? and it's not like our record don't speak for it's self plantation 6-1 only lost Western Western is 6-1 only lost Dillard Dillard record 6-2
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    Well after that loss to UVA, I have to say, UM is trash.
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    I'm looking for BrowardHandicapper

    He is a good guy. We have met up at the State Title games twice since 2015. I have also taken in a Deerfield Beach/Atlantic playoff game and a Dillard/Hallandale game with him when I was visiting my sister in South Florida.
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    It’s time for the State to Mandate metal detectors at all high school games or pat down search at the gate!! This is ridiculous !!! Keep the thugs and wanna be gangstas out of the games, if they wanna come you get searched or u have to go through metal detectors. The State should have to pay for them!!!!
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    HAHA... Well apparently some people do transfer like that.


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