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    Thanks, all. I just needed to know whether to agree with your brilliant observations or be offended by your ignorant, uninformed conclusions.
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    No grudge, just a desire for retribution
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    North have talent too and great programs like Raines, Bolles, NFC, etc I agree with you we're not two different states that dumb
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    yeah you're right it is bucholz. yeah Terry parker is going to be under the radar they gave ribault problems in the spring game but they wont make no noise in 5a. Some of lee guys went there.
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    Im assuming they would be playing against each other twice (once in playoffs). im sure Columbia coaches probably would be at the Lee vs. Gainesville matchup this Thursday. TBH I don't know what Lee has coming to the table . I hear some of their kids went over to Terry Parker.
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    If Gies can get out of his Mark Richt ways then they well be fine. brought in a brilliant OC.
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    I sit on something that small I would probably end up falling through it LMAO
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    How about this? You could lead the team out onto the field on it.
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    You should get one of these. They get great gas mileage.
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    me too, but this year is not the year unless they could proved me otherwise.. that's why they play the game.
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    Kenny Holmes- Vero Beach c/o 1992, now on staff at FIU.
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    Nease Vs Palatka

    Palatka is in 4A Region 2 with Cocoa.


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