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    Bill Gierke is one of a only a few FL hs coaches with 300 wins. Below is his coaching history.` Orangewood Christian 2011-present Edgewater 2000-10; 2002, 2003, 2004 6A state runner-up Dr. Phillips 1998-99 Evans 1982-96; 1991 5A state co-champion
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    Bill Gierke, 300 win club.
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    It's a game I will never forget. The momentum went back and forth between two evenly matched teams. And, like I said, it was as cold as ice. A neighborhood kid that lived four doors down from me at the time, Jarrick Thomas, was a two way starter for that Edgewater team. He had attended Middle School with both my sons at Piedmont Lakes Middle, and in the evenings they would often play some street basketball with him. He blocked a Norland extra point and had several good tackles. Jarrick got a football scholarship but blew out his knee in his sophomore year.
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    Wow...thanks for the great recap.
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    Miami Norland vs Orlando Edgewater. Edgewater made what looked like a game winning drive ending in a touchdown when the running back took it in on a draw play. The drive was highlighted by some spectacular catches by Mike Walker of Edgewater, including one where he dived laterally to catch the ball full stretch. Unfortunately, for Edgewater, despite having a good kicker, they elected to pooch the ball to prevent a long return, giving Norland the ball at about their 40. This Norland team had too big time receivers including Dwayne Bowe who would star at LSU and have a very good NFL career. However, Robert Spence elected instead, to throw the ball to a receiver who had not scored a touchdown the entire season. He collected the ball between Kenny Ingram and another Edgewater receiver and dived into the endzone, scoring with about 20 seconds on the clock. Edgewater got the ball back but was unable to bring off a second miracle. That night was the coldest night I ever watched a game live. I watched the game on the Norland side because my niece was a Norland Junior. I was the sole Edgewater fan on that side and took a lot of grief after the game.
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    Well, even though he's not from Tampa, they still named a bridge after him. Oh, wait, turns out the Gandy Bridge is named after somebody else. Wayne Gandy. Haines City H.S.; Auburn; drafted by the Rams, but also played with a couple of other teams.
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    Jim Buckridge. He coached at Boone with Ziglar and now Ziglar is at Timber Creek with Buckridge. Two good people
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    The Hagerty coach is Phil Ziglar, who had a legendary career at Boone, and who lead the Braves to at least one state title game in his tenure at the school. The other coach is the Head Coach at Timber Creek, but I am not sure of his name, I believe that his first name is Jim. I don't what school that they coached at together, but these are two of the better coaches in the Central Florida area, and maybe the entire state.
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