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  1. 2019 Bowl Games

    In all seriousness it is good to see some teams went and found one more game for their seniors It's crazy there ain't more teams taking advantage of that opportunity
  2. 2019 Bowl Games

    Ooo ooo What about the UCF national championship bowl? Aren't they both in close proximity to UCF (within a hour)
  3. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    I talked to people who do live there My outrage isn't truly directed at the law enforcement and I in fact had a family member who worked as a member of law enforcement and because of this I have a lot of respect for the badge and what it stands for My outrage is at the people who run that city who are clearly unqualified to do so as instead of trying to take preventative measures to address the rising crime in specific areas or address the need for safety in the areas these school functions take place, they sit back and wait for something to happen then the "leaders" want to come take politically correct action after the fact for appearance sake that does nothing to truly stop what is happening instead of actually trying to address what is actually the cause of the problem so it can get resolved
  4. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    If these areas would do a better job patrolling and deterring crime it wouldn't be needed The city botches their job and then want to play damage control and pretend they taking action to stop it when they the ones who botched it in the first place
  5. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    Well I didn't say they were logical or smart about their decision making lol
  6. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    I think it's because they think doing games earlier increases the amount of light after games and will deter it
  7. Halftime Columbia 20 north Marion 34 (3rd Qt)

    Well i did predict they wouldn't make it out of first round Citrus lost to Nature Coast for the second time this season
  8. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    That's what happens when you play one of the schools that actions led to this rule change All the public schools in Duval were forced to move hosting games to 6pm because Lee couldn't stop "gun action" from taking place outside of the Raines Lee game for 2 straight years
  9. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    They were playing at 6 during regular season but I am told this one will be at 6:30
  10. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    Wakulla may not have a super schedule but they have remained solid all year Raines has talent but seems to be down this year I see that as a toss up
  11. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    So wekiva and Winter Park are nothing teams or something because Edgewater blew both them out as well? What exactly has Marietta done to be considered the only good team Edgewater has played? Just because they from GA? When one those power GA teams come to FL during regular season and win like they do when hosting teams from FL, let me know lol
  12. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    So what happens if Edgewater blows Lincoln out?
  13. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    If we being honest the idea of having seeding is we will likely see most blowouts early as the teams that don't belong get weeded out and help us get better games later in the playoffs But we shall see how it goes, I saw quite a bit of very good 2nd round matchups this week
  14. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    And what makes Lincoln not fools gold? Because they beat palmetto who nearly got bounced by a 4-6 team?
  15. 14 Columbia vs 7 Ponte Vedra Final

    WR is deepest position on the team so i feel that position will be next man up Replacing Jordan will be a challenge but fortunately OL should be more experienced next year which will help the heir apparent adjust slightly easier Jordan and Marquez currently committed to USF Bradley has a few offers but no idea where he leaning