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  1. Is that why you were practically begging Wakulla to win towards the end of the game when columbia took the lead? You are desperate and out of your element
  2. That's 3 cases of attempted first degree murder for the kid and the parent Hope they put both away for a very long time and make an example out of them
  3. Well it's nice that late October the fhsaa is finally attempting to plan a state championship location for a event happening in December Really would have been easier to forego the playoffs but at least they have something they trying to throw out there but honestly Bragg stadium would have been the better idea but I guess at least with doak they can use social distancing since they will be lucky to hit 20% capacity for any game
  4. Though I will say at least SFL is more transparent with transfers, up here in North and Central FL many counties the transfers are never reported by the media, for example a team up here like Lee probably gets similar transfers to what STA would get in a normal year but most people wouldn't know that as the media up in Jacksonville never cover transfers so it would seem from outside that they are all homegrown talent but a lot of stuff happens behind closed doors in jacksonville only for the media to look the other way
  5. You have just found this out? This has been discussed on here quite often
  6. No. 19 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (4-1) No. 7 Venice (6-1) No. 14 Bartram Trail (5-1) No. 24 Cocoa (3-0) No. 1 St. Thomas Aquinas (1-0) No. 3 Miami Central (0-0) No. 8 Bloomingdale (5-0) No. 6 Edgewater (2-1) Vanguard (3-0) Ponte Vedra (5-1)
  7. No. 19 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (4-1) at No. 16 Lee (4-0) No. 5 American Heritage (Plantation) (3-1) at No. 7 Venice (6-1) Oakleaf (4-2) at No. 14 Bartram Trail (5-1) Viera (3-0) at No. 24 Cocoa (3-0) Cardinal Gibbons (2-0) at No. 1 St. Thomas Aquinas (1-0) No. 3 Miami Central (0-0) vs. No. 2 Miami Northwestern (0-0) No. 8 Bloomingdale (5-0) at No. 13 Lakeland (2-1) No. 6 Edgewater (2-1) at No. 12 Jones (4-0) Vanguard (3-0) at Dunnellon (3-0) Ponte Vedra (5-1) at Suwannee (5-2)
  8. If only Jesse had any built up credibility I could actually take that fourth tier insult seriously Though he destroyed that when he came on here saying Madison County could blow out Miami Central and IMG
  9. No. 1 St. Thomas Aquinas (0-0) Baker County (5-0) No. 21 North Fort Myers (4-0) No. 4 American Heritage (Plantation) (3-0) Osceola (Kissimmee) (3-0) No. 17 Niceville (4-0) DeLand (2-0) Dixie County (4-1) Buchholz (3-1) at Fletcher (4-1) (free game) Champagnat Catholic (3-2)
  10. Niceville is definitely the team to beat in the panhandle Not sold on Milton as their schedule so far hasn't really tested them, how they do against Niceville will prove if they are for real. Remember Pensacola Washington stayed undefeated for a while last season before running into Escambia and within a few weeks of that Pensacola Washington was bounced in the first round of the playoffs
  11. TRU Prep Academy (3-0) at No. 1 St. Thomas Aquinas (0-0) No. 19 Bolles (4-1) at Baker County (5-0) No. 21 North Fort Myers (4-0) at Dunbar (3-0) Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (3-1) at No. 4 American Heritage (Plantation) (3-0) No. 6 Edgewater (1-1) at Osceola (Kissimmee) (3-0) Navarre (3-0) at No. 17 Niceville (4-0) Mainland (2-1) at DeLand (2-0) Dixie County (4-1) at Newberry (5-1) Buchholz (3-1) at Fletcher (4-1) Champagnat Catholic (3-2) at American Heritage (Delray) (1-1)
  12. Was it a Columbia home game? I wasn't aware of there being any streaming as nobody at the school ever shares these links
  13. Everyone is affected yes but that effect won't be the same across the board, Columbia was bound to struggle not having a normal off-season and 7v7 to develop their offense What makes Columbia able to be consistently Good year to year is their conditioning as they are normally better conditioned than the teams they play but that isn't the case this year, they have plenty of talent but most are very young and still haven't quite hit their stride yet but they will be back to beating the teams who have got them early come next season, Columbia though at least didn't shy away from facin
  14. I didn't realize that but that's good that they are broadcasting the games I wish Columbia would do that because I know plenty of people who would pay to watch these games and Columbia is leaving money on the table that is going to waste I definitely had high expectations for Trinity Catholic but that's concerning that they aren't trying to take advantage of this opportunity to make a deep run while they can
  15. Honestly so far they looked better than I expected, they usually have talent but it usually is wasted because they never fully utilize the talent Trinity Catholic can beat them but they gotta show up to play better than they have the last 2 weeks
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