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  1. FHSAA let football teams move

    Man where you been lol
  2. Transfer season

    Nope they can't afford it but they weren't exactly heading for a strong year but it goes back to what I said in a previous thread about Duval The hot schools at the time feed off other schools while some schools are sailing further away from them Rich get richer and poor get poorer
  3. Transfer season

    Even if it wasn't I doubt the fhsaa would say anything to them lol
  4. 21st Century College Conference Rankings

    Actually I'm saying all the conferences are weak SEC has a few competitive teams and one elite one, rest are average like the rest of nation Only 2 elite teams in college football this year and one got destroyed by the other
  5. Transfer season

    https://www.prepgridiron.com/topic/13080-transfer-season/?page=3 2 players in Jacksonville area transferring to Lee One from Terry Parker the other from First Coast I posted over there since it says file too big to post here
  6. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    Exactly what I've said on Twitter multiple times last few days This system was thrown in last minute for vote with the idea "trust us" yet no one has a damn sample to show how this is better than what we using now If this idea was in their heads they should have worked on it as soon as regular season ended and start on the RPI sample for these board meetings
  7. 21st Century College Conference Rankings

    Best by default of them being the best of overall garbage I wouldn't brag about that
  8. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    Again there is a solution that could have made point system more effective Instead we changing it up again, a few simple tweaks to current system would have made point system effective
  9. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    OSL They did propose it being like you describe but the coaches and athletic directors in 5-8a were against the idea of dissolving districts and they needed the athletic director board to approve the system for it to be used so part of the compromise included preserving the district champs and them hosting the first round playoff game and just replacing runner ups with wild cards The idea you suggesting is basically what 1-4a has had with the system
  10. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    Basically only thing changing is how the wild card teams are selected and where they seeded
  11. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    The point system issues we saw this year could have been fixed by increasing the region sizes in the small classes by having 2 regions instead of 4 Instead the brilliant people in charge think we should change to another system, SMH
  12. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    Yes Fhsaa confirmed that yesterday on Twitter when asked
  13. OT: Columbia basketball

  14. The 3 Worst Counties for Football Awards

    Duval is the perfect example of a top heavy county Very little middle ground, either they have teams with loaded rosters or they are transfer feeders for ones who are Right now it seems the hot teams in duval is Lee, Raines, Trinity Christian Then Mandarin starting to come into play Then you got sandalwood and Fletcher on side closest to beach as well as solid ones like Bolles, Ribault and university Christian Rest are basically feeding those schools as their better players transfer to one of the above listed schools and Duval has always had laxed movement of players even before the new rules
  15. Biggest Busts in the Preseason Polls

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U7jfKu0rn1Q86nduskEqtV6B1uAmKbnOXL4SSIMSYoA/edit?usp=drivesdk I had them at 8 to start year so I can't exactly blame Josh for having them top 10 when I made same choice And they were likely top 10 previous 2 years but just had a rough year this year I agree with them likely being back to good next year Another team I expect to bounce back is St Augustine