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  1. 10 Columbia (Lake City) 9 FSU High (Tallahassee) 8 St. Thomas Aquinas (Ft. Lauderdale) 7 Rockledge 6 Tampa Bay Tech 5 Columbus (Miami) 4 West Florida (Pensacola) 3 Apopka 2 Cocoa 1 St. Augustine BONUS GAME: Clewiston
  2. Side note, the home team has won every matchup in that series
  3. Columbia vs Trinity Christian is AT COLUMBIA not at TCA
  4. 10 Seminole (Sanford) 9 Lakewood (St. Petersburg) 8 Miami Edison 7 Blountstown 6 Cardinal Gibbons (Ft. Lauderdale) 5 Miami Northwestern 4 Lakeland 3 Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville) 2 Gulliver Prep (Miami) 1 Apopka
  5. Who the hell do you think your talking to? You don't know anything about football you quack, you know nothing about SFL, what's sad is you have the same SFL source as me but while I can talk and sound intelligent you sound like a jackass But all you talk about Lake Wales like they a top 25 program and get all bitchy when people say otherwise like you know everything I don't give two shits about STA but it's pathetic that people on here got to lie because it doesn't fit their agenda but hey keep thinking it's only privates who are recruiting It makes you look as smart as I think you are, take a wild guess what I think that is?
  6. That board is going downhill fast, they ban people for practically no reason but allow guys like Los to break every rule they ban others for and don't even touch him I don't have any interest in posting there anymore
  7. Ohio State and Clemson have already lost games this year and I would argue Alabama QB now is better than the last one in terms of overall talent
  8. I didn't do college rankings this year but I could name at least 15 teams I would have felt comfortable ranking above Notre Dame because I knew how much they lost including their QB
  9. Texas has actually won a championship this century too As has Florida State As has Miami As has USC As has Auburn As has Oklahoma But noooooo Notre Dame is a powerhouse according to these morons doing the college football polls and I'm the one who is off the mark? LMAO
  10. Yup and media who are afraid to be critical of one of the NCAA buddy programs Notre Dame Established and overrated since 1887
  11. It does prove that anyone who still thinks Notre Dame belongs ranked much less top 10 is clearly ranking based on their championship in 1988 and not based on their actual ability in 2021 And nobody will have a convincing debate to the contrary
  12. Well so did Lee so it's probably good they weren't included and many ranking sites were aware of Gulliver Prep I honestly would see Benjamin and Doral as undefeated teams that are under appreciated though
  13. I get the idea but the last time Suwannee was winning championships they were recruiting lol I think the biggest thing with teams currently undefeated the first thing i would do is look at their schedule and a good bit on the list are still undefeated because of a light schedule but there's nothing wrong with it because most on there are in rebuilding mode or haven't reached contender status yet so they shouldn't be scheduling too much above their talent level Though you should keep an eye on that current list and see which team stays undefeated the longest
  14. Suwannee won't stay undefeated long, honestly I could see Ed White beating them this week Middleburg is improving but they will lose when the competition steps up I haven't looked in too much detail with some of the others you listed
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