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  1. Blountstown ran for a ton of yards and still got blown off the field I don't know or care what Blountstown did, for all I know Madison let them run for a ton of yards because they knew it wouldn't help Blountstown cut the deficit And you named one team out of 14 they played, and Madison in 2015 was hardly elite either but it's clear you are set in your opinion despite the fact you didn't even watch any of those columbia teams but somehow think your an expert on them Besides since you came back maybe you can finish fulfilling your bet with @badbird though take that to DM or OT section
  2. relentless against nobodies!!! Columbia would look like they have St Thomas Aquinas pass rush if they played a 1a schedule
  3. Oh and Roger Cray was a freshman on 2012 team and faced off against a Future NFL receiver and shut him down Anyone who threw his direction was picked off I'll take 2012 Columbia by double digits over 2015 Trenton And 2015 Columbia would have spread Trenton out with one of 3 receivers who could get open in a moment's notice, you talking about 1 guy, Columbia would still have 2 more options That's what it means to be a 6a or 7a team, depth Something 1a lacks
  4. Nice Laremy Tunsil and Trey Marshall played on 2012 team and both starting in NFL right now 2012 also had a 2k yard rusher and a RB who a year later would score over 30 TDs
  5. If you think 2017 team would have beaten Trenton then any of those Columbia teams I mentioned would have All those Columbia teams I said were at least 17 points better than the 2017 Columbia team you all only beat by 14 after Columbia had to play 2 games in 4 days and no practice between the games I was on this board back when that Trenton team played, they were talented but just as Madison learned the last 2 years, even great 1a teams lack depth when facing a good team in a higher classification and all those Columbia teams I mentioned were easily in that definition of a good team Or did you forget 2018 Columbia beating Madison by 24 points and it could have been a lot more if they wanted to
  6. then you obviously never saw Columbia in 2012 or 2015 play 2013 was similar in talent to 2012 but had a lot of injuries by season end And I could throw in 2018 team, Trenton wouldn't have had the depth to hang with any those 4 teams when they were healthy
  7. Newberry needs to prove themselves before they act tough They can come play Columbia and learn what it means to be humbled just like the rest of 1a can Anytime anywhere
  8. Blountstown is garbage and plays nobodies Reason Fort White went 3-7 is because their QB was injured for most of the season
  9. Hawthorne and fort white would play you all closer than Blountstown would Trenton as well
  10. Rather overshadow than cancel But I know which sport I would be at if it's ran at the same time, and it won't be football In fact I may prefer it that way, if football is running all the administration at Columbia will be too busy watching football and won't be at softball bothering me
  11. I would be fine with watching softball and baseball this fall if I thought they would actually get to play However I feel what would happen is they will move it and a few weeks from now they will cancel it and leave spring sports as a casualty of the virus for the second straight season which isn't okay with me
  12. Perhaps but if that is the end result wouldn't it be just as easy to leave the spring sports in the spring and just add football to the spring calendar?
  13. You all could have played any SFL team in the past few years I guarantee you a team like BTW, Miami Central, MNW would love to host Madison County, it would be a break from their gauntlet of a schedule
  14. Until I see Madison actually schedule one of those top 10 SFL teams and beat them I've seen nothing to suggest they should or even deserve to be ranked among them And yeah you said it yourself, schedule is weak Beating weak teams isn't gonna put you high up in the rankings, when Columbia is the best team on your schedule each year and you lose that game you aren't gonna have much a case to be ranked high in the poll The people that normally put Madison top 25 are doing so because they want to rank someone from 1a and they are a team who will coast to a Championship because there isn't a 1a team who can compete
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