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  1. First Coast going 0-10 was a little surprising as they had some talent but any top 100 team in Florida beats Dakota Ridge pretty badly
  2. For context, the kids dad was a coach at Fort White for 2 years under Coach Jackson and had Jackson ended up at Columbia sooner it may have led to him following Jackson to Columbia along with the QB
  3. The reality is that had Coach Jackson ended up at Columbia about a month or 2 earlier than he did, Jefferson would had likely been at Columbia last year based on people I've spoken to about this situation By the time he got the job, his dad was already at Hawthorne with a coaching position so he went to Hawthorne
  4. Columbia is waiting to hear back from Wakulla atm If Pine Forest is interested they can call Columbia, Pine Forest isn't a big enough program for Columbia to beg for a game
  5. They have traveled to the Orlando area but the problem is for some reason Central Florida teams never really call Columbia up looking for games and our school is too "tight" with money to go to SFL
  6. Funniest thing is when the matchups end up leading to close games If some of the worst teams in FL can compete what would happen if it was a top 100 or top 50 team in Florida
  7. Nice to know at least one team in Colorado isn't afraid to step up
  8. We wouldn't know because they won't play a top 50 FL team
  9. Maybe you can catch one of the later season games in Lake City then We supposed to have a new scoreboard by the Middleburg game in October which will be the largest video scoreboard in the state of Florida when completed
  10. That FL vs USA event is a different week and I'm not paying a hotel nor watching multiple days in that SFL heat Plus only half those matchups actually would be worth the effort for me
  11. Colorado best team probably would get waxed by any FL top 100 team They barely beat our weakest teams
  12. You know if your going to that Valdosta double header game the next day in GA you can come watch Suwannee vs Columbia, I may even see if I can get us cleared to watch from the sidelines
  13. It was hinted at by the Lake City reporter with a quote by the Columbia coaches, they may not have expressly named Suwannee but the surrounding context wasn't hard to figure out who they were talking about when they stated they had coaches texting players to come to their school because they were playing their season already but Columbia was pushing their season back In terms of stealing press time this started when the Lake City reporter picked up the live oak coverage area when the Suwannee democrat shut down and now we have had to share press time with their county teams in our OWN DAMN PAPER Several players, retired Suwannee coaches and even the local media said they would have beat us the last 2 years even though Columbia tried to schedule Suwannee both years and they declined
  14. You were at the game and you still can't tell me what was different with on the field compared to a normal game
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