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  1. Why UCF isn't 2017 National Champions Excuse thread.

    Clemson won the ACC bigger question was did bama who didn't even play for the SEC Championship was able to get in when the team who beat them immediately dropped the next game What did bama do while sitting on their butt at home to justify going higher in the rankings?
  2. Why UCF isn't 2017 National Champions Excuse thread.

    That would require UCF actually being presented a offer to join a power 5 conference None these power 5 conferences seem interested in expansion (probably at the request of Mark Emmett, the biggest fraud in colligate sports)
  3. Question for Josh

    3 reasons for my pick 1 Atlantic is a larger school and should have depth advantage 2 Chaminade isn't as strong as team from last year 3 Atlantic may very well be strongest team in PBC and from what I saw of them they looked pretty damn good
  4. Question for Josh

    They have some talent but are not as strong overall as the team last year if it helps I actually picked Atlantic to beat Chaminade
  5. Question for Josh

    Sure you can I was giving that response because of that little comment about me doing the rankings even though I have a much different placement in my rankings for Chaminade lol
  6. Jambun etc, assess this penalty call by the officials

    Normally the "home cooking" fouls are PI or holding calls because those are judgment calls
  7. Question for Josh

    Shut up LMAO I actually dropped Chaminade to low 20s in my poll

    No. 4 Miami Northwestern (3-1) No. 6 Edgewater (4-0) No. 17 Atlantic (Delray) (2-0) No. 11 Venice (2-1)No. 12 Rockledge (3-0) No. 15 Seminole (Sanford) (3-0) No. 16 Cardinal Gibbons (3-1) No. 21 Bartram Trail (4-0) No. 22 Miami Carol City (2-2) No. 23 Madison County (4-0) Lincoln (3-1) Mandarin (2-1)Lakewood (4-0)Palmetto (4-0) South Fort Myers (3-0)
  9. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    Basically the paddle being on the line retired when the series was put on hiatus and when the rivalry was brought back the schools decided that the paddle wouldn't be used for the game anymore
  10. Why UCF isn't 2017 National Champions Excuse thread.

    And the NCAA that year (as well as year before) completely devalued the conference championship in order to make it about money (which is the only thing they care about) They decided 2 years in a row to allow a team who didn't even win their conference to make playoffs That's pathetic
  11. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    They will be on rise when they actually beat someone good, beating cupcakes will leave you just staying put in same general area Suwannee was most overrated team in the entire North Central region and Madison gave up 28 points to them at home As I said got to knock off some good teams to prove you belong in the top 25 zone
  12. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    OSL Interesting bringing up Fort White vs Santa Fe with the battle for the paddle As a side note that rivalry was recently brought back after a hiatus but interesting enough the paddle was not on the line since the rivalry was brought back
  13. Pick em (badbird woes)

    Again they could beat bama and Clemson during season and the NCAA (playoff committee formed to pay for Mark Emmett to buy a 5th yacht) will not let UCF in no matter who they beat It's a money thing
  14. Need Help with RPI

    So say Oakleaf went 9-1 with Columbia being only loss They would be treated as a 100% winning percentage when calculating the records of Columbia opponents?
  15. Jambun etc, assess this penalty call by the officials

    Dun dun dun