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  1. Not sure if I posted this one previously or not
  2. Well Madison would be in 3a not 4a if it wasn't for the 1a technicality
  3. Regardless of the charge Bolles has it is still a situation where a kid who may have been there several years will now sit the bench because of a transfer which was one of the key complaints mentioned in this thread correct?
  4. And no the reason I bring up Lee specifically is because we already shown in this thread back on page 1 that they have loaded up on transfers
  5. As it's already been stated that would be on par with what Lee got, in fact Lee got more than that and as I stated before schools like Raines, sandalwood, Ed White, First Coast, Mandarin, etc all get similar or higher transfer numbers in some years Now is Lee gonna get heat for recruiting like I hear people say about Bolles or TCA or do they need to cheat for a state title before people will care?
  6. And yet there are publics in Jacksonville getting more that their fans claim they are all homegrown talent Funny how sticking "private" in front of school or "winner" suddenly changes their tune
  7. Regardless though Im starting to get the impression West Orange will be one of the strongest orange county teams this year and Osceola will be a serious threat in 8a
  8. So far I'm aware of one potential Suwannee starter on DL transferring in but we didn't need much to come in at DL We could use a few on OL though
  9. Columbia may occasionally pick up a few from Baker or Suwannee but if I compare the numbers to what a lot of schools get of similar size it's probably on the very low end
  10. I would guess maybe 2 upper classmen and rarely a rated player Last impactful transfer who wasn't a player returning to Columbia after leaving as a freshman would probably have been Kenny Johnson in 2015 who came from Lafayette, personally I felt if he was here for 4 years he probably would have been a D1 player SL McCall was a pass rusher who went to middle school in live oak, came to Columbia as freshman, played Sophomore season at Suwannee and then played junior and senior years at Columbia and eventually signed I think JUCO I can't remember any
  11. If Brian Allen had access to the talent In Lake City that SFL schools or that those California powerhouses have I guarantee you they would annually be top 5 in the country
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