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  1. It stuck around just long enough to screw over thousands of high school seniors across the country but hey football never suffers from anything Just what it is I suppose, if sports like baseball and softball made the money football does for their school they probably would have gotten the special treatment that football is getting since they will potentially risk a second major outbreak that could end winter and spring sports just to make sure all the football programs get their chance to operate since most cases it's the only sport that these schools really care about anyway
  2. Then maybe it's still not safe enough for them to be trying to play Playing the spring sports wouldn't have 25% of the risks that playing football will have, this goes to show they are giving football special treatment because it makes more money which is probably why our government has made it clear they prioritize the economy more than human lives
  3. Wakulla is usually a pretty solid program year to year (probably more consistent than any the other teams in Tallahassee area lately) Do they bring back enough of their team to be able to have another season like last year?
  4. If they have no health conditions that make it impossible to wear a mask then I don't see why the hell not It's not fair to potentially pass the virus to someone else because someone feels "inconvenienced" by wearing a mask and gloves don't hurt anyone so taking extra precautions there are fair and necessary I would have worn a damn hazmat suit to every game if it could have saved the spring season
  5. BTW actually beat Lakewood What happened when Lakewood play Madison?
  6. It's funny because I was actually talking to someone a few days ago about those early 00s columbia teams and Lincoln came up in discussion and the person I spoke with brought up Fred Roush and mentioned him being a return specialist
  7. And before anyone addresses this, I'm taking this discussion under the assumption that there will be a football season So what teams in various areas of the state are we looking at heading into the season?
  8. Fred Roush Tallahassee Lincoln FSU Early 00s we faced Lincoln in 01 and 02 playoffs and lost to them in 3rd round so I'm guessing it's him since he was also a return specialist for Lincoln back in the day
  9. How could a Madison player had stopped our chance of going to state when we have never been in the same classification It's obviously someone we faced in the playoffs
  10. I hear the school practices every sport they can on the field, they use it as a home field advantage even though that field shouldn't be fit to hold a playoff game nor is it safe to be literally playing the a middle of a housing network but it is what it is If we could ever just beat them in the regular season we could play the playoff rematch in a real stadium with a field that doesn't look like it was dragged in by a rip current
  11. Now I'm gonna just stick around because you don't want me to
  12. "Blue and Green" What is this Thursday Night Football color rush?
  13. Reinard Wilson class of 1993 Columbia high school FSU Cincinnati Bengals FSU career sack record at time of Graduation Now I'm going back to my self induced hibernation
  14. That will likely change if schools aren't able to reopen on April 15th The schools currently closed aren't allowed to run any extra curricular activities Personally I think if you can't play the spring sports which have far less players than football would then it is very hypocritical to have football running practices
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