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  1. Thank you, this sediment exactly He just pissed I'm not blindly bowing to him because he's one of those old people yelling at people to get off his lawn and blaming everyone who disagrees with him for his failures in his life. The people who use their age to act like they know better is why this board has become toxic Older doesn't mean smarter and also his constant crying whenever anyone even questions an officials call act got stale before I even joined the board
  2. And yet what he does is fine but I question a team for underperforming as a result of coaching and I'm an asshole for it Funny how that works out but I guess that dude disappeared off the board when he tried and failed miserably to get me removed as a mod
  3. Nah I really don't, if I get kicked off then so be it This board really hasn't been all the fun anymore because I can't say anything without people whining about me "being a asshole" for "trashing teams" when I'm being truthful but anyone else can trash my team and it's all fine and dandy and not the same thing they claim I'm doing all because the people here assume that because I'm not some old dude that I'm clueless, I've earned my damn stripes on this board!
  4. I'm not I am explaining that what happened was justified since I'm sure people here want to make excuses for others that I have never been given in my favor
  5. Then take it up with the person who first brought up the topic about the constitution Oh wait that was you Your the one who started the conversation about the constitution in which I replied to presepective about an observation I made while seeing what he is describing but it's this two faced crap that is slowly making this board more a chore than a joy to post on
  6. Yeah you mean like the people falsely claiming it is against the first amendment for a private company (I'll say Twitter) to shut down accounts for someone inciting a riot 2 major problems that show it has nothing to do with the first amendment 1) the first amendment only applies to the GOVERNMENT restricting free speech, a private company is not under the same umbrella, it would be the same as someone telling their boss they smell like raw onions, you ain't gonna be able to use the first amendment to keep him from firing you because a private company isn't bound by th
  7. Well he conveniently didn't realize that "mistake" until after it was too late for those seniors who got screwed even though virus was worse in the fall while playing a full contact sport unlike spring sports where you actually can have some form of social distancing But we all know the only sport the state cares about and therefore the only athletes they care about is football But your probably right but I hope people hold them accountable to give the same flexibility to the "non revenue" sports that they did with football
  8. I'm more concerned right now about winter and spring sports because the state seems to view those sports as "expendable" but if football could have a full season the state would be hypocrites to screw over the winter and spring athletes and that's facts!
  9. It may not hold up in court but it still violates one of the rules on the forum and by a moderator no less Many people on here wanted me removed as a mod for a lot less so regardless if there could have been any grounds for legal action, joshua removing OSL as a mod is 100% justified as doing so was a clear violation of the rules and moderators are expected to enforce the rules, not break them!
  10. It would show up on their profile if they were banned and it doesn't say anything on his profile so it's likely he wasn't banned He likely just got pissed when the thing with STA went down and chose to stop posting at that point
  11. In terms of football maxpreps poll is generally trash that I rarely even look at Though it does sometimes help me when doing rankings for other sports that don't have any other reliable sources out there because I can compare what I have to those polls and then analyze the early season results when doing my first poll to get a start point But that's mainly because I don't have the kind of sources for other sports like I do for football so I usually have to wait for a few weeks into the season to do a poll
  12. Well it's not they didn't opt in I believe the school itself shut down athletics for the fall (or year, someone from SFL needs to clarify this) so TRU Prep took the kids so they could have a season so it's funny TRU prep is lower than the school who was basically the former team lol
  13. The fact a team who literally didn't play a single game stayed in the top 10 showed just how horrible these rankings are, heck the team who used all their players isn't a top 10 team but the team who didn't suit up is?
  14. Probably because the previous time they played Columbia embarrassed Trinity 38-7 while TCA did put up a solid fight against AHP in the previous matchup and the previous time Chaminade played TCA was when TCA won it's 4th straight state title in 2016 Looking forward to the return trip in Lake City next year with a much more mature and deeper roster than we had this season as well as a full off-season to prepare our talented offense which has 1 power 5 WR and another who will be a power 5 WR before it's all said and done
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