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  1. This is just to give some props to Broward Handicapper who first brought this Olympia (via Pahokee), QB prospect to my attention. He has certainly blossomed going into his senior year and could take Olympia more than a round into the playoffs this year. 

    Kid is a Michigan commit and big things are expected at the next level. Here is hoping he achieves success!

  2. 1 hour ago, badbird said:

    I am going to Dr. Phillips vs Osceola.  I like Dr. Phillips in this match up and it could be a preview to a state semifinal game vs the two teams but we have a long long way to go before that and lots of other good teams like Apopka and Vero Beach that will get in the way.  Osceola is really young on the OL but has tons of skilled backs.  I think they struggle vs a really good Dr. Phillips defense but it will help them out in the long run.  I'm interested to see how Besean McCray fits into DP's offense.  My prediction DP 21 Osceola 7

    I think Osceola wins this game. I liked how they looked against Bishop Moore.

  3. 6 minutes ago, ColumbiaHighFan2017class said:

    Absolutely that why i said if i took team names out and look 6a broward vs 4a palm beach edge to Dillard but glades can play with a lot of talented teams,  hope Columbia plays them one of these days 

    Unfortunately, due to the decline in sugar production, which led to population decline in that area, Glades Central may never again be on the level they were at in the late 1990s. Back then they were a college/NFL producing machine. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, ColumbiaHighFan2017class said:

    Dillard should be able to beat glades no offense lol


    6a vs 4a and a broward team against Palm Beach 


    If i looked at just that nd ignored the team names i would say edge to the Broward team but glades still a solid program

    Glades Central was never a typical Palm Beach County team. Big difference between the coastal teams  and the ones at or around Lake Okeechobee.

  5. 2 hours ago, BrowardHandicapper said:

    I agree with Darter in the sense that if Jones can get by the potential sanctions unscathed I do think they are a threat in 5A however after looking at their schedule their might be reason for concern, should Jones  make a late run.  St. Johns is a great game on 8/26, Bishop Moore is another great game on 9/29, West Orange to my knowledge is a wild card this year and Oak Ridge may be average.  The remaining 6 teams will likely be (respectfully speaking ) extremely challenged and will be running clocked by Jones perhaps in the 1st quarter.  



    Agree. They may not be battle tested enough with the schedule they have. Aside from St Johns, Bishop Moore and, more likely than not, Oak Ridge, their schedule is very light. The key to make the playoffs for them is to beat Bishop Moore and win the district. 

  6. If Jones is allowed to compete without any sanctions, they will be a threat to win the 5a State Title. They are very deep at most positions. Personally, I would have chosen to remain in the lower classification and once again play in the District with Cocoa. No disrespect to Cocoa, but in that class, aside from Cocoa and Booker T. Washington, I don't think there is any other team that could beat Jones, at least not on paper. 

    5a, even if Jones is allowed to play with its full current roster, is very deep with multiple teams from both the North and South brackets that could legitimately challenge for the title.

    Nice Video! 

  7. 4 hours ago, "PANTHER NATiON" (WE HERE) said:

    I be forgetting about that lol so a final 4 appearance in 2001 but after that nothing but yet dillard is suppose to be a football school.. But the numbers say we are a basketball school. But yet year after year our football fans pack up the stadiums home or away waiting to finally get a glimpse of the late 90s dillard teams but only thing we get is dissapointment half [420987349823] effort complete incompetence from the coaching staff like I get it no team is great every year but u would think BY NOW they would have solved this problem. 

    The talent is there. Dillard could easily become a football school again. I don't know what the solution is as I am not close to the program. But I strongly believe that the right staff could bring Dillard back to its "glory days."

  8. 1 hour ago, "PANTHER NATiON" (WE HERE) said:

    So as I was looking at football and basketball videos of dillard I noticed 1 thing our basketball program has had way more to celebrate about then Our football team by far just look at these stats 

    Since 2000 our Boys basketball team has had a 4 Pete from 2000 to 2003 ...they won it all again in 2008 & have won in two years in a row from last year and the year before giving us 7 titles since 2000

    And since the 2005 season our boys basketball team is a crazy 265-71.!!!! Thats amazing .


    And if it dosent get any worst our girls basketball team are even better usually is basketball either your girls good or Boys not both... But since the 2006-2007 year all the way to now our girls record is a Jaw dropping 

    252-57.!!!! Added with 5 titles and 3 national championships appearances in that spin.!!  

    Combine these two records together and they are 517-128.!!!! Thats what you call POWERHOUSE.!! with 12 titles and 3 national championship invites between them. 


    But then you look at our football team and since 2000 they have 1 state final game appearance no rings and not even a final 4 appearance since the year 2000 so what's really the problem all types of prospects and etc has went threw Dillard's basketball program and they have had the same football and basketball coach for over the last 25+ years... So why is that our football team can't follow that blue print??  Our basketball teams seems to RELOAD every year while our football team seem to can't even load up for 1 year & it's not like it's not other talented basketball teams in South Florida like AHP GIBBONS in 2014 & 15 Boyd Anderson..  we currently have 4 str8 wins over nationally ranked Ely beating them while their nationally ranked but yet our football team can't even beat Ely when they have 1 win smh.!! SO WHAT IS IT.!!??? maybe y'all on here can answer it for me. 

    Dillard had a final 4 in football in 2001 losing to Miami Northwestern. For some reason you don't want to give that team any credit.

  9. 20 minutes ago, BrowardHandicapper said:

    Agree with this DarterBlue2... From what I have seen the Kicking game/Special Teams in FL HS Football has probably quietly evolved and improved quietly over the last 25 years - perhaps more than any other aspect of the HS game....

     A lot more of Punter, Kicker and Longsnapper camps around FL and nationally that these kids are attending over the summers now.   

    I have seen remarkable improvement in the kicking game at a number of the so called "inner city schools." Central in particular has had a number of very good kickers over the last 8 or so years. 

    I remember in the early 2000s when Pahokee missed six or seven extra points in a row in a dominating win over Pensacola Catholic in the state title game. Stuff like that does not happen much anymore.

  10. 43 minutes ago, BrowardHandicapper said:

    Calm , collected and awesome form on FGs and PATs. However....You would like your varsity Kicker to get the ball at least inside the 25 consistently ..... Like I said All-State level  Kickers kick generally can kick touch-backs at least 50% of the time in most classes in FL but I got no problem calling 98% PAT All-State caliber. But the true characteristic in Kickers that recruiters generally look for is leg strength.  She can hold her with the best in the state with PAT% but her leg strength is Varsity average at best.

    For comparison's sake in the Jax area, check out 5A All-State Chris Howard out of Ponte Vedra who had 52 touchbacks in 2016:







    Although her leg may not be strong enough to play in college, I would still say because of her sound technique she probably has close to 45 yard range on a good day which is still impressive for High School.   I won't lie though....  I'd take her on my HS team - kicking PATs and FGs inside 35 yards all day.....I would just believe I could find a stronger leg on Kickoffs off of the Varsity Soccer team.

    Our best kicker in the Rick Darlington era hit 100% of his PATs his senior year and above 75% of his three pointers including two from 45 yards or longer. He kickoffs were touch backs about 50% of the time. He was still second best to the Cypress Back kicker in the 2012 state title game. I believe that kid had close to 100% touch backs that year. 

    The DP kicker in 2010 (when they lost to Miami Central) also came close to 100% touch backs and hit two 50 yard field goals with another hitting the left upright. And, Olympia had a kicker several years ago that also had amazing range.

    With that said, I would be satisfied with a kid that can put the ball in the end zone close to 50% of the time and who can hit the PATs 90+ percent and field goals inside the 40 at least 70% of the time. For unless you have great special teams coaches or the kid has gotten a lot of private instruction, you are usually not going to get much better than that in high school. 

  11. 11 minutes ago, gatorman-uf said:

    She had legit stats. No problem with this. But in the case of Hollywood Hills, the video on the QB is scary in a bad way. She does not belong on the field at QB and could easily get hurt.

  12. 58 minutes ago, Sharkbait said:

    Hey if they are good enough but this is her first playing varsity and she is 2 on the depth chart. They had 70 players on the roster last year and she is the pushing the starter.  Would a 5'2" boy with equal experience and athletic ability even be let on the field?  That wide stance and wind up throwing motion is going to get her killed. The coach needs to think about her safety.

    You are right. If I were her parent or guardian I would say enough is enough. I normally don't intervene in such things, but in this case it would be the right call.

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