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  1. 3 hours ago, Perspective said:

    2.  High school teams that are really good one year aren't necessarily really good the next year - especially if they have an abundance of senior talent in the year that they are really good.   I don't know what Edgewater's roster looks like, how may seniors they lose, and what role those seniors played.  But they better have a good bit of homegrown talent returning next year to have any chance at all of running the table. 

    Edgewater lost a very good running back to graduation (ICON). Other than that, the rest of the very good skill talent will be back. They also lost some good to very good linemen on both sides of the ball who had experience. They have some holes to fill, but on paper no more so than any other team in the Orlando area. I expect them to be very good again and a return trip to state is not out of the question.  

  2. 9 hours ago, badbird said:

    Looks like Trinity Catholic will be back into giving football players scholarships.  I wonder how far that van will travel to get them this time.  In two years they will be back to what they were.  Vanguard is heading the wrong way.  Kids already leaving there.  

    Perhaps. I guess we will see in 2 years or so.

  3. 10 hours ago, Dan in Daytona said:

    Took the road trip (two lane Hwy100) to Lake City yesterday for the 6A Region 1 Boys Basketball Final. The hometown Tigers edged my Daytona Beach Mainland Bucs 70-65. The "good guys" missed a tying 3 pointer with 3.4 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter, and then fouled the Tiger rebounder, who calmly hit two foul shots, to send the winning Tigers to Lakeland next week and the Final Four. I've never been to Columbia High before but I was impressed with the clean look of this older school campus and it's vast surrounding athletic fields. The home town fans and the working school employees couldn't have been nicer to this old man. Before the game I dined at a local steakhouse and there too everyone was friendly and courteous. You got a nice little town there ColumbiaFan and a pretty damn good basketball team. Be proud young man, we should all be so lucky.    

    My trip to Lake City a year and a half ago, was likewise, a pleasant experience. I was very impressed with the school and the quality football stadium. 

    Also, I can vouch that Columbia fan is a decent young man who loves his Tigers!

  4. 18 hours ago, muckboy561 said:

    Good game but the better team!!!

    On that night, yes. To be honest, I liked San Fran because I like solid running games and thought they had the better one. Also, the fact two former Central Florida high school players were on the team did not hurt. 

  5. Just now, Perspective said:

    Isn't this likely to result in even greater travel distances? 

    In several cases, yes. But at this stage of the tournament, it would probably not be that big a deal. And, like Bad Bird, I am okay with this, as on a net basis, I think we would often get better finals.

  6. 13 hours ago, 954gator said:

    Certainly came much closer than I would have liked this year!  

    They were a very good, underrated team which did not get much respect outside the Orlando area. They had a decent shot at taking down St. Thomas and in the end came up just short.

    I understand why the QB threw the ball to Tommi Hill on the final play of the game as he had a hot hand the last two Edgewater drives. But he was double covered so the throw had to be perfect and it was not. If he had looked left instead of right, Edgewater had another decent receiver, who, while not wide open, only had one defender covering him. That would have been a better, more interesting option.

  7. 8 hours ago, 954gator said:

    Ok I'm dumb, thought this was teams that haven't won titles.    

    No you are not dumb; I understand the error. But based on the title, it was teams that have not reached a title game. Edgewater, is probably the best team in past 20 years to not win a title having reached the title game four times (all losing efforts) and the semis two additional times. 

  8. @Jambun82, I left immediately after the interception that ended the game. I suspect you had official duties that held you up a bit. I left my car on the STA side but watched the game on the visitor side. I ran all the way to my vehicle which was strategically located near the top west section of the lot. 

    If Edgewater had won, I would have stayed for the presentation and would not have minded much being late getting home.

  9. 1 minute ago, badbird said:

    They struggled first half vs Crestview and needed OT to beat Lincoln in round 2.  The talent was there and they finally put it all together.

    Being at that game, as I could not get out of town in time to make a St. John's County trip, I believe Lincoln, when playing at its best, was a lot better than most people think. This is partially borne out by their win over Palmetto, which was relatively easy, while a few weeks later, Miami Central was taken down to the wire by the same Palmetto team.

    Lincoln had some playmakers and had certainly done its homework in preparation for Edgewater. It was a cold, wet night, so that may also have impacted the game. 

  10. 3 hours ago, HornetFan said:

    NB has also bashed Bishop Moore from day one. BM lost 3 regular season games this year; Edgewater, Jones, and Arechbishop Spalding. They lost again to Jones in the playoffs. Other than the games Edgewater and Jones lost, their closest victories came against BM. Proud of our Orlando kids. I don't expect NB will ever acknowledge he was wrong about the Central Florida schools.

    Bishop Moore was one or two impact players away from having a special team that could have gone to the semis or beyond. I thought that they were going to be good when I saw them drive the length of the field against Wekiva and score in the spring jamboree.

    I hope they keep the schedule tough going forward as even if you end with a loss or two on the resume, it serves a purpose come playoff time. 

  11. 1 hour ago, gatorman-uf said:

    The only criticism I have is Edgewater's play after they scored to make the game 28-23 with 4 minutes left. At most you are getting 1 more possession. 
    Edgewater lined up for the extra point and faked it out of the extra point formation with a play similar to below (no bounce). 
    I just don't get that, you are putting yourself 10 yards or more (with a slower skilled player) from the goalline instead of 3.
    1 point for the XP or Zero for a failed 2 point try doesn't change the strategy, you still need a TD, but a successful 2 point conversion makes it possible for a FG to tie the game. I also thought some of the clock management by Edgewater on the final drive, left a lot to be desired in terms of use of time outs.

    If Edgewater had gone for two and made it, which they had a 50/50 shot at, instead of the fake kick, they likely send the game to overtime as their kicker has made several 3 point conversions from 40 and beyond during the course of the year. So, I agree with you and am still trying to understand the thought process involved. 

  12. 2 minutes ago, gatorman-uf said:

    Yes, the overall attendance would be larger if the games were in Orlando this year (but the FHSAA is making the decision  years in advance, not a week). I went to the STA-Edgewater game. My buddies and I met at a local shopping plaza at 6, drove into the STA parking lot, parked, got tickets, waited in the concession line, and still had 25-30 minutes before the game. As for leaving, we left as soon as the clock hit zero. Walked to our vehicle, practiced proper manners when allowing people to enter from other rows and were out in less than 10 minutes.The light from LPGA onto International Speedway Boulevard was being manned by a police officer and he kept the light green for a long tim

    You lucked out slightly because STA won and their fans stayed for the presentation. Had you been on the Edgewater side, it would have taken a bit longer to get out. Friday, it took me 53 minutes to leave the home side after Apopka's loss to Columbus. Just saying. All in all, the biggest problem with the Daytona stadium is the two lanes at LPGA. For the MNW vs Jones game, if you did not get there at least an hour before kickoff, you would have had serious issues getting up LPGA to the parking lots. I did not for I arrived early, but my buddies did not get in till kickoff because they decided to head over from their hotel which was five minutes away, 45 minutes before kickoff

  13. We did not win any titles, but one could argue that 2019 was the most successful for Orlando area football at the high school level. Apopka, Edgewater and Jones all have much to be proud of as they gave it their all on the football field this weekend before coming up short. In the case of Apopka and Edgewater one could argue that both were quite unlucky not to win with a straight face. I will add Seminole to the list as despite the final score in the regional final game with Apopka, but for the fumble recovery and return by Apopka in their first drive of the game, they had a decent chance to be the area's 8A representative. I will note, also, that Cocoa, which is just outside the Orlando area, also played valiantly and but for a few costly turnovers would probably have had a great shot at the 4A title.

    My hats off to all the above programs. If we make this a trend the future of Orlando area football is bright.

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