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    Original1 reacted to Dan in Daytona in Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa   
    Oct 4 - Mainland at Cocoa. Good mid season test for both teams.
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    Original1 reacted to 561_Fan in Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach   
    At full strength, Pahokee is gonna be hard to beat..We had 3 D1 players that didnt play...The lines is gonna be the biggest question mark. Of they can be decent, this will be a championship team
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    Original1 got a reaction from DarterBlue2 in Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach   
    I must say, I wasn't expecting much from Pahokee this year but they surprised the hell out of me yesterday. They easily handled Ely, and hung in there with 8A Deerfield (Deerfield was much bigger and stronger). Kudos to the Pahokee coaching change. It appears to be working!
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    Original1 reacted to 561_Fan in Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach   
    14-7. Final, I think..the people going live left because of the weather (rain dark clouds). Offensively, PK didn’t move the ball. With 3 backs and 2 WRs out guess it was expected. The oline struggled (which is expected) with only 2 returners.
    Defensively, they held their own, with 2 starting seniors out..held their passing game in check (aside from the passing td), but their RB is the real deal
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    Original1 reacted to badbird in Pahokee Schedule   
    Good to hear.  Not rooting against Pahokee at all.  That schedule is brutal for most teams especially a smaller school that doesn't have the numbers to sub tons of guys in and out.  If any smaller school could do it it is Pahokee or Madison.  Booker T tried that schedule two years in a row and ended up with 6 losses each year.  Gonna be tough but got to give it to them for stepping up to the challenge.  Just hope they can hold up.   
    Pahokee might win more playoff games than regular season games.  Wouldn't that be something. 
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    Original1 reacted to 561_Fan in Pahokee new head coach   
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    Original1 reacted to OldSchoolLion in Head Coaches who have actually never played football   
    Back in the day, it was not unusual for someone to coach multiple sports at the high school level and it was not uncommon that a coach had little to no college experience in one or all of those sports.
    I knew one who coached football and golf. He never golfed competitively, yet he coached some excellent golf teams.  Wrestling coaching legend John Lyzott of McArthur came there to be a tennis coach.   High schools were not afraid to give someone with little formal experience a chance to "learn along the way."  
    We have become very specialized and snooty today.  It's this "hs football is bigger than life mentality."  Now we need hs coaches with specific backgrounds.  Reminds me of the companies who only want to hire "people with experience" and have no opportunities for those without.  So, how does one ever get it?
    Folks today would laugh themselves silly at how unsophisticated things were 50 years ago.  We got to where we are today by a lot of creativity and "experimentation."  And to continue to evolve, we need the same.  Sometimes the best "outside the box" thinkers are "outsiders," because they are not bound by perceptions and traditional barriers.
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    Original1 reacted to OldSchoolLion in Head Coaches who have actually never played football   
    Back in the 1970's, Dillard High appointed their 5-foot tall, JV cheerleading coach as their HC of their girl's basketball team.  She had run track at Bethune Cookman.  40 years later, Marcia Pinder is one of the most successful coaches, male or female, this state has ever seen.
    More so than ever today, coaches need a set of skills outside the technical realm, ie communicator, motivator, salesman, etc.  We also have a shortage of good coaches, so I think we need to be open-minded about such things.  There are a number of FL hs coaching legends who did not look the part.  
    So many of these kids today crave to be loved and mentored.  If someone came along who is willing to invest in them, I think they could gain respect regardless of background or stature.  Having a football guru as an AD to mentor such a newbie would obviously help.
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    Original1 reacted to peezy28 in Head Coaches who have actually never played football   
    RW was indeed not a football player.  There are a few others in which I am not sure about but Callahan and Garcia may make the list.  Mesick at Clearwater also never played football.
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    Original1 reacted to DarterBlue2 in Head Coaches who have actually never played football   
    I believe Robert Weiner of Plant may be one. He did not play college ball, of that I am sure. And, I am not sure he played high school either. Weiner has won several state titles since he took over the Plant program. 
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    Original1 reacted to 561_Fan in pahokee football   
    Pahokee has a patient administration. they stuck with B. Thompson through some rough years. Walkes, probably would still be the coach if he didn't embarrasses himself and the school/program during the Cocoa game and it seemed as if the team was just drifting with the wind. Glades Central is the program with the short leash. It seams they have 2 seasons to win or some changes will be made.
    I think PK will have a new HC and OC from what I've heard, mostly from players. Haven't spoken with any admin or adults associated with the program...so don't quote me!
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    Original1 reacted to Mashburns in pahokee football   
    A lot going on this off season with those two programs. I hope the two programs get back on track (state championships) because high school football is at it best when you have the Glades at the state championship games. 
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    Original1 reacted to Mashburns in pahokee football   
    They seem to change coaches on the muck every 3 seasons but always bring back the same assistants and if that happens again I see the problems continuing at both schools trying to get back to their dominant ways. 
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    Original1 got a reaction from 561_Fan in pahokee football   
    Hooray! Big fan of Glades football. It was very clear that Pahokee had the athletes, but didn't have the coaches to match.
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    Original1 reacted to peezy28 in Football reclassifications   
    With Carol City in 4A MNW in 5A and Central in 6A... YOu might have 3 state champs... From the 305 which were previously in the same district... Chew on that.
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    Original1 reacted to john taylor in pahokee football   
    pahokee will have new staff for the 2019 season
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    Original1 reacted to 181pl in 48-6 Madison   
    So the real 1A champ probably should have been Hawthorne.
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    Original1 reacted to OldSchoolLion in 48-6 Madison   
    There were some great playoff games involving Madison in the past...Bolles, Chaminade, Glades Central, Clewiston, Immokalee, Cocoa.  Madison proved way back when they could hang with or beat those folks.   It's disappointing to see some teams moving backwards in terms of competition.  Isn't the whole idea of sport to challenge one's self?  It's not just Madison, either.
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    Original1 reacted to 181pl in 48-6 Madison   
    And they probably stay in 1A to avoid the Chaminades and U Schools which is understandable, but they should be playing publics their own size. So if they have 550 and their charter has 250 they should be in 4A. Period.
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    Original1 reacted to badbird in 48-6 Madison   
    Even if they play a tougher schedule They just don’t match up.  Schools like Baker need the stars and the moon to allign to have a chance.  Madison was too good this year for anyone in 1A to give them a good game.  
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    Original1 got a reaction from 561_Fan in 48-6 Madison   
    Baker has to play a tougher schedule to prepare for the post season. Truth be told, they will always have problems with Madison County and Pahokee.
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    Original1 reacted to MuckCityChamp in 1 Team from Palm Beach County made it to Orlando?   
    Not Really. GC's schedule got weaker towards the end. 
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    Original1 reacted to MuckCityChamp in 1 Team from Palm Beach County made it to Orlando?   
    There will be a shake-up with Assistant Coaches at Glades Central and probably a Head Coaching change at Pahokee. Both teams have some championship talent coming back. So maybe the Muck will be back to its standards soon.
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    Original1 reacted to 181pl in 48-6 Madison   
    We really need at different system in place if one school has a disproportionate amount of students over another and they're in the same quote unquote class. I checked last year's numbers however in the schools were within a hundred students of each other give or take. That said I didn't know about the charter school thing so if they are opening their football team up to another several hundred kids in a charter school that is completely unfair because it's like doubling the size of the school.
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    Original1 reacted to DarterBlue2 in 48-6 Madison   
    Baker kept it interesting for a half. In the end, their problem was a lack of speed in its secondary and linebackers. Their defensive front did a good job for 3/4 of the game in containing Madison's running game. But each time the runners got a good block or was able to evade the line, they were off to the races with little chance of being caught. Also, Baker should have used the QB that actually had an arm and used number 2 as a dual running back with 11.
    In the end, it probably would not have made much difference anyway. I hear Madison has Charter School kids on its team. If this is true, the Charter School attendance should be included in their numbers and they should be reclassified on that basis if warranted.