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  1. 5 hours ago, gatorman-uf said:

    The teams do that for themselves already. Usually they have a 5-10 game regular season (depending on the conference) and have a semi-final and a final during "bowl game". 

    I know I'm saying after they finish their conference finals. The winners of those can decide to play in the independent battle of champions against other conference champions if they choose to.

  2. 12 hours ago, Cat_Scratch said:

    Well if you are a 1A or 2A team and the only schools in a 80 miles radius are 4A, 5A. 6A. 7A, and 8A teams you may lose a lot of games. In theory, having 6 classes would be best. Merge 1A and 2A, and 3A and 4A into 2 classes. That would help keep some of those losing teams out. Also run the new 1A and 2A like the rest of the playoff brackets.

    Probably why it won't happen. The smaller schools will drop out and become independant teams. Also the FHSAA would lose out on cash, minus 2 gate in the championships. Not sure how much that would amount to but they got to pay themselves and the ref's somehow.

    They could make a tournament for the independent teams during the playoffs. Have the champions from the independent teams that choose to participate to play each other. Kinda like the bowl championship series but for the independent teams.

  3. 2 hours ago, Tigers13 said:


    You have to do better??? Your credibility, what little you had is gone

    Final ranking each year 

    2011      Cocoa   320

    Colerain 122

    Skyline.   24

    west Monroe. 56

    2012         Cocoa  237

    St Joes     101

    2013   Cocoa   536

    Gonzaga   430  ( all losses to Top 300)

    2014    Cocoa  288

    Trinity   70

    2015   Cocoa  357

    St Ed’s    6

    2016   Cocoa   55

    Bishop Gorman.  1

    Some really good teams on this list. Only “smoking” was Gorman

    You can add BTW national champion team to the list as well. Also Cocoa should've went into halftime leading Gorman.

  4. 1 hour ago, nolebull813 said:

    Cocoa had double digit transfers almost every year. And they still got smoked out of state annually, and sometimes to inferior teams. 

    Brevard was a transfer factory with a few teams poaching all the talent in the county. That doesn’t show signs of strength, quality and depth. It shows the opposite. They can’t compete on a state level without stealing all their neighbors best players. 

    I admitted Brevard had some good teams over the years. But that was because they were transfer county all star teams. 

    You can’t prove otherwise 

    08-10 Cocoa really didn't have any transfers.  Pretty all homegrown. Yes I admit there last state team did have plenty of transfers from Heritage. But a lot of the transfers Cocoa did get transferred out of Cocoa and transferred back. Or were originally zoned for Cocoa to begin with. But in Cocoa's run in the playoffs over the past decade they've loss to BTW and Raines. Their 1st state game against Raines they literally dropped the ball by not making adjustments. All the years they lost to BTW , many considered those semis as the actual state game. 

    This season in Brevard players from palm bay transferred to Rockledge after Dan Burke retired. MCC OC took over at Palm Bay...Hence all the MCC offensive playmakers transferring to Palm Bay.

  5. Brevard usually always has 2 decent to good teams that were able to compete regionally and breakthrough the state level. From the 80s till now. Brevard has and will always have a respected team or 2. Whether it was melbourne, Titusville or Merritt Island. To Palm Bay and Rockledge. Now its Cocoa, Rockledge and Viera. Heck even Bayside made some noise my junior and senior year. Giving Manatee a game in the playoffs.

  6. 34 minutes ago, badbird said:

    so if Cocoa doesn't make it the team that beat team has no chance?

    I honestly feel like Bolles is Cocoa's main challenge. Honestly don't think Bolles will be able to contain the athletes those teams possess for 4 quarters.

  7. 2 hours ago, fishspinners said:

    I think it's safe to say, the winner of that region will be a state champion a few weeks later.

    They will have a challenge waiting for them if Cocoa makes it out of the North.

  8. 8A-R1 No. 4 Timber Creek (9-1)

    8A-R4 No. 4 Western (7-2)

    7A-R1 No. 6 Wekiva (7-3) 

    7A-R3 No. 5 Venice (5-4)

    6A-R1 No. 6 Columbia (7-3) 

    6A-R1 No. 2 Robert E. Lee (7-3)

    6A-R4 No. 4 Miami Central (7-3) at Traz Powell

    5A-R2 No. 2 Dunnellon (9-1)

    5A-R3 No. 6 Atlantic (Port Orange) (7-3)

    4A-R2 No. 5 Astronaut (5-5) 

    3A-R1 No. 5 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (5-5)

    3A-R3 No. 5 Clearwater Central Catholic (7-3)

    2A-R3 No. 3 Seffner Christian (7-3)

    1A-R1 No. 4 Freeport (6-3), 7:30 CT

    1A-R4 No. 5 Chiefland (6-4)

  9. 3 minutes ago, roygod said:
    • Vero started off slow with a close win over American Heritage, but in the last couple weeks we have dominated over Chaminade and now we have dominated over Viera. The defense  has always been there but the offense has finally come around. We have four excellent running backs, which two are wide receivers. We are top RPI seed in region 3, and possibly the overall top 8A seed in the state. We will have home field advantage throughout the regionals. I expect Vero will have a deep run in the playoffs.

    Could this be Vero's year?

  10. 7 hours ago, OldSchoolLion said:

    These teams could be in trouble in the playoffs.  Below are the average points per game they have given up this season.  Teams that give up this many points don't win state titles.

    8A Bartram Trail-19

    8A Sarasota Riverview-21

    6A Miami Central-20

    6A Columbia-21

    4A Cocoa-19


    Out of those teams Cocoa has the easiest road to state. Their biggest test may be Bolles before the finals where the real test will be waiting for wherever makes it from 4A North.

  11. 13 hours ago, OldSchoolLion said:

    Here are some teams that would make the playoffs today if it was the end of the season.  I stopped at 3A.

    8A-R1 Coral Gables 3-6

    5A-R1 Godby 4-6

    4A-R1 Bradford 3-5

    4A-R2  Astronaut 4-5

    4A-R2 Space Coast 4-5

    4A-R3 Lake Placid 3-6

    4A-R3 Clewiston 4-5

    4A-R3 Lemon Bay 2-7

    4A-R4 Carol City 4-5

    3A-R2 MCC 3-5

    3A-R2 Frostproof 4-5


    Astronaut is gonna end the season 5-5 they play Titusville this week. Space Coast will be 4-6 they're playing Heritage.

  12. 16 minutes ago, PickSix said:

    5A-8A Yes, 1A-4A No. Finding 10 games for a tough 1A-4A team is hard. Trinity Christian just barely got into the playoffs with one of the toughest schedules I've seen. Why not make 1A-4A like the upper classes? Give an incentive to win a district, also allows teams to play teams in similar size. 

    A lot of teams were going independent because of constantly losing. If my memory serves me right. It worked but there were still runner ups with losing records. So they could try to have 1A-4A like 5A-8A and see how it works but there's always gonna be complaints. 

  13. 1 hour ago, OldSchoolLion said:


    University needed 14 points in the fourth qtr to beat BV 21-13.  What happened to the blowout?

    Bishop Verot proved me wrong. They are definitely better than they were every season they played Cocoa in the first or second round. I thought this game was gonna end the same way the Cocoa vs Holy Trinity game ended.